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What is CHATTERBOOKSCHATTERBOOKS is a chance to talk about your favourite books and authors,and let us introduce you to the most exciting and readable books. Don't forget that we also run writing & story telling workshops and close encounters with acclaimed authors. Especially for 7-13 year olds and their families, teachers, librarians and anyone young at heart.

Email us with your name and age if you are interested in joining a monthly


from 2.30pm to 3.30pm on the 4th Sunday of each month.

Our next Chatterbooks Bookclub Activity
is on
Saturday 8th August, National Bookshop Day

from 3.00pm to 5.00pm

Dragons Love Bookshops!

Come with friends, grandparents or parents
for this exciting Chatterbooks afternoon
to meet

Luke Harris Golden Scale
Patrick Guest, That's What Wings Are For

In the bookshop from 3.00pm to 5.00pm

Dragons Love Bookshops

Send us a drawing, a poem or a few sentences on why you love YOUR bookshop, wear a dragon wing, mask or horn and join us on August 8th on National Bookshop Day for a very dragonny time.

Come along at 11.00am
to learn how to design a dragon bookmark with

local artist Glenn Cross

Great New Reads

This month in Chatterbooks we are MAD about Dragons

Fiery and Ferocious Reads!

I Don't Believe in Dragons by Anna Walker

Jack doesn't believe in dragons, not one bit. All the other kids in Jack's class believe in the big scaly things with wings, even Miss May! But not Jack, he's sure of it, so when all the other kids start to play a game with an imaginary dragon at school, Jack refuses to join in! Can Jack be convinced that dragons exist?


Dragons of Crumbling Castle by Terry Pratchett

Side-splittingly funny and full of adventure, Terry Pratchett's Dragons and Crumbling Castle ,will keep you laughing for all fourteen hilarious stories. Crumbling Castle has been invaded by dragons, but all of King Arthur's knights are away on holiday and visiting their grannies! Things are looking perilous for the old castle, but luckily, just in time, to the rescue comes.... a very small boy called Ralph, fitted (sort of) into the castle's spare set of armour. Banding together with Fortnight the Friday knight and Fossfiddle the wizard, Ralph must take on the fearsome fire-breathing dragons and save Crumbling Castle from the ferocious beasts! But, of course, things don't quite go to plan...


Golden Scale by Luke Harris

Beth Ormonde lives with her small family, goes to school and has the usual pesky brother, caring friends and bullying foes. She is, however, afraid of the darkness beneath her house. Lurking below, unknown to all but Beth, a disembodied voice calls to her, pulling her near. As the ancient and rumbling creature begins to slowly awaken, Beth discovers within herself a courage she had not known. This a story filled with hair raising twists and turns, chuckling humour and small town characters, reaches back into the ancient history of the land on which we live. This book will linger in your memory for a long tome after you finish the last page.


That's What Wings Are For by Patrick Guest

All good dragons have three things in common: Powerful strong wings to glide across the skies, a belly of fire and gusty lungs to breathe magnificent flames, and scales as hard and shiny as diamonds. Bluey, the Dragon, hasn't got any of these things; His wings are floppy, his breath is wheezy and his skin is soft and furry (and blue)! Bluey is the only blue dragon in his school, and always feels lonely and left-out watching all of the other shiny strong dragons playing in the skies and teasing him from afar. But one day, Bluey learns of the wise and wingless Bearded Dragon, who sends him on an adventure through the desert and into cities to discover that, whilst he may be no good at flying or breathing fire, Bluey is the best of all at his own wonderful talents, if only he'd realise them!

3-7 yr olds

Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

The classic novel is now back in full swing to celebrate the revamp of the famous film series this year. The timeless novel follows a lucky few entrants to the newly developed Jurassic Park, a theme park and safari, where curious humans can meet the genetically revived ancient and enormous creatures from the Jurassic period. Dangerous, fearsome, breathtaking adventures follow as humans are trapped in this ancient-scape. An absolute must-read for young paleontologists and the generations that missed Crichton's classic in their youth, ready to be lost in a world where dinosaurs are the Earth's dragons.


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