A short update on the what's happening on the Chilean Front
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Update from the Barkleys (October 2017)  

Dear <<First Name>>,

Hello again from beautiful Santiago, Chile. Whew! What a month it has been! We have traveled, visited churches, had an international conference and celebrated a 50-year anniversary. It's been a great time.

It was our honor to host the South American Conference (Conferencia Sudamericana) here in Santiago as well as celebrate the 50-year anniversary of the United Pentecostal Church of Chile this month. Everyone has spent months preparing, promoting, planning, making calls, fasting and praying in anticipation of these great events.

It was a privilege to have the Sponslers (Argentina), Brother and Sister Joe Bir (Paraguay), Brother and Sister Joey Bir (Paraguay), the Walmers, Palmas and Townsends (all from Uruguay), the Dominguez (Perú), the Guidrys (Columbia) and the Burtons (Venezuela). I am so very happy to be a part of the beautiful missionary family and to have such wonderful, dedicated friends. Thank ALL of you for coming. 

Chile was so blessed to have Brother and Sister Roy Well visit again. These wonderful people have left a mark on this continent. Thank you Brother and Sister Well for being here again. We were so very glad to have you.

We were also honored to have General Global Missions Secretary, Scotty Slaydon, in the conference. As always, his ministry was a blessing to everyone. Thank you, Brother Slaydon, for making the effort to be here and thank you, Brother Howell, for sending him to us.  

The National Sunday School Department, under the direction of Yamila Hernández, had separate sessions for the children during every service. I am so glad to report that fourteen precious children received the Holy Ghost in these services. I'm so proud of the Sunday School Team. They worked so hard to make it special. One of them told me that she and her husband worked for over six months building the set used for the meetings. It was a lot of work, but, what a wonderful blessing it was to those children and to the work. I want to thank them for their work, burden and love for the Kingdom of God. (Les quiero agradecer por su trabajo, cargo y amor por el Reino de Dios.)

The conference was a success, thanks to all the hard-working Chileans that made it possible. I won't try to name them for fear of missing someone. They know who they are and God will bless them for their efforts.

Again, as always, thanks to all of you, our faithful partners, friends and family, for caring, praying and giving. God knows everything you do to help us do what we do here. To just say "thank you" seems to falls short of what we need to say, but...THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU!!

Dan and Debbie Barkley
Missionaries — Chile, South America

What a wonderful treat to have Brother and Sister Well with us. They are always a blessing.
A group of the missionaries who visited. Unfortunately, some had already returned home. we are...dressed as Huasos (Chilean Cowboys)
We were so glad that Sister Well was able to travel with Brother Well to be in the celebration.
Part of the Sunday School Team that worked so very hard for the children.
What an awesome landmark. To God be the Glory.
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