A short update on the what's happening on the Chilean Front
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Update from the Barkleys (November 2016)


Dear <<First Name>>,

Greetings from Chile. I hope that all of you are doing well. As always, we are thankful for all of our family, friends and partners that support us in so many ways. May God bless you in everything that you do.

Looking back at the calendar, it’s been a pretty busy month. In October, we had a conference with several out-of-country visitors. Brother Joey Bir missionary to Paraguay, Brother Josue DeAsis, and Salvador Estigarribia, both from Argentina, were with us. Their ministries blessed and encouraged us. Our friend and fellow missionary, Brother Shane Hayes also preached in this conference and, as always, did an incredible job. It was good to have everyone here.

Debbie and I went north to visit and preach in our churches there. Our church in Arica is doing well. Brother Fernando Saavedra and his wife Sara have constructed a very nice building on their property next to their house. In service on Sunday morning there were 15 or so in attendance. This sweet couple has been working so faithfully there for several years. Arica is the northern-most city in Chile, so these good people are almost completely isolated from the rest of the country, yet they have been there doing their best to raise up a work, to the glory of God. Please pray for them and Arica, that God will continue to move in this beautiful city.

Next, we went to Iquique, where we met with the pastor and his wife. This city is located in one of the driest places on the planet. We have had a church there for many years. Please pray for Iquique, that God will send the rain of His Spirit in this desert.

For years, I have been praying that we could plant a church in Antofagasta, the next largest city south of Iquique. About six months ago a preacher moved there from Colombia. The board met with him and authorized him to start a church there in Antofagasta. He already has a place to meet and has a small group that is meeting and having service. I was also able to meet with a man from one of our churches in Santiago who now lives in Antofagasta. He told me that he wants to get his life back on track, so I gave his contact info to Brother Velazco. We are praying that God will help this man and his family.

We also visited Brother Elardo Poblete in Copiapó, where we had two services. The folks were blessed and encouraged and as always, it was good to be with Brother Poblete. This elder has been faithful, faithful, FAITHFUL. I appreciate him so much. He is the “abuelo" (grandfather) of the work here.

Probably the most exciting thing to report happened last weekend. We have a new work starting in Yungay (Youn-GUY), about 5 hours south of Santiago. On Saturday about seventy-five people from as far away as Santiago, met there to evangelize and have service in the plaza. We had service while a group of young people handed out tracts and talked to the people in the plaza. The service was awesome! According to the pastor, Brother Jorge Cea, three people were healed, one received the Holy Ghost and there is one to be baptized. I’d say it was a good day!!

A couple who live there received the Holy Ghost many years ago under the ministry of Brother James Dotson. They have been praying for 16 years that God would send the United Pentecostal Church to Yungay. Thank God, we are there, but I am praying that God will forgive us for taking so long. I wish there was a way someone could let Brother Dotson know that the fruits of his labor live on.

Thank you all for everything you do for the cause of missions, whether it is at home or abroad. May God richly bless you for your efforts. We pray that the Lord will smile on you and your families as we enter the holiday season. In the United States, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving in a few days. May God be with all of you as you gather around the table with your loved ones. Take the time to be thankful for all of His blessings. And as always, please know that the Barkley's are so very appreciative of your support in whatever form. God bless you!!

I was privileged to preach about a God of Restoration.
This is the altar service in the plaza after the preaching.
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