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Hey AYSO referees! Welcome to Whistle Stop, your bi-weekly resource for all of your referee information needs. This newsletter will publish every other Thursday. Every other week, we will cover one of FIFA's Laws of the Game so you can better understand and enjoy your time as an AYSO referee. See you on the field!

This Week's Topic is Law 10: The Method of Scoring

As an AYSO referee or steward of the game, you determine on whether a goal is valid or not.

The Breakdown: Law 10 discusses the method of scoring. A goal is scored when the whole ball passes over the goal line, between the goalposts and under the crossbar, provided that no infringement of the Laws of the Game have been committed previously by the team scoring the goal. 

Are you more of a visual learner? Watch U.S. Soccer's video on Law 10 here. 

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AYSO Players Featured in Positive Coaching Alliance PSA

FOX Sports Supports has produced a public service announcement for the Positive Coaching Alliance that features AYSO players. With this PSA, AYSO players will be shown on national and on local affiliates. To read more about the partnership and view the videos, click here.

2016 Ken Aston Referee Camps

Want more referee training this summer? The Ken Aston Referee Camps are coming to Chapman University in Orange, Calif., on June 24-26, 2016. This camp is a great learning environment and experience for referees around the nation to socialize and discuss officiating skills along with the Laws of the Game.

The Ken Aston Referee Camps are named after famed English referee Ken Aston, who refereed in the World Cup in 1962 and later chaired the FIFA Referees’ Committee for four years. He introduced the brightly-colored linesman (now Assistant Referee) flags into the game, brought in the red and yellow cards, and initiated the black referee uniform which is the predecessor of today’s referee kit.

To read more on the Ken Aston Referee Camps, click here.

Revision to the Laws of the Game

A new preliminary revision of the Laws of the Game will be effective on June 2016. Please be aware of the new laws coming regarding referees. AYSO is reviewing all the changes on how and where referees will be affected. 

To view a summary of the law changes for 2016-17, click here. 

What's the Correct AYSO Answer?

The following is a commonly asked question regarding referees: 

"In a U-16 girls game, a fight started behind my back between red #3 and blue #16. When I turned, both players were on the ground. My Assistant Referee (AR) told me that blue #16 pushed red #3 without any provocation and then both players started fighting. I separated the players and after checking with my ARs, I decided to send off both of them. I went over to both benches and told the coaches that I was ejecting the two players, but I didn’t show them the red card. Both players walked away from the field and I finished the game. The next day the coach for the blue team challenged my send off decision to the Region administration saying that his player didn’t start the fight and was upset I didn’t show the red card to red #3. Does the coach have a valid request?”  


A player, substitute or substituted player who is cautioned or sent off during the match is shown the yellow or red card, as appropriate. The red card is used to communicate that a player, substitute or substituted player has been sent off. By not showing the players the red card when you send them off, you created a challenge for the competition administrators because both coaches could have challenged your report. 

Hopefully the administrators held up your decision on the send off of both players, but they probably had to spend time and resources to demonstrate to the coach the facts that justified the send off. In order to help make the job easy for the administrators and inform everyone during the match, please show the cards, yellow and red as appropriate, when you caution or send off players.

 Congratulations to National Games Referee Winners!

Congratulations to our weekly drawing winners, Susan Bousch and Jean Chapdelaine! You both have won a free night stay at a hotel at our 2016 AYSO National Games! 

Are you already attending the National Games with your family? You can still volunteer to be a referee and we’ll make sure that you are not scheduled during your child’s games. If interested, contact your local Region and they can get you signed up for training. To sign up for the National Games, click here. 

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To Whistle or Not Whistle

In a U-14 boys game, the blue team's goalkeeper controls the ball with his feet and as he is clearing it out of the penalty area. Red #12, who was challenging for the ball, knocks him down as they collide shoulder to shoulder. The ball is quickly recovered by red #9 who takes a shot on goal while the goalkeeper is still down on the ground. 


It’s not a foul when two or more opponents make contact as they challenge for the ball in a fair manner and somebody goes down - even a goalkeeper. Shoulder to shoulder contact while challenging for the ball, when it’s within playing distance, is allowed. In this scenario there is no foul to be called because the ball was within playing distance of both the Blue team’s goalkeeper and red #12 when they collided shoulder to shoulder as they were trying to control the ball.  

However, referees should always ensure that players are safe. If the referee feels that the goalkeeper isn’t injured then he may choose to let play continue. If the referee feels that the goalkeeper is injured then he should stop play, beckon the coach onto the field to help the goalkeeper, determine whether the goalkeeper may continue after some help from the coach and restart play with a dropped ball. In determining injuries, the referee should always take into account the age of the players. When the referee has any doubts about a possible injury, give the benefit to the safety of players and stop the game.

Referee Tip of the Week

Don't let the coaches intimidate you.
Got tips, tricks or great ideas you think we should know about?

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  Quote of the Week:    
"Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it."
- Michael Jordan

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