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Cutshop has 2016 all taped up and ready to go!

We are happy to announce the arrival of our new edge-bander. The Holzher Lumina 1586 is on the forefront of modern edge-banding and is the first of it's kind in Australasia. It is capable of providing invisible taping joints with the latest available laser edge technology at unbeatable speed and cost efficiency.

Whether you need traditional glue joins, waterproof joins or laser joins - Cutshop® can do it for you.

Holzher Lumina 1586

Quick Facts: 

  • 3 Glue options
  1. EVA (Standard)
  2. PUR (Polyurethane – Heat & water resistant)
  3. Laser (L tronic – nearest technology to real laser beam – NOT Hot Air)
  • Better finishes
  • Superior glue line
  • Same turnaround time (5 working days)

Raising Standards

You will love the result the Lumina 1586 produces*. It gives everybody the ability to offer any finish. You don’t have to purchase the expensive machinery, Cutshop® has done it for you.

* We will have small samples of the edging available from early February.

Board price change

As you are already aware, colour board prices will increase by 4% from 01 February 2016 (all Suppliers).

Due to the large volumes we are ordering, we have been able to negotiate a good discount which we can pass on to you. This means that Cutshop® has been able to halve the increase, which helps you maintain your margins.



Cutshop® Waikato will be opening in Hamilton later this year. This is an exciting addition and it will be the first shop operating outside of Auckland City.

If you are interested in becoming a Cutshop® Franchisee, email us and let's get started!
Thanks you all for your continued support and we look forward to updating you next month with some more exciting news.


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