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Finding my Readers

Hello there!

Arkship Obsidian has been out for just over a month now, and has got some great 5 star reviews on Amazon! But I'm still keen to find my readers. The more readers I can bring to the party the longer the party can last. Here's how you can help:

  • Read the free preview on Amazon. If you enjoy it then why not buy and read the rest?
  • If you're a Kindle Unlimited subscriber go ahead and read the whole book right now for free.
  • If you've already read one of my books then please leave an honest review on Amazon.
  • Tell your friends! Share the book on social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
Thanks in advance for your help, you are a star!

Arkship Vengeance - progress report

I'm almost finished with Arkship Vengeance. It's been a roller-coaster ride to write, and I hope you enjoy reading it once it's out on December 14th.Here's a tiny teaser:

Wynn sat on the gantry high above the Icarus’ shipyards. He came here when he needed to think. It was a forgotten space, only used for maintenance of the overhanging crane arms. He liked the potential danger of sitting here, of being exposed to the breeze of the circulated air moving around the vast hanger space, knowing that he could push himself off the edge if he wanted to, no protective harness, no royal guard, nothing and no one to stop him. It was liberating.
Below him was the Ark Royal Caerleon, the Kenric flagship, its repairs and upgrades finally completed. It had been ripped apart in its last battle with the arkship Fenrir and many had thought its space-faring days were over, but Wynn had insisted it be repaired. It was the last surviving Kenric arkship, a symbol of their endurance, a beacon of hope for a better future. Wynn had never dreamed it would have taken almost two years to complete. The truth was they had gotten used to life on the Icarus station, living under the hospitality of the Church, and the desire to return into the hostile isolation of space diminished with every passing day. They were safe here, they were protected. Wynn couldn’t help but feel uneasy. He yearned to take his people back to the dark stillness of space. After all, that was where they belonged.

Want to read more? I'm always on the lookout for people to join my advance reader team. If you love to read, can give me feedback, or an honest review on Amazon, then email me to be added to the list:

Don't forget, you can pre-buy Arkship Vengeance now, and you'll get it at 75% of the launch price. Go on, what are you waiting for?

Author Focus: T E Olivant

Looking for some new fiction to try? Here's a great new series to get your teeth into.

Under the ice the cracks are beginning to show...

Lisanne has only ever wanted to keep out of trouble. But when her best friend is exiled it shows the corruption at the heart of the city under the ice. To find out the secrets of her city she must go to the one place she has always feared: the White.

Kyrk is a Hunter, living on his wits out on the frozen earth. Soon he learns that his world is stranger than he ever imagined. The clans are fighting and he must find out why before it is too late. But when he meets the girl from under the ice all his problems starts to make sense.

Together Kyrk and Lisanne must prevent a war, and save both their races.

Click here to see more.

That's it for this newsletter, thanks for your support. Get in touch - let me know what you think. Email: - see you soon! 

Best wishes
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