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Hello there!

It's been two weeks since Arkship Obsidian came out, and I'm thrilled to say it's doing very well. It's got some great reviews, but if you've read it then you can help by adding your own thoughts on Amazon or Goodreads. Here's one of my favourites:

"Super story, excellent twists and turns, Never a quiet moment. I read this at one sitting."

Reviews really can make a big difference to a book's success, so if you have a spare moment you'd be making a tired author very happy. And if you've not read it yet then go treat yourself now! 

Free Sci-Fi Short Stories

Get stuck into a mysterious collection of Sci-fi short stories, all for free! My collection of short stories, Dislocation, is here as well as loads of other fun stories. Click here to see more.

Arkship Vengeance - progress report

I'm getting into writing book two now, and things are heating up as Wynn makes new allies and discovers he's not as prepared as he thought he was to lead his people. Here's the first sentence of book two:

‘What will you name her?’

Hope that doesn't spoil it for you! You can pre-buy Arkship Vengeance now, and you'll get it at 75% of the launch price. Go on, what are you waiting for?

Booktoberfest Giveaway

Searching for your next favourite story? Look no further! I've teamed up with a haunted host of bestselling authors to offer a delightful selection of new books - everything from sci-fi and fantasy to Halloween horror. You'll find my prequel story Arkship Countdown included there with loads of others, available for free for a limited time. Click here to see more.

Author focus: JJ Green

Being a Martian isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Jas Harrington was only a baby when a massive fire at a fledging Martian colony took the lives of her parents, everyone and everything close to her. After growing up in institutions on Mars and Earth, Jas travels to Antarctica to train as a deep space security operative.

All she wants is to graduate college and fulfill her dreams, but it isn’t long before she faces familiar prejudice against returned colonists.

For once, fighting her way out of her problems isn’t an option, until it is.

Starbound is the prequel to the fast-paced, action-packed Shadows of the Void space opera serial, and you can get it here for 99c.

Author focus: A W Cross

The Seeds of Winter, by AW Cross is just 99c for a limited period! 

The Seeds of Winter is fast-paced, character-driven post-apocalyptic science fiction featuring a strong female lead and romantic elements. Mature themes.
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When I woke up, five years had passed. 

The war over our creation is over. The planet is devastated and the modern world destroyed along with most of the human race. My only connection to the world I once knew is Tor, a stranger who protected me as I slept.

A cyborg. Like me. 

Others of our kind are out there. I can see what they see, and it’s terrifying. To save them we must navigate a hostile landscape and confront those who oppose our very existence, including one of our own. As we begin to doubt the true nature of our design, Tor and I can trust no one. Not even each other, despite the passion that binds us together. 

Even if we succeed this time, I know our battle isn’t over. Something is coming: a future only we can control. The mysterious signal that compels us all may be the key – if we can survive long enough to find out what it is.

Humankind fought a war to annihilate us. Now their future depends on our survival.

We are the seed.
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