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Can you hear it? That distant rumble. That's the sound of the next chapter in the Arkship Saga. It's the thunderclap of epic space battles, the harsh whip crack of revelations, the soft shuffle of surprises, the... you get the idea! Yes, it's just ten days until the release of Arkship Conquest, and I can't wait for you to read it and tell me what you think. You can still get 25% off the launch price,but if you've not read the first three books yet then keep reading...

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The first three books in the series are collected together here at a discounted price. Read over 1000 pages of epic space drama for less than the price of two cups of coffee. Or, if you're on Kindle Unlimited it's completely free.

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My week: printing, workshops and some teaching

I got to the end of Arkship Conquest and - as I always do when I finish a book - I printed it out. The pile of physical printed pages still gives me a thrill that I just don't get from a digital copy, and it's a chance to look at it with fresh eyes. My first reader is always my wife, Diane, who read the whole book on Sunday afternoon. She spotted a few typos, but overall the feedback was very positive.

I'm doing a couple of school workshops this week at The Word in South Shields where I was Writer in Residence last year. It's also the final week of my my work at Sunderland University where I teach animation two days a week. It's a stressful time for the students, culminating in a screening of their work on Thursday. 

Speaking of Thursday, there's a new Star Wars movie coming out, which I can't wait to see! Are you going to see Solo?

NEW: Shadow by Nicholas Woode-Smith

If you love Star Wars, Firefly and Warhammer 40k, you won’t want to miss Shadow. Pick up your copy today, and begin your journey into the ever-expanding space opera and military sci-fi series, Warpmancer.

In the 36th century, humanity has spread across the stars… Zona Nox. Crime-ridden cesspool at the edge of the galaxy. A war-torn hellhole dominated by gangs, megacorporations and alien raiders. James Terrin, master thief, calls it home. James has made a name for himself among the criminals of his home planet but all he really wants is to ensure the survival of his family. Zona Nox is under attack. An alien empire threatens the planet’s survival, and not even the veteran fighters of the planet can hold them back.

Pushed by circumstance, James is forced to join the very thing he hates: the interplanetary military called the Troopers. The children of Mars. The tin-men. Humanity’s finest. The army that has tried to catch him for his entire criminal career.

Can a master thief make a good soldier? And, more importantly, can James defend his homeworld?

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