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Exciting new chapter for Sjodin Communications - We are getting scrappy! 

Terri is now delivering "live" virtual speaking engagements and master class webinars from her home studio! (See picture above.)

Working from home and the adoption of and/or conversion to video meetings and sales calls now dance together hand-in-hand.  Whether we like it or not.  
Meeting remotely comes with both highs and lows. 
Highs: New technology can be fun, different, adds a layer of connection, and seeing people on a call is nice. It's also effective with existing relationships (maintaining and moving things forward), and when used right, it has a “wow” factor.
Lows: It is harder to create a connection virtually – especially with new prospects.  A below average or average presenter seems even more difficult to listen to on video/virtual platforms.  (Common comments include:  Ugh!  So boring, too long, waste of time.  What are they wearing?  What/Who is in the background?)
It does not have to be this way.

Whether speaking one-on-one, to a small group or on a video conferencing platform call (i.e.: MS Teams, Zoom, Google Hangouts etc.)... Presentation Skills matter. Most people have been "winging it" and doing the best they can as they navigate their way through the "secure-at-home" status of the pandemic. And that's okay... When you're ready to level up your team's virtual presentations skill set, we are here to help:

Last call to join the beta group!

Sjodin Communications is offering a new 4 Part “Live” Event Webinar Series done entirely online through your company's preferred platform!

Join renowned presentation coach Terri Sjodin for a series on the art of presenting to create influence!  The focus will be on developing verbal communication skills for greater impact with clients, whether virtually or in-person.  Terri will share ideas and data from her national research study on the State of Sales Presentations, including an overview of the 12 Biggest Presentation Mistakes people make and how to avoid them... which, by the way, are proving to be even more prevalent in virtual presentations!

The goal of this series is to start the conversation on “leveling up” your virtual presentations and adapt to the changing marketplace


*RE: Pricing: Special reduced rate for organizations interested in participating as a virtual beta test webinar program client! 

You can choose to space the dates of each webinar as needed: All in 1 day, 1 per week, 1 every other week, or 1 per month. (Must be contracted by August 1, 2020 to receive special beta group rates. Please call for pricing information.)

When does the Beta Test Period rate close?  August 1, 2020

Program Type: 4 Part “Live” Event Webinar Series (Online Lecture & Interactive Sessions)
Topic: Persuasive Presentation Skills
Title: The Art of Presenting Persuasively – Delivering Your Message with Impact 
Time:  Approx. 1 hour per session in the series - Typically 30-min Lecture program with Q&A and discussion (Timing can be adjusted to meet client requests.)

Series Session overview: 

  • Part One:  Introduction: Let’s Start the Conversation... Virtual presentations and sales calls now dance together hand-in-hand. How do we level up our skill set moving forward?
  • Part Two:  Building your Persuasive Case: Crafting a compelling message     
  • Part Three:  Creativity and Connection (can include highlights on Scrappy content)  
  • Part Four:  Delivery and the Art of Effective Sales Presentations: Working through common challenges relating to the artform of presentation skills (in person and/or virtually)

Part Five: Workshop Day - Participant Virtual Presentations (short 3-5 min talks) delivered “live” by attendees with feedback from Terri & the organization's leadership team. This segment provides the “action step” to get participants to use the ideas learned in the class.  (Limited number of presenters per session to allow for effective peer-to-peer learning.)

How We Help Sales Professionals + Organizations

Our mission is to provide our clients with training and development programs that help them build and deliver more polished, creative, and persuasive presentations that generate results.

We offer:
  • Keynote Addresses
  • Conference Breakout Sessions
  • Half-Day Seminars
  • Small Group Workshops
  • "Live" Virtual Masterclass/Webinars & "Live" Virtual Keynote Programs
  • Train-the-Facilitator Program & Course Content (coming soon!)
  • Books, Workbooks & Study Guides, and Audiobooks
All programs can be customized to meet the needs of your organization's audience size, time requirements, schedule, and level of experience.

We are here to help! Terri and the entire Sjodin Communications team welcome the opportunity to learn more about the meeting or event you are planning.

Editor, Katelyn Lucas. Copyright © 2020 Sjodin Communications, All rights reserved.

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