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A message from Jules....

What a busy few months it has been!  We started the year off preparing for our Recital and what a show it was!  The performances were varied with solo and groups dancing with a variety of styles; contemporary, exotic, rock, cabaret, sensual and pop!  All dancers infused their personalities and genres into amazing pole dance routines - the show was mind-blowing!  

A big thank you to the instructors who put a lot of time into choreographing, rehearsing and motivating the performers, also to the students who participated and put themselves out there - you are so empowering!  We would like to thank Kathy from Solace Photography and Raluca and Mike Ellis for their excellent photography and video skills.  Check out some of the photos and read about the Recital experience from Veronica (one of our star students) below!

To those of you who have not tried Pole Dance yet, now is the time - our Introductory Month Special for new members is only $55, this gives you access to our Pole Classes, Tempt, Flex, Power Haus and Pole Asana!   

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There is always something in the works at Pole Haus (stay tuned for Workshops that are coming up!)  Keep an eye on our website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts so you don't miss out.  
Enjoy the warmer weather!  

Instructor Spotlight - PEARL
Nickname:  Pearlie
Astrology Sign: Aquarius
Favorite Pole Move: Inside Leg Hang - it is simple yet beautiful!
Advice for the beginner pole dancer: Don't rush yourself!
 Be patient with YOUR journey.  A victory is a victory.  Most of all, DON'T QUIT!
Which celebrity do you get mistaken for?  Lark Voorhies in her younger years
How do you have your coffee?  Decaf, hazel nut cream, sugar
Best vacation destination: Jamaica
Most famous person you have met: Will Smith
Vices? My alter ego is bound to get me into trouble one day, lol
Advice for the advanced pole dancer: Remember to DANCE! Dance with your heart, deliver the message with your body and face...eye contact!  Even if you only executed one 'hard' trick, you have still captured your audience
My Recital Experience
by Veronica Miller Jameson
I've been dancing and performing for almost 20 years, and I can confidently say that I've never experienced anything like my first Pole Haus recital! In the Tempt performance, I had the chance to be my sultriest, sexiest, most femme-fatale self -- and I LOVED it! Our group was led by Pearl Simpson, who created amazing choreography for the show. Rehearsals became my favorite part of every week, as we not only perfected our moves, but also bonded as a mini Pole Haus family. 

On recital day, our little crew joined the bigger Pole Haus family of instructors and performers to prepare for the show, and the studio crackled with energy and excitement. We warmed up together, shook out our nerves, and put on our game faces for showtime. There were so many amazing moments from that day -- seeing a sold out audience, cheering on classmates as they pulled off incredible moves -- but hearing the thunderous applause at the end of our Tempt performance was my personal favorite. The crowd's reaction let us know that our hard work and late-night rehearsals paid off, and that we were pretty darn sexy, too! It was one of those experiences I wish I could replay over and over -- which is probably I'm already itching to get ready for next year's recital!

Veronica with her 'Tempting' group


Do This ONE Thing To Improve Your Pole Practice: Breathe

Breathing is so natural to us as humans that we likely don’t even notice we’re doing it—or not doing it. The second we are born, we start to breathe, letting out a wail to tell the world we have arrived.

Let me know if this sounds familiar—you’re about to try a new move that maybe scares you a little bit (starting a stress reaction) and you screw up your face, think really hard, go to do the move aaannnnnd, can’t complete the move. You flop down, defeated. What happened? Sure, you might not be strong enough yet or have the right technique or flexibility, but likely it is because you stopped breathing.

As a pole student, it is hard to understand how breathing works at first as you concentrate so hard on executing the new movement and generally “not dying.” As a pole teacher, watching hundreds of different people try out moves that are now familiar, especially that either can scare them or cause a large muscle contraction like inverting or executing a fan kick, it is very easy to see that most students start their pole journeys holding their breath.

Some movements are more beneficial to do while you inhale and others while you exhale. Typically during any big contraction movement you should exhale while any time you are extending, inhale. Until you find this rhythm with your own pole practice (which involves lots of contraction and extension of different parts all at the same time), do ANYTHING to keep your mouth open and your breath moving.  Police yourself, your friends and even your teacher because sometimes we all forget to breathe. Try being intentional in your breath next time you’re in the studio and see how it immediately improves your pole practice (or try inverting while intentionally holding your breath—NOT fun).  

For full article (taken from Bad Kitty and written by Colleen Jolly), visit

Community Partnerships = Membership/Pole Party Package Benefits

We believe in having community partnerships with like-minded businesses in Philly.  Being a Pole Haus Member and holding a Pole Party has many perks - apart from access to high quality Pole and Conditioning Classes, you are also able to access benefits unique to Pole Haus members at the following businesses:


For more details please contact us!

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