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Assalamu Alaikum wr wb  <<First Name>>

I have sent last mail about to whom Allah Loves and to whom He doesn't love!
Now the question is raising that why we need to know so deeply about this?
When we need to follow the directions and we must know what His likes and dislikes. Once we are known to His likes and dislikes then easy to understand the essence of orders.

So, What will be our first action after knowing that?

If you are willing to kiss "Hajr-e-Aswad" stone then I prefer to ask first at same place that "O my Lord give me chance to kiss that stone".
Hamduillah; I tried hard and got success consecutively even my wife did the same at once.

So, I prefer to do first & easy action as to ask same things what Allah loves and also ask to abstain from those things which Allah doesn't loves.

By pondering, I have made two logical supplications regarding this subject purely from Quran by giving references as well.

We may ask as below:
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Now you may thinking if you have go through deeply definitely this question will raise that Why I use "Allahuma" in first and "Rabbana" in second supplication.

Mostly in Quran "Rabbana" has used and in very few places "Allahumma" has used.

Allahumma addressing to the word Allah and Rabbana is clearly addressing to word Rabb.

So, we can use any word from both but when you ask for repentance Allahuma is preferable.

Again second question may raise about singularity& plurality; Mostly Quranic supplications are in plural form to be applicable for all cases either for individual or group. So, I prefer as for group.

However you may ask for yourself in singular form by using table below from Understand Al-Quran Academy.
I am a student of Dr. AbdulAzeez AbdulRaheem (Understand Al-Quran Academy) .
You may learn more by visiting his website

I am going to send next mails about "Who will be Success here & hereafter", "Who wouldn't be Success" & "Attributes of  Mo'min, Muttaqeen, Muhsineen" etc., Inn Shaa Allah. 

Till that you may study and put forward if you have something benefitted for others; Jazak Allahu Khair!

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