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Supplications of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in Quran

Assalamu Alaikum <<First Name>>

Do you ever ponder in Quan about those supplications which Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) have asked?

Yes, I like to See & practice those precious supplications from Quran, Jazak Allah Khair!

Kindly visit to Supplications tab on my islamic website to see all the supplications in Holy-Quran by doer specific such as Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Prophet Ibraheem (pbuh), Prophet Musa (pbuh),Prophet Esa (pbuh), Oulul AlbabThe Believers & All Supplications   etc.,

You may have noticed that all the supplications that Allah Subhanau has taught to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in Holy-Quran has preceded by a word قُلْ  this means it's firstly specific for Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and then to us as well.

Ilyas Khan

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