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Assalamu Alaikum wr wb  <<First Name>>

What kind of people Allah doesn't Loves?

We need to abstain from those things which Allah Subhanahu Ta'ala doesn't Love.
As we say "La ilaha" first then Illallah! Without refusing others. Likewise before praising Allah Subhanahu Ta'ala we should declared that He is free from all those false claims which people associates.

I am going to send next mail about to whom with Allah Subhanahu and keep continuing about "Who will be Success", "Who will be in failure" & "Who is a Muslim & Mo'min" etc., Inn Shaa Allah.
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As you may know that those who have minute amount of arrogance he will not enter into Heaven. All such properties going towrads Hell Fire. May Allah save us from Hell Fire.

We need to ask Allah Subhanahu daily atleast 7 times!
"Allahuma Ajirna Minan Naar" means  "O Allah save us from Hell Fire"

So, We need to abstain from all above properties which Allah Subhanaha doesn't love such as below:

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