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Assalamu Alaikum <<Full Name>>

Last week I had sent mail about Surah Al-Rahman and I was promised to send this week from Surah Al-Waqiah.
There is amazing relation between both pair of Surahs Ar-Rahman  Al-Waqiah!

Surah-56- Al-Waqiah also can be classified in 4 main topics if heavenly people categorizes as one.  
I have come across with 5 main topics in both but I prefer to count as 4 to make perfect mirror to each other because in both cases Allahs Subhanahu Ta'ala expressed High Grade Heavens at first.

So topics in both Surah's are as given below: 
I. The greatness of the Qur'an.
II. Creation of  Allah Subhanahu.
III. Day of Judgment and People of Hell.
IV. Paradises and Rewards
     a)  Higher Grade Heavens for Sabiqoon, Muqarraboon  & Mukkarramoon..

     b) Other Heavens
Both are mirrors to each other with respect to topics!
I promise you will enjoy if you go through with Tafseer of both Surahs and your faith will definitely boost Inn-Shaa Allah.

Once Caliph Othman bin Afnan (May Allah peace be on him) was visited to a companion who was sick and asked some questions in which one was said to him that "Shall I send some money to you?" He Replied No, then Othman Raz. said "It will helpful for your children"  because he was suffering as last illness.

He replied "Do you afraid about my daughters regarding poverty?"  I have taught to my daughters about Surah Al-Waqiah. So I have no fear about their poverty. (mentioned in tafseer Ibn-Katheer at the start of Surah Al-Waqiah)

Imagine Abdullah Razi Allah Anhu was suffering from last illness and he was receiving offer of money for his children even he had no sons and refused to take. How he has faith and trick against poverty.

So, if you really want to give a precious gift to your children then you must taught to read Surah-56 Al-Waqiah daily to protect against poverty rather than leaving huge property.

 If we memorize then easy to ready daily while even sleeping. I am passing this information to you and following the same Inn-Shaa-Allah.

I would really appreciate if you start reading daily. Click to download Ibn-Katheer Part-27
This is a true trick in free; billions of  people are struggling to get this shield.

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Ilyas Khan

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