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At the end of February, the case of Shamima Begum hit the headlines once more. “At 15 she was old enough to know what she is doing” seems to be the conclusion of the Supreme Court in relation to Begum who in 2015 was an east London 15 year old school girl groomed online to join IS in Syria. They have ruled that she cannot have a fair trial in the UK due to alleged national security concerns associated with returning for it and have approved her British citizenship being removed. 

In light of this ruling, the first of many questions is, why has Begum’s childhood, for she was 15 at the time, been discarded so readily from the equation in the Supreme Court’s ruling? And what is the significance of denying her childhood? Being a child usually means we are granted innocence. But that innocence is denied when children belong to marginalised groups. In this case Begum’s Muslimness — under the system of oppression, Islamophobia — has her as a threat, and a danger, above all else.

In this post our CEO Hanna explores the Islamophobia at the heart of the case and what it reveals about how Islamophobia plays out across our workplaces and society more broadly - and how we must connect these seemingly disparate dots to build equity into our companies. Read the blog post here. 

[Image Description: A statue of “Lady Justice” holding scales, wearing a blindfold, with a sword in her right hand. A Gavel is seen, blurry, in the background. Getty Images/iStockphoto]

Denying Trans Children Healthcare

When you are discussing your children and family in the workplace, you likely assume that other parents have full responsibility and autonomy over their children’s health. But for transgender children in the UK, this is not necessarily the case. Only as of last week can parents give their consent if their transgender child needs to use puberty blockers, said the High Court. This overturns the discriminatory case that required an application to the High Court even if the child, their doctor, and parents all agreed on the course of therapeutic treatment. Rooted in the distrust of gender non-conforming people, judges with no expertise in healthcare could thus police transgender bodies, leaving children to suffer with their gender dysphoria. For trans children whose parents do not support them, and already may be at risk of homelessness, violence, and suicide, there is still no way for them to access the hormones they need to survive. In the US, Arkansas passed a bill completely banning gender-affirming care for trans youth. To financially support the work of the Good Law Project, advised by its Trans Advisory Group please click here.

Virtual Workshop - Thinking Outside the Boxes:
a Holistic Approach

Thursday, 6 May from 9:00-11:30AM GMT
As unfashionable as it is to say it, creating an inclusive culture in your organisation relies on understanding the complexity of the underlying issues that prevent robust change. Leaders who care about inclusion therefore need new, sharper tools to make this a reality. This workshop will be an introduction to how leaders who care about making inclusion happen can sharpen their thinking outside of and across inclusion silos as you design and lead on making inclusion a reality. If you are interested, sign up below.
6th May Booking & Info
Design for Inclusion UK (Virtual)
26th-30th April from 9:00AM-1:00PM GMT
The five-day DFI is broken down into three sequential stages for senior leaders and stake holders committed to inclusion in their respective organisations:
  • Deepening cognisance and understanding of complex inequities and exclusions at the interpersonal level (between people in teams, relationships).
  • Analysing complex inequities at a system level and the implications of these on individuals and organisational culture and outputs.
  • Building up new capacity: flexible frameworks and tools for applying this analysis into impactful action across: policies, processes, products and people.
April DFI Booking & Info
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