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Waning Moon Medicine: March 5, 2021

Every week I share in depth ways to work with the moon energy on my Patreon platform (Creatrix tier), that's also where you can gain access to my monthly circles! For now, here's a tidbit:

The waning moon works with the:

💧water Element
🍊sacral chakra
💃nurture emotions, creativity & sexuality
💤create, surrender, dream

We are moving towards the Dark Moon and then the New Moon so it's a time to start slowing down after the high energy of the full moon so we can surrender more to our inner knowing.

Take this time to nurture creative projects, to go with the flow, to surrender to the universe and it's timeline and to let yourself dream!!


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Be good to you! Listen to your heart. Be well <3

Posts like this are available WEEKLY on my Patreon Creatrix tier! 
You get access to my monthly moon circles and this wonderful moon wisdom.
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So... why did I name my business Tantra Magick?!

*I'll tell you why, I also will ask for your help and support and do consider going to my Boostr Campaign to help me raise funds to pay my teachers!! You can read more about my personal story there!

1) When I first came across Tantra- real Tantra- in my yoga teacher training, everything that was being explained FINALLY put words to my way of living! IT explained my life. I was a very curious young woman, I grew up in Christianity and it just wasn't for me. I then research Buddhism and it was closer, but still not right. Then I found Tantra and BAM, that was it! That was me!

I have a whole lecture on what Tantra is to me (sign up on my yoga platform for FREE) to listen in and understand for you- the link goes live at 5pm MST but then watch anytime!

2) I believe that everything in this life is Magick!!! Now I use a K at the end to denote real magick as opposed to stage magic. Being born is magick, breathing is magick, the sun rising is magick, the sun setting is magick, the sky is magick, colours are magick, orgasm is magick, my dog is magick... get my drift?! IT's all magick if you choose to see life that way!

I also found the path into witchcraft and ritual and feminine empowerment and that is really important to me.

So, the three Pilars of Tantra Magick are :
  • Yoga/Movement
  • Witchcraft
  • Tantra
Join in on ANY of my online classes, monthly circles, or more! I'm so so excited to share with you!!

*I also will ask for your help and support and do consider going to my Boostr Campaign to help me raise funds to pay my teachers!! You can read more about my personal story there!


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Sending you love, light and Magick~
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