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This is where I ask for your help!
As many of you know, I created my very own Virtual yoga studio! With that, has come many extra costs, hours and unforseen new tasks! 

I created a crowdfunding campaign through ATB Financial's BoostR program specifically focused on female entrepreneurs: Build Her Business.

My ask is, if you like my work and want to see more of it in the world, or reaching more people, please fund it and share!!

I wouldn't have created this platform if I didn't think there was a need, and now more than ever, with continued isolation and limited access to what we truly need to be well, I'm offering what I can. 

We have DAILY yoga classes, weekly get togethers and a group chat to support each other. 

What I have created is not a business, it is a family! 

And you are one of us! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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I have been posting a bit lately about how I'm experiencing a bit of a digital burnout... with me launching my online yoga studio (way more of an undertaking than I was anticipating or desiring...) and trying to keep up with friends and life and now all of this work... I've found myself actually avoiding my screen. I'm not reaching to Netflix to numb, I'm not reaching to instagram to scroll, I'm not even reaching for a plain old book... I'm mostly just - doing nothing. Procrastinating... but feeling pretty on edge.

I must say MY "sister" circles (my moon gatherings) are honestly one of the highlights of my month, so I will continue with them! Maybe I won't always have my camera on and choose not to actually look at the screen for now.. but they will still happen. (Join for around $5/month, if you can't afford it, just message me and I'll send you the link!). 

The next one is Feb 27th at 6pm MST.

How are you feeling?! You wanna talk about it with me?! (just reply to this email)

Let's plant some self-care seeds this new moon! There is so much Aquarius energy that is asking us to be good to not only ourselves, but to the collective. And we can't be good to others unless we're good to ourselves first! So let's do that.

I've created a tool to help with that if any of you are into journalling!! Here is the link to a daily question guide.


And here is an article I came across this morning that talks about the psychologicl and physiological impacts of despair and how we can actually CHOOSE hope. But it is hard... 

Download your own copy here.
What is Meditative Masturbation you might be asking: Sex Magick, or Meditative Masturbation, is the practice of harnessing and using your own divine power to heal yourself and manifest.

We practice EVERY DAY for 28 days straight to really harness our energy and heal ourselves and our lives.

"Brahmacharya (one of the Yamas- ethical principles of yoga) is a call for us to practice moderation in all things but is most generally applied to sexuality. It's often misunderstood as an expectation that we be celibate, that being so will make us more enlightened; this is most definitely not its true meaning.... It is not a call for abstinence but for temperance, to bring moderation to our thoughts, to our words, and to our deeds. The idea is that we bring mindfulness and compassion to the way we use our natural powers of attraction and seduction. It is also the idea that we learn to understand our own sexual energy and bring mindfulness and compassion to ourselves as naturally sexual beings."
Rolf Gates

Let us learn to practice well and mindfully. We begin March 1st.

There are 3 live calls for instruction and Q & A. 
4 live sexual vitality movement classes.
(all calls recorded)
28 day journal guide
Facebook Group for daily support. 

$275 before fees. 

Only 7 discounted tickets left: $137.50 before fees.

p.s. ALL Patrons will receive an extra 10% discount on tickets! 

Find more information here or don't hesitate to message me with questions. 
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ONLINE: Ballet Barre class with Heather on Fridays at 6pm MST
One hour, all levels, $15/20 drop in or $75 for 6 classes!
(Included in any monthly membership or pass)

RECORDED: What is Tantra- Monday Feb 15th
(register and watch anytime at your pleasure)

RECORDED: Kundalini Flow with Venus- Saturdays
(register and watch anytime at your pleasure)

More Recordings coming soon!

Head to for full class schedule
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Sending you love, light and Magick~
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