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Letter from the Superintendent

Welcome back to our returning students and families! To our new students and families, we are delighted to have you join the Arrowhead High School team!

People are the most influential element in a school’s success. At Arrowhead, we have the right people in place— every student, parent, community member, and staff member is integral to our awesome One Team!

Interesting facts about the people at Arrowhead (data as of 8/29/16):

Students  (Data is continually in flux)

  • 2,193 Total students enrolled
  • 569 9th graders
  • 519 10th graders
  • 556 11th graders
  • 549 12th graders
  • 92.5%  Students who live within the 68 square miles of the Arrowhead District
  • 7.5%  Students who live in other communities, choosing Arrowhead through Open Enrollment
  • 8   The approximate number of identified languages spoken in our families’ homes        


  • 223 Regular/permanent staff members
  • 163 Full-time (I FTE)
  • 60 Part-time (less than 1 FTE)
  • 136 Teachers and administrators
  • 110 Have earned an advanced degree, beyond a bachelor's degree
  • 87 Support staff

Meaningful, consistent communication is an important process for any successful organization. With that goal in mind, this Arrowhead Advisor e-newsletter is emailed monthly, during the school year, to all families and staff members.

Anyone else who wishes to subscribe can do so on the Arrowhead Advisor webpage on the district website.  If you know somebody who does not yet receive the Arrowhead Advisor… sign up for them! Parents from K-8 schools, area citizens, grandparents, news reporters, realtors, business partners, legislators, and educators from other schools  are just some examples of the folks who care about the happenings at Arrowhead High School.

Have a fantastic 2016-2017 school year!


Laura Myrah



Table of Contents



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Laura Myrah,  

Sue Casetta,  
Director of Learning

Adam Boldt,  
Director of Student Services

Donna Smith,
Director of Technology

Gregg Wieczorek,  


South Campus
700 North Avenue
Hartland, WI 53029

North Campus
800 North Avenue
Hartland, WI 53029

Learning Matters

Literacy Focus

For the 2016-17 school year, Arrowhead staff and students will be focusing on literacy.

Beyond reading (which has been an academic focus for Arrowhead for the last three years) writing, communication, and critical thinking skills make the literacy-rich learning experiences we want for all of our students.  Ramona Chauvin, PhD, explains,”To graduate high school fully prepared for college and the workforce, students need more than basic literacy skills.  They need to master the distinct approaches to literacy that are used in academic disciplines such as science, mathematics and history --as well as Career Technical Education courses.”

We are living in a time where the demand for improved literacy skills among graduates and future workforce could not be greater. Today’s high school graduate is faced with the the difficulty of validating the accuracy of the vast information on the internet,  understanding the complexity of college level texts, developing logical opinions and arguments as they exercise their rights as citizens, and communicating their ideas in a clear and  coherent manner.  Basic literacy is reading and writing.  But to truly be prepared for postsecondary work in our 21st century global economy, we must build on the new basics.  

This year we will be exploring literacy at Arrowhead in order to develop common language and practices throughout the high school curriculum. We will be learning more about the demands at the college level, learning about the various career needs related literacy, understanding how literacy demands change throughout high school, and how to continue to address and adapt to  students various literacy needs.

Sue Casetta


Director of Learning

Student Services Matter

The Arrowhead Way

The excitement of a new year is always contagious at Arrowhead and this year is no different, many students and staff have been busy over the past month preparing for the official start of the school year. The Arrowhead Way is looking forward to another year of enjoying our great school and being a part of the great Arrowhead community.

The Arrowhead Way works to foster and maintain a sense of belonging for students, staff and families to Arrowhead community so that our students can achieve social, emotional and academic success through proactive, systemic supports. Below are a handful of items to be aware of as we start the school year.

  • Be Appropriate, Be Respectful, Be Responsible - These are Arrowhead’s expectations for all students. They are broad terms that can apply to most situations through which students and adults can ask “is it appropriate, responsible, and respectful?” A great way to link school to home is to use these terms when praising your child for their behavior or when discussing a troublesome behavior.
  • Theme of the Month - Each month will have a theme focused on a message that is beneficial to all students in their social, emotional, and/or academic success. This year themes will focus on attendance, appropriate technology use, and academic integrity.  

    September’s theme is “Everyday. On Time.” to highlight the importance of attendance and punctuality. We have started our school year with this theme for the past two years, and every year we experience an increase in attendance, help to contribute by making sure your child is on-time, everyday!
  • Think About Tomorrow Today - This year all students will begin to experience Arrowhead’s Academic and Career Exploration. This initiative is focused on students exploring opportunities that align with their unique interests, skills, and aspirations through an experiential and reflective process in order to drive their post-secondary choices. On September 14th all students will be introduced to this process and some useful tools to help them along the way.
  • Alcohol and Other Drug Awareness - Heroin and opioid abuse has become an increasing problem in our suburban neighborhoods. Awareness on the part of parents and the community can go a long way towards keeping our children safe. Arrowhead is proud to announce a second installment in the Stairway to Heroin series on October 4th at the Elmbrook/Lake Country Church on Hwy 83, please see the attached flyer for additional details and how to register.

Once again, welcome back and let’s enjoy the year of learning together!

Adam Boldt


Director of Student Services

InfoTech Matters


The NEW Arrowhead website takes you to a gorgeous picture of the Arrowhead grounds crowned by a double rainbow. The photographer is our own Arrowhead teacher and track coach Chris Herriot. The site would not be as impactful without it. Thank you, Chris!

Along the top of the page you will find quick-link icons for Career Cruising, Canvas, Skyward Family Access, Transcripts, Calendars, and Search.

Essential links for various groups are organized under the RESOURCES.

PARENT RESOURCES contain links to our most requested information such as parking and work permits. STUDENT RESOURCES area serves as a password locker, so after the initial login to LaunchPad, your student can store passwords to linked resources.

News & Events area highlights upcoming and timely all-school events. Below that Arrowhead Facts is an area to highlight our student achievements.

Meet Arrowhead focuses on Our Facilities, Our Staff, and Our Students. Check back here for updated content featuring these aspects of Arrowhead.

Arrowhead Today gives voice to our students and staff, offering visitors an inside view of what those closest to Arrowhead feel about their school.

The Tradition of Excellence area displays great schools our alumni choose to continue their post secondary education. This is a work in progress, so this list will grow.

Newsletter sign up is next. On the right, you will find links to calendars, food service, and a newsletter archive.  

Employment area is found under WORK. VISIT provides more information about Arrowhead including tour information. The GIVE page in still in development. Check back for volunteer and other opportunities.

Finally, we have the various ways to keep in touch with Arrowhead.

Can’t find what you need? Try a search. Is the site not displaying properly? When on the site, do a SHIFT + F5. Please feel free to contact me with all website concerns and commendations ;)

Donna Smith


Director of Library Media & Technology

Principal’s Corner

The start of a new school year brings with it new hope and opportunity. Students come to school with a fresh resolve and a can do attitude. With that in mind, one area that can pay major dividends down the road is involvement in co-curricular activities.

In Robert Putnam’s book “Our Kids” he cites research that shows “consistent involvement in co-curricular activities is strongly associated with a variety of positive outcomes.  These positive outcomes include: higher GPAs, lower dropout rates, lower truancy, better work habits, higher educational aspirations, lower delinquency rates, greater self-esteem, more psychological resilience, less risky behavior, more civic engagement, and higher future wages and occupational attainment.” At registration this year we distributed an article that discussed the benefits of co-curricular involvement on college admissions.  There have been many other studies demonstrating the positive impact of participation in school activities.  Now is a good time to participate.

There is clearly a huge upside to being involved with Arrowhead’s co-curricular program.  With over 80 different activities, Arrowhead truly offers something for everyone.  Students are encouraged to be involved in at least two different activities per year.  Many of these activities are offered at little or no cost to families.  You and your student are encouraged to check out Arrowhead’s website to see what opportunities are available.  Through the website you can find out who the advisors and coaches are and get further information about the different activities.

To fully take advantage of everything Arrowhead has to offer students just need to GET INVOLVED!!  

Gregg Wieczorek


Arrowhead Principal

Referendum Information

After nearly six years of research, planning, and hearing directly from district residents, staff members, and community groups, the Arrowhead School Board is advancing a comprehensive facilities plan to address instructional, life safety, security, infrastructure, and co-curricular program needs on our unique, two-school campus.

Question #1: Campus-Wide School Building and Site Improvement Program – $64,700,000

Arrowhead’s last facilities referendum was in 1999, and since then basic building and life-safety systems, campus infrastructure and learning spaces have naturally aged and become outdated. The existing pool and theater are both undersized, obsolete, and do not meet the demands of the Arrowhead student population or the community programs that use both facilities nearly every day, year round.

Despite completing over $10 million in capital projects over the last six years, increasing facility needs are too extensive to fund at this rate out of our general operating budget without directly impacting the funding of instructional programs and services for students.

Question #2: Annual Operational Funding on a Recurring Basis - $173,000

The new square footage associated with the additions for the pool and theater would require additional operating funding to support ongoing annual facilities maintenance and utilities costs.

More referendum information will come your way, during the coming months, through the Arrowhead Advisor e-newsletter, emails, flyers, social media, meetings, etc.  For more information right now, please peruse the ever-expanding Referendum Information Webpage on the district’s website.


Meet the Teachers Night
Wednesday, September 7, 5:30 p.m.
North Campus West Gym

School Board Meeting 
Wednesday, September 14, 7 p.m.  
District Office Board Room

Friday, September 30, 4 p.m.    
North Campus Grounds

Homecoming Parade
Sunday, September 25, 4:30 p.m.   

Homecoming Football Game  
Friday, September 30, 7 p.m.    

Homecoming Dance   
Saturday, October 1, 7:30 p.m.  

North Campus West Gym

Stairway to Heroin Resource Fair & Program   
Tuesday, October 4 
Resource Fair 5:45 - 6:15 p.m.   
Program 6:15 - 8:30 p.m.  
Elmbrook Church- Lake Country (formerly Westbrook Church) 1100 Highway 83, Hartland 

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Welcome, new Arrowhead teachers! From left, back row: Jeffrey Staus (Physical Education & Health), Jared Kwiatkowski (Special Education), and Andrew Johnson (Language Arts). From left, front row: Rebecca McCann (Language Arts), and Sarah Kraus (Math).

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