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January 5th, 2018 Update
New arrivals in from the Proletariat, Spider Babies, The Most, Miu, Makers, Blue Ash, Nuthins, Headcoats, Cynics, This Damn Town, Guilty Hearts, Bored Teenagers comp's, Miscalculations, AC/DC tribute, Missing Monuments, Pounders, Strange Things, Metalleg, Deloreans, Atomsmashers, Vapids, Sweep Baby, Teledrome, Ripe, Tiger Touch, Apers, Dee Cracks, New Rochelles and more in stock now at: .


  1. Miscalculations- Echo LP ~RARE RECORD RELEASE COVER LTD 25!
  2. Sweet Baby- It’s A Girl LP ~REISSUE!
Tiger Touch 7" cover
Tiger Touch- Rabbit Grab 7” ~HELLACOPTERS!
-Tiger Touch are a fine high-energy rock'n'roll band from Portland powered by three loud and agile guitar players who bring the goods. These old time Rock ‘n Roll veterans have been playing in bands for years as Tiger Touch include members of the Gimmicks (Estrus Records), the Black Furies (Gearhead) and also include members of Bonneville Power and the People Electric. ‘Rabbit Grab’ is their debut single and blasts hard with two ear-shreddin’, guitar rippers carved out of Scandi style Action Rock bands like the Hellacopter, Gluecifer, Imperial State Electric and the Backyard Babies.
Tiger Touch Band Pic
V/A- Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be CD cover
Missing Monuments 7" Cover
Miscalculations LP cover LTD 25
Miscalculations- Echolocation LP ~RARE RECORD RELEASE COVER LTD 25!
-London’s the Miscalculations have set another alluring and sticky, audio-flytrap that you simply can’t keep your ears off of. The Miscalculations are led by Marco who’s also does time in the Gaggers, Disco Lepers, Cold Callers and the Exits and his signature high pitched soothing voice reverberates high atop the mix on their newest LP. On their fourth album, the Miscalculations occasionally throw back to their familiar sound of driving guitars and fantastic vocal melodies that perfectly blend power-pop, punk and post punk into their own unique sound. Stand out tracks include "War In Dreams", "Tame The Ocean", "Blurred Photographs" and "The Escapist" that blend elements of the Buzzcocks, Gaggers, Statues and the Toyotas. Their’s a strong WIRE-like Post-Punk feel in the slower, dreamy more robotic songs like “Echolocation” and "Petrol Sea". And a couple of the songs even drift off into outsider No-Wave territory with brash synths and fast electronic drums especially on the super hit "Those Who Wish To Be Stolen From”. Fun record from the Miscalculations as they continue to sail into more uncharted musical territory and push the boundaries of their ever evolving sound that they’ve developed on the first three LP’s. THIS IS THE FOR THE SUPER RARE RECORD RELEASE COVER EDITION OF THIS LP LIMITED TO ONLY 25 COPIES! This edition includes a custom SPRAY PAINTED front and back cover along with a copy of the flyer for the record release show. These are pretty hard to find! Import from Germany.
Miscalculations LP Limited 25
Miscalculations LP  Cover
Miscalculations LP LTD Poster
Miscalculations 7" cover
Miscalculations/Neon Knives- Split 7" Cover
Miscalculations LP cover
Miscalculations- Kill The Whole Cast LP ~RARE CLEAR SPLAT WAX!
-London upstarts Miscalculations, featuring members of The Gaggers, Disco Lepers and Dying Shames, offer up another apocalyptic snarling ripper for the ages. ‘Kill The Whole Cast’ offers up twelve new tracks of frenetic, tense, and snotty sounding punk tunes that are just so incredibly well written. Marco and Shaun continue to amaze me with their ability to craft songs reminiscent of both classic bands like Wire, Gang Of Four, The Wipers and Screamers along with contemporary greats like Masshysteri, Tristess and The Vicious. It's impossible not to be reminded of a certain time when this style of music thrived - say 1977- ‘80; and Miscalculations take those influences and pens some crafty songs that sound fresh, modern and uniquely their own. Highly recommended. THIS IS THE LIMITED VERSION ON CLEAR VINYL WITH BLACK SPLATTERS!  Import from Germany.
Miscalculations LP Splat Wax
V/A- Bored Teenagers Vol. 8 CD  Cover
V/A- Bored Teenagers Vol. 8 CD ~REISSUE!
-This disc kicks off with one of the most exclusive and rarest of all the Oi! records ever released and comes straight off the master tapes with a slightly different intro…. The PORNO CASSETTES. The CD is worth it for those two songs alone! Next they managed to salvage the incredibly hard to find studio recordings from THE DESTROYERS who were the house band at the famous Liverpool Club, Erics, back in the late 70s. Not much is known about this band as they were  the real deal and never posed for photos! The next two tracks you’ll going to love or hate. Very basic and minimalist but it is the first time that THE OBTAINERS have ever been on a compilation with unreleased tracks. With their Cure connection they have increased in popularity over the years. Up next is three tracks from the Scottish Punk band the Drive. Two of these tracks were the bands follow up single from ’78 but sadly the band imploded before they saw the light of day. The band never thought they would ever be released as the master tapes were left at an ex girls friend flat back in 1979. Luckily for you and us, the ex still had them in her attic and the band tracked them down! 
V/A- Bored Teenagers Vol. 3 CD Cover
V/A- Bored Teengers Vol. 5 CD Cover
Cynics LP Cover
-After 23 years of preaching the garage rock gospel, the Cynics have significantly outlasted the vast majority of bands that inspired them in the first place. And despite all that mileage they still have plenty of rock action left in them as displayed on their newest album ‘Here We Are’. This album is probably the best Cynics record ever, on par with their classic ‘Rock’n’Roll’ LP. ‘Here We Are’ was recorded in Gijon (Spain) at Circo Perrotti Studios and includes collaborations with a few members of Doctor Explosion and a few other surprise guest musicians. Both Kastelic and Kostelich, of the Cynics, came out of the Punk Rock movement in their early teens and into the real Rock ‘n Roll world of Garage Rock during the mid-eighties and this album delves deeper into their roots. Along with The Fuzztones, The Lyres, and The Chesterfield Kings, The Cynics will always been regarded as Garage Rock royalty and this LP sits high atop their massive back catalog as one of their best. THESE ARE PRESSED ON SUPER BEEFY 180 GRAM WAX!
Cynics LP cover
Headcoats LP Cover
Nuthins LP cover
Nuthins- One Step Forward LP W/ JOHN FROM SHINDIG MAG!
-Debut fabulous fuzz-filled full length from the superb British Beat/Garage combo the The Nuthins featuring John Mojo the eidtor of Shindig Magazine! ‘One Step Forward’ is an eclectic cornucopia of rock ‘n roll overflowing with influences ranging from the Standells and Shadows of Knight to the Count Five and Chocolate Watchband with the neoclassical Beatles-esque poppy gloss. Import from the UK.
Blue Ash 7" cover
Spider Babies 7" Cover
Makers 7" Cover
Makers- This Is The Answer 7”
-Killer early single from Garage punk outfit the Makers formed in Spokane, WA. This single screams with the classic line-up including wild front-man Mike Maker, his bassist brother Don Maker, guitarists Tim Maker and drummer Jay Maker. Famed for their chaotic live shows and for traveling from gig to gig in a 1965 Pontiac hearse, this single shines with three Garage Rock hits beaming with muscular guitar work atop Mike Maker's flamboyant vocal snarl. One of their better singles before they transitioned into a glam band with cool artwork by Art Chantry.
This Damn Town 7" Cover
This Damn Town 7" Cover
This Damn Town / Guilty Hearts- Split 7" cover
This Damn Town / Guilty Hearts - Split 7” ~EX BLACKTOP / A FEAST OF SNAKES!
-A fitting pair of bands here on this split. This Damn Town look like a Texas All-Star team on paper: Alex Cuervo (of Blacktop, the Hex Dispensers, A Feast Of Snakes) and an ex-Riverboat Gambler on guitar with a local rhythm section recorded by Ryan of the Marked Men. "Love Sick and Stupid" is a killer kut, with some weighty fuzz and echoed out vocals, sitting on the fence between classic Texas-psych and good riffy Texas garage rock. Their second song sounds like an older A Feast of Snakes tune mixed with a little Poison 13 grit. Solid tune. The Guilty Hearts look like Los Lobos crossed with The Plugz and sound like a latino Billy Childish fronting the Demon's Claws. They sound "rootsy" in the best possible way and play moody, downer blues punk with some heavy hooks. Really diggin’ their side. If you want a good intro to either band, this is a good place to start. THIS IS THE LIMITED VERSION OF THE 7” ON WHITE VINYL WHICH ALSO INCLUDES AN ALTERNATE FULL COLOR 7” COVER! Import from Germany.
Miu 7" Cover
Miu Pic
Most 7" cover
The Most- Picking Up Speed 7” ~DOWNLINERS SECT!
-Fourth single from Swedish garage rock band The Most. The A-side ‘A Woman’ is pop glossed rocker ala the Yardbirds with some visceral guitar interplay often found in early Rolling Stones records. The B-side is a harder primal garage gem that brings to mind the Downliners Sect with some fierce guitar playing and a solid combination of tempos, melody and swagger. Cool looking sleeve art care of by Ian Barrett, the nephew of Pink Floyd's Syd Barrett. Import from Germany.
Teledrome LP cover
Ripe 7" Cover
Atomsmashers/Delorans- Split 7" cover
Atomsmashers/Deloreans- Split 7" ~EX NIKKI CORVETTE / MORBEATS!
-The Italian Atomsmashers (ex-Hiroshima Atom Surfers) are back after their single and album on Rip Off Records with 2 new amped-up & ultra-catchy tracks.  On the flip side is the debut release from the Deloreans,  who include members of the Morbeats, Miss Chain & The Broken Heels and Nikki Corvette And The Romeos.  These guys belt out two spitifire rippers in the vein of the New Bomb Turks, Devil Dogs and the Dictators!  These are limited to 500 copies total. 400 on Black vinyl and 100 on Brown vinyl.  THIS IS THE LIMITED VERSION OF THE SINGLE ON BROWN WAX! Import from Italy.
Thee Pounders 7" cover
Stranger Things 7" Cover
Proletariat LP cover
Proletariat- Soma Holiday LP ~REISSUE!
-In 1983, the release of The Proletariat’s debut album ‘Soma Holiday’ was a shocker to many people. While American Hardcore was becoming more generic, The Proletariat unleashed something strikingly original. The album’s opening track is a call to arms: the primitive, militaristic bass guitar and drums are sliced with razor-sharp guitar dissidence and vocals full of spit and bite. Truly ground breaking while remaining tuneful, their debut is considered one of the most brilliant albums to come out the early 80’s American hardcore scene.This is the first official vinyl reissue of this classic album. Over the years ‘Soma Holiday’ really resonated with people because of The Proletariat's sideway's approach to Hardcore. Rather than relying on speed and power chords, The Proletariat merged fractured guitar riffs with and a post-punk feel all played with the intensity and anger of a Hardcore band. This music sounds as fresh as when it was released in ‘83 and the politics are still relevant today. This is a nice quality reissue with a two sided printed insert lyrics sheet.  Recommended.
Sweet Baby LP Cover
Metalleg LP Cover
Vapids LP cover
The Vapids- Point Remains The Same LP ~REISSUE!
-This is the Vapids last full length before they initially split up. ‘The Point Remains The Same’ is relentlessly upbeat and loaded to the brim with highly infectious melodies. The Vapids sound is upbeat, bouncy Ramonesy Punk fused with late 70’s melodic UK Punk bands like the Boys and the Buzzcocks. And that sugarey slick production plays up all their stacked harmonies and melodic riffy guitar leads. It was independently released by the band in 2007 on CD -only and within a year of it's release the group split up and the record went un-distributed for years. That classic disc is finally being reissued a decade later on vinyl and includes a stellar remastering job with 3 bonus tracks not released on the initial CD! If you’ve heard the CD, you know that there are no love songs, no pop songs and no slow songs to be found. This reissue is buzzing with 15 tracks of fast, snarky punk rock that you can sing along to and the album is considered among die hard Vapids fans to be one of their best. Import from Italy.
Dee Cracks / New Rochelles- Split 7" Cover
Dee Cracks 7" Cover
Apers LP cover
Apers- Reanimate My Heart LP ~THE QUEERS!
-Dutch pop-punk rockers the Apers have made a decent career out of fairly utilitarian melodic ramalama in the great Lookout! Records tradition. Of course, with that long-running label falling apart in the early 2000’s and most of the scene's key bands either moving on or breaking up as their leaders pursue more mature career paths (The Mr. T Experience's Dr. Frank is now a best-selling novelist, while the Smugglers' Grant Lawrence is a popular disc jockey in his native Canada). So someone needs to step up their game to fill the vacuum. ‘Reanimate My Heart’ shows that the Apers may well be that band. This album is filled with hits like "Rather Eat Glass" and "Back Against the Wall" which mix the requisite snottiness with hyperactively tuneful riffs that made many of those early Lookout bands so appealing. And even the lyrically witty opener "It's All Over You Know" which throws in some surprisingly Beatles-eque backing vocals more than gets the job done. ‘Reanimate My Heart’ is every bit as good as a quality Screeching Weasel or Queers album, which is pretty high praise in my book. The LP includes a nice two sided full color printed insert.  Import from the Netherlands.
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