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April 13th, 2018 Update
New arrivals in this week from Lady Banana, Witchface, Harvey McLaughlin, Improbables, Friends Of Dorothy, Strangers In A Strange Land, Flight Reaction, Giljoteens, Headcoatees. The Most, Baddat For Trubbel, Pinata Protest, Sick Thoughts, DD Owen, 7s, Vvhile, Tight Genes, Mullens, Moving Sounds, Mullens, Kepi Ghoulie Book, Neon Bone, Vapids, Cynics, The Crowd, Mess, Scaners, Sex Crime, Gut Feeling, Bipolar Express, Onlookers, Anti Posorerna and more in stock now at: .


  1. Thee Headcoatees- Girlsville LP ~RARE RED WAX!
  2. Witchface- S/T 7” ~RARE BLUE MIST VINYL!
Baddat For Trubbel LP Cover
Bäddat För Trubbel- Tva Sjundedelar Av Ett Liv LP ~RARE GREEN WAX!
-As a punk record aficionado, there are few things more exciting than finding a great record by an outta-nowhere new band and Bäddat För Trubbel’s debut LP was definately one of those records. This is their newest album and definately fits right in with that killer. In terms of international punk rock, I haven’t been this wowed by a band since Eddy Current Suppression Ring and Bäddat För Trubbel are totally in that caliber. Imagine pairing a classic Euro Killed By Death sound with a heavy lean toward pub rock and the amphetamine-fueled R&B that dominated the UK in the mid-’70s. Still one of the best bands around and I can’t stop listening to this new album. Very nice packaging on this one as well!  As the LP also includes a nice thick pull out two-sided, full color printed inner sleeve with additional artwork and lyrics. Recommended. THESE ARE ON THE LIMITED GREEN WAX! Import from Sweden.
Headcoatees LP Cover
The Most 7" Cover
Giljoteens LP Cover
Giljoteens- Out Of Our Hands LP ~STROLLERS!
-It refreshing to find a new band that goes right to the roots of their influences, but still manages to come up with something unique and original. The Giljoteens play garage punk, but they aren't a nostalgia act. Because where many bands like this are all about recreating a sound and rely on covers from compilations like "Back From The Grave" to hammer their incluences home, The Giljoteens rely on the most important piece of the puzzle to pull it all off - talent and a knack for writing killer originals! With melodic yet raspy vocals, a punishing drum attack, reverbey guitars with a fuzzed out twang, thumpy rolling bass lines and a soothing atmospheric farfisa; their music all comes together in perfect harmony to create some pretty damn rockin’ tunes. These guys are one of the better newer bands I’ve heard doing this sorta thing. Fans of the Pretty Things, Maharajas, the Gruesomes, Thee Milkshakes, Strollers and The Maggots will dig. Import from Germany.
Strangers In A Strange Land LP Cover
Flight Reaction 7" Cover
Friends Of Dorothy LP Cover
Friends Of Dorothy- The Man Without DNA LP ~KILLER!
-After three killer 7"’s Sweden’s finest are back with this absolute burner. ‘The Man Without DNA’ includes 16 blasts of rapid-fire Punk Rock with ear shreding guitars, spastic riffs and the burly vox of Sir Henry Fiat himself. Friends of Dorothy were formed out of the ashes of Henry Fiat’s Open Sore, but these guys are a whole different beast entirely. This LP is beaming with snotty punk rock attitude played with a ton of energy and excels because of their buzzing aggro riffs and unexpected tempo changes that definately hold your attention. Recommended. THESE ARE LIMITED TO ONLY 200 COPIES AND INCLUDE AN INSERT! Import from Sweden.
Harvey McLaughlin LP Cover
Improbables 7" Cover
Lady Banana LP Cover
Lady Banana- I’m Not You LP ~250 HAND NUMBERED!
-Lady Banana has always been on the nastier side of the garage punk spectrum throwing in a healthy dose of fuzz-scuzz into each recording and this LP is no exception. They douse everything in a gritty coat of delay and it actually helps, since they're applying this wall of fuzz to some actual quality songs.   The whole record is an inspired slice of Gories meets Oblivians garage punk squal with a beefy injection of Reatards-esque guitar burn.  If you’re not familiar with this Swedish band, this is definatley a good place to start.  THESE ARE HAND NUMBERED OUT OF 250 COPIES! Import from Sweden.
Lady Banana 7" Cover
Witchface 7" Cover
DD Owen 7" Cover
DD Owen- Plane 7” ~RARE RED WAX!
-Drew Owen is a young and prolific punk from Baltimore who over the last few years has churned out an amazing number of records under his alter egos Sick Thoughts, Gluebags, Chicken Chain, Deformities and now DD Owen. “I Hate This City” is the first track on this 7” and it’s a kiss off to Charm City as he readies to move to move from Baltimore to Finland to get away boredom, monotony and scene politics that envelop his current life. After listening to this 3 songer I'm kind of wondering if Jay Reatard didn't really die, but just faked his death so that he could come back as a teenager from Baltimore and do a super raw bedroom recording project. Seriously, get this! People will be raving about this one if they aren't already as these three songs are so killer they deserve to be heard by more. Import from Sweden and these are on the limited RED WAX!
Sick Thoughts 7" Cover
DD Owen & Shitty Life- S/T 7"  Cover
K7s LP Cover
K7s- Take 1 LP ~W/ KURT BAKER!
-Kurt Baker (The Leftovers,The New Trocaderos, Bullet Proof Lovers) has started a brand new punk rock trio in his adopted hometown of Madrid. Their debut LP takes all the best parts of 90s pop punk, mixes in a heavy dose of 80s power pop hooks and Ramones sensibilities and the results rock like crazy. For those not in the know, K7s are Luis Sanchez (Los Reactivos) on guitar and vocals, the great Kurt Baker on bass and Jose Andres Albertos (Airbag) on drums. That's an awful lot of star power from the worlds of garage and power pop, but these guys had something far more specific in mind for this project. ‘Take 1’ is the kind of record that reminds me of why I got so hooked on Lookout Records style pop-punk back in the day. K7s knock out one perfect two minute poppy punk song after another and they fire hard along the lines of the Ramones, Screeching Weasel, Queers, and Green Day. This is poppy punk rock at it’s best with buzzsaw guitars, melodic leads and sticky sweet melodies with heart on their sleeve lyrics.
Cynics LP Cover
Crowd CD Cover
Vapids LP Cover
Vapids- Suburban Reptiles LP ~RAMONES!
-Canadian punk rock legends the Vapids are back again with ‘Suburban Reptiles’. It’s hard to fathom this band has been kickin’ it for well over twenty years now. I’m fairly certain I purchased their first full length in 1995 and they’ve been going strong ever since. Well Jim and gang are back with ‘Suburban Reptiles’ and the best part is, it’s exactly what you’d expect from these guys. Full-on Ramones influenced Rock ‘n Roll, but done so well that this records never loses it’s luster. Jim’s songwriting is so inherently his, that comparing them to the Ramones doesn’t really do the band justice any more. Not to mention, unlike so many other bands who attempt this genre, it isn’t whiny, nor recycled, nor full of generic guitar leads, because the Vapids aren’t really a pop punk band per se. ‘Suburban Reptiles’ is packed with simply great punk riffs one after another, perfectly paired with the right kind of vocals and a bouncy pogo friendly beat. 7th album for the Vapids here and it’s definitely one of their best. Import from Italy.
Vapids LP Cover
Neon Bone 7" Cover
The Art Of Kepi Book Cover
The Art Of Kepi- Rise Of Kepiland Book ~GROOVIE GHOULIES!
-The Art Of Kepi is a thick book featuring 200+ pages of lavish full color artwork including over 500 images of shiny bright paintings and drawings made by Kepi Ghoulie from 2000 - 2012! Most people know Kepi from his poppy punk band the Groovie Ghoulies, but not everyone knows that he’s also a sucessful artist. Take a look inside the artistic side of Kep in the ‘Rise Of Kepiland’. Introduction written by Jerry Hormone including a few passages about the Groovie Ghoulies.
The Art Of Kepi Book
The Art Of Kepi Book
The Art Of Kepi Book
The Art Of Kepi Book
Mullens LP Cover
The Mullens- S/T LP ~RARE GREEN WAX!
-Hard, driving rock ‘n’ roll from this Dallas, TX combo. Their debut LP offers up 14 blasts of pure energy that truly define what punk rock is all about through firey guitar licks and a bad attitude. These guys seamlessly mesh the tuff NYC punk rock sounds of the late 70’s (Ramones, New York Dolls, Dictators) with the mid-temp rock ‘n roll fury of DMZ and the Real Kids. Real deal, down home Texas rock ‘n roll here from a band that’s an institution in the Dallas area! THESE ARE ON THE LIMITED EDITION GREEN WAX!
Mullens LP Cover
Moving Sounds CD Cover
Tight Genes 7" Cover
Tight Genes- Viet Songs For Viet Kongs 7” ~REATARDS!
-I've been playing playing the shit out of this single for a good while now and just waiting for it to get boring or to come to some realization that they're just not as good as I'm thinking they are. But it's not happening. I'll just come out and say that this single is one of my favorite platters of the year. The fact that no one else is talking them up frightens me. While Floridas the Tight Genes may be jumping off cliffs that the Black Lips have scaled before in the first song, the Tight Genes bring something different to the table at the same time. Namely a wilder punk approach with less reverance for Sixties standard bearers. And they back it up with three more punk infected rock ‘n roll tunes that sound like a shambolic combination of the Real Kids, the Reatards, the Cramps and Ramones. The songs are held together by gobs of of wildly oscillating guitars firing off four defiantly desperate rock'n'roll tunes with shambolic finesse. Fun single if you’ve never heard of these guys. Import from Sweden.
Vvhile 7" Cover
Vvhile Origami Pop Up Insert
Big Chief LP Cover
Big Chief- Drive It Off LP ~REISSUE!
-Formed by Barry Henssler of the Necros and Mike Danner of the Laughing Hyenas, Big Chief out of Ann Arbor, MI had a pretty good run from the late 80’s to the mid 90’s. This LP has a pretty interesting back story. Big Chief stretched their dollar provided from Sub Pop to record just one single for the Sub Pop Singles Club. They did record those two songs, but they also recorded another 9 songs on top of that on Sub Pops dime. And ‘Drive It Off’ compiles all 11 of the tracks that they recorded during those “Sub Pop funded” sessions. These songs were originally released as singles through various labels, and this LP compiles them all for convenient listening. With each release that followed, this disc became increasingly developmental sounding, since the band grew considerably from here on out. Aside from some Blaxploitation samples, there's little hint of the funk influence that would eventually infiltrate their sound. This is basically balls-to-the-wall Rock ‘n Roll with a heavy Black Sabbath and Blue Cheer influence without the blues. So these 11 songs deliver the goods quite well. Burly riffs get used to their full potential, pounded into the ground and battered to oblivion with not much soloing going on aside from the Wayne Kramer-like gnashing going on in a couple tracks. Henssler's gruff howling fits their motor city slugey sound well and his range would expand considerably throughout the remainder of the band's discography. Big Chief never made it as big as bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden and Mudhoney who all started around the same time as them, but they definitely honed a similar style of heavy grungey Riff ‘n Roll on the other side of the country.
Anti Posörerna- S/T 7” Cover
Anti Posörerna- S/T 7” ~REISSUE!
-Anti Posörerna are an old band from Sweden and never released any 7”’s or LP’s back in the day. They did record a number of songs back in 1981 and some of those songs ended up on the the ‘Varning For Punk’ compilation released on Distortion Records. This 300 copy reissue includes three of the tracks were on that compilation and another unearthed song that has never been released before. 4 tracks of brut mid tempo Punk from this pretty obscure Swedish band. Import from Sweden.
Onlookers CD Cover
Onlookers Band Pic
Bipolar Express 7" Cover
Bipolar Express- Mineola Turnaround 7” ~EX FEAST OF SNAKES!
-The Bipolar Express are a 5-piece band from Texas that include members of Feast of Snakes and the Drawer Devils. This frantic two songer boast two back woods blues infected rockers that sounds like a combination of Southern Culture On The Skids, the Gun Club and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. These guys fit in well with other quality beer swillin’ Texas Rock ‘n Roll bands like the Sons of Hercules, Ugly Beats and the Mullens.
Bipolar Express 7" Cover
Gut Feeling 7" Cover
Pinata Protest LP Cover
Pinata Protest- Plethora LP ~REISSUE!
-Piñata Protest are an accordion fronted punk rock band from Texas. This San Antonio band’s fusion of Tex-Mex and Punk is a fresh new sound that’s festively energetic. ‘Plethora’ is an intoxicating border mash up of the Ramones and Ramon Ayala that takes a bat to the paper mache conventions of traditional Chicano and Punk Rock music smashing them to bits scattering sheer fun and zesty energy throughout each of these songs. This is a reissue of the bands debut LP that came out of Fall Back Records in 2010 and includes two additional bonus tracks not on the original vinyl pressing. 13 tracks in all.
Mess! 7" Cover
Scaners 7" Cover
Sex Crime 7" Cover
-Members of The No-Talents, Epoxies, Operation S, The Weaklings and The Suicide Notes all congregate in Portland around the same time and decide to form a band. That awesome band is Sex Crime and they’re still going strong on their fourth single here. This is snotty, bratty, spastic Punk Rock with a warped synthesizer that holds this mess together. Think Los Reactors meets The Units. Yes, this is good. THIS IS THE SUPER RARE TRANSPARENT ACETATE COVER VERSION OF THIS SINGLE LIMITED TO 50 COPIES! Import from the UK.
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