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February 9th, 2018 Update
-New reissues in from Gism, Ubangis, Coasters, Charlie 'Ungry and other new arrivals in from Pointed Sticks, Eroders, Klazo, Neo Neos, Terrible Twos, Killed By Meth comps, Alloy Six, Beat Generation comp, Mourning After, Curlee Wurlee, Exit, Brandy Row, Dagger Dicks, Mess, Bad Mojos, Ratcliffs, Nasty Rumours, Gaggers, Kick It, Preachers Kids, Smogtown, Sleeper Bill & Mr Tof, Blocked, Excelsior, Pagans, Motherfucker 666, Flesh Rag, Noise Pollution comp, Honey Badgers, Fifty Foot Hose, Morbo, La Flingue and more in stock now at: .


  1. Gism- Detestation LP ~REISSUE!
  2. Dagger Dicks- Sharp For You 7" ~ALT COVER + NEON WAX LTD 100!
Curlee Wurlee LP Cover
Curlee Wurlee- Agents Of The Ape 7” ~THE’s!
-Curlee Wurlee has a unique style: fronted by its French female song-writer-organist Cécile Musy from The Boonaraaas and accompanied by three other well-known musicians, their songs are a schizophrenic mix of of garage punk, big beat, punkabilly and surf/exotica with her very special voice shining high atop the mix. Curlee Wurlee reminds me alot of the’s from Japan in that they cover alot of territory on this single, but each song falls firmly under the rock ‘n roll umbrella with each song being pretty upbeat, energetic and most of all fun. Import from Germany.
Curlee Wurlee Band Pic
Mourning After 7" cover
Mourning After Band Pic
Alloy Six LP Cover
Alloy Six- Turn Out The Lights LP ~PRISONERS!
-From the ashes of two great Stockholm, the Moving Sounds and the Fourtune-Tellers, comes The Alloy Six! Mixing Pebbles inspired garage rock with psychedelic Sixties inspired rock ‘n roll, the Alloy Six deliver twelve tunes dominated by 12-string fuzzed out guitars with wonderful vocal harmonies and a driving Hammond organ that gives them that authentic Sixties flair. Fans of The Electric Prunes, The Castaways, ? & The Mysterians, The Standells and The Leaves, along with 80s Neo-Psych revivalists like The Prisoners, Mood Six and The Times are really gonna dig. Import from Germany.
V/A- Welcome To The Beat Generation LP Cover
Rocket Reducers LP Cover
Dagger Dicks 7" Cover
Dagger Dicks- Sharp For You 7" ~ALT COVER + NEON WAX LTD 100!
-Debut 7" from these snotty London razor-cocked punks the Dagger Dicks who feature members of the The Gaggers, Disco Lepers, Miscalculations and Stalin Video. On ‘Sharp For You’ they belt out two cuts of obnoxious, raw yet melodic late seventies style punk rock. Think Cocksparrer meets Menace meets early GG Allin. THIS IS THE SUPER RARE ALTERNATE COVER VERSION OF THIS SINGLE LIMITED TO ONLY 100 COPIES. AND THE ALTERNATE COVER ALSO INCLUDES SUPER COOL LOOKING NEON GREEN WAX!  Import from the UK.
Dagger Dicks 7" Neon Green Wax
Mess 7" Cover
Smogtown 7" Cover
Preachers Kids LP cover
Preacher’s Kids- Wild Emotions LP ~REAL KIDS!
-Heavy duty fire power from the tough Oxford, MS rock ’n roll band the Preacher’s Kids. Their sound is raw, primal and unaffected and there’s a sense of youthful nativity in their songs from a band that’s old enough to know better. "Wild Emotions" is plugged into same electric rock ‘n roll extension chord as bands like The Flamin' Groovies, The Real Kids, The New York Dolls, Mott The Hoople and the Dictators. Texas rock ‘n roll fans these guys remind me of a cross between the Mullens and the Sons of Hercules. 13 songs in all including an amped up Unnatural Axe cover.
Gaggers 7" Cover
Nasty Rumours 7" Cover
Bad Mojos/Kick It- Split 7" Cover
Ratcliffs LP Cover
Brandy Row 7" Cover
Brandy Row- Do Or Die 7” ~NIKKI SUDDEN!
-Two brand new tracks from Brandy Row on this new 7". A previously unreleased title track and a different recording of 'Crazy World'. Both songs continue in Mr Row's unique and eclectic style of city folk rock ‘n roll with an array of guest musicians backing him. Brandy Row has been at the forefront of London’s DIY punk scene for several years and ‘Do Or Die ’ sees the inner city poet raise the bar for both the UK folk and punk scene creating an undeniably immersive experience. Brandy Row hails from a dead end, post war town but resides in London. The Big Smoke has produced a horde of singer song writers but none with more passion and relevance than this troubadour. Brandy Row paints a romantic yet decaying portrait of modern society for fans of the Pogues, Nikki Sudden and Thunders solo stuff. Import from the UK.
Exit 7"  Cover
Exit LP Cover
V/A- Killed By Meth Vol. 2 LP cover
V/A- Killed By Meth Vol. 2 LP ~W/ ERIK NERVOUS / CITY SLANG!
-Despite the homage to Killed by Death on the title and jacket, this is actually a compilation of current bands from the Rust Belt, which according to the map on the back of the jacket extends to Windsor, Ontario and Buffalo, down to Pittsburgh, goes across Ohio, over to Chicago, and encompasses parts of Indiana, Michigan and part of Wisconsin. There’s definitely a gloomy, post-industrial vibe going on in what these bands are throwin’ out there and they explore the similar doom n gloom, smog-drenched vibes of Akron / Cleveland area bands like the Electric Eels, the Bizarros, Devo, the Pagans, Rubber City Rebels, and Rocket From The Tombs. 14 bands in all and there’s really something for everyone here including new and unreleased songs from Bloody Show, Static Eyes, Gun, Eroders, Erik Nervous, Golden Trash, Beastman, City Slang, Flesh Rag, Radiations Risks, Protruders, The Drains, Manager and Real Regular. Cool band selection with a nice slice of the Rust Belt punk scene circa now with some sweet looking covert art by Ben Lyon. Recommended. Import from Canada.
V/A- Killed By Meth LP  cover
Terrible Twos 7" Cover
Terrible Twos 7" cover
Terrible Twos- Plunderball 7” ~RARE FIRST PRESS RED!
-In the grand tradition of sorely missed Michigan / Wisconsin mutants The Pirahnas, Clone Defects and the Catholic Boys, these Detroit amped up freaks raise the bar with their debut single here. Spazzed-out chord changes, throbbing rhythms, wirey guitars, art-damaged keys and tough love vocals all mix into some fucked up Elelectric Eels with prog chops head stew. This is thug rock n roll covered in a Day-Glo sheen of weird! These are copies of the first press with the red and black covers!
Neo Neos 7" cover
Neo Neos- Hammer Of Civilization 7” ~LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS!
-Debut vinyl from this rad band from Minneapolis with a ton of cassette releases and finally makin’ it to wax. Kinda reminds me a little of the Coneheads and Lumpy at times with some mean, tough bass riffing, tight snare rolls, and a snotty singers that totally gets the job done. Is there even a guitar player in this band? Don’t think so, but it works as most of the songs have weird unexpected tempo changes when you don’t really expect them to keep your interests peaked. There's a loose, sarcastic feel across these songs too, so I'm guessing Neo Neos are a bunch of punk idiots who don’t take themselves to seriously. Fans of the current Neck Chop roster will dig. Import from Canada.
Pagans 7" Cover
Motherfucker 666 LP Cover
Klazo LP Cover
Klazo- Embarrassed Of Living LP ~CRAMPS!
-When I saw that they do a cover of the KBD classic “Job” by Nubs, I anticipated something a bit unlike what this oddball Canadian two-piece has to offer. Not just a tribute act to vital punk of the past, these guys are actually writing super hooky and catchy garage punk tunes that are far from derivative. Sounding like a cross between the Spaceshits, the White Stripes, the Gories and the Cramps and comin' atchya from a burly punk rock perspective; Klazo belt out spitfire rock ‘n roll with hooks. The echo effect on the vocals takes a little getting used to and this baby's all guitars for the most part, but together they help solidify the distorted, ramshackle charm of this record. Very fun ten songer I’ve spun more than a few times since getting it. Import from Canada.
Blocked 7" cover
Excelsior 7" Cover
Eroders 7" cover
Eroders- S/T 7” ~THE DRAGS!
-Gassed in the garage barf attack out of Michigan. These guys got that '90s Estrus Records snarl and fuck you for those that need a respite from the endless highway of bubble gum surf "punk" bands that are currently soiling the garage scene today. Musically they reside in the same world as The Drags, a world where The Gun Club and The Gories are deities and rock minimalism in general reigns supreme. Eroders are definitely less bent on songcraft and more bent on fucking shit up in a traditional rock & roll sense. This is music for greasers and gasbags who live for the weekend. Import from Canada.
V/A- Noise Pollution 7" Cover
Flesh Rag 7" Cover
Charlie 'Ungry LP cover
Charlie ‘Ungry- The Chester Blood Album LP ~REISSUE!
-Charlie ‘Ungry performed in the UK during the late 70s and early 80s. The band’s music was based around the songwriting and musical arrangements of Tony Sando and Jeff Gibbs. Their concept was to move away from the Wham Bam of some of the Heavy Metal bands that were getting popular around that the time. The songs are a unique combination of good riffy rock ‘n roll and proto- Metal with sensitivity that wasn’t to prevalent during that time period. Charlie ‘Ungry’s first single ‘House On Chester Road’ was released in the summer of ’78 and had limited success, reaching number 17 in the Independent Charts in the UK. This release created a tremendous interest in the band, its music and their sound. The single was taken from a demo tape the band recorded with the help of ‘Tubular Bells’ producer Tom Newman at Argonaut Studios in London. The recordings were all live in the studio with minimal overdubs and were completed in one day, warts and all! This album is a snapshot of that day in the summer of 1977 and the songs have been transferred from the original reel to reel tapes. 10 tracks in all. Import from Italy.
Ubangis 7" cover
Pointed Sticks 7" Cover
Gism LP  cover
Gism- Detestation LP ~REISSUE!
-Surely there really needs to be no explanation for one of the greatest pieces of recorded music ever. Gism's 1983 debut LP "Detestation" pushes an envelop of morbid thrashing Hardcore, graphic imagery, charged hair and NWOBHM all in one ear-slicing grotesque package influencing generations to come.
La Flingue/Morbo- Split 7" Cover
La Flingue/Morbo- Split 7" Cover
Coasters LP cover
Coasters- S/T LP ~REISSUE!
-The Coasters were an American Doo Wop and early Rock & Roll group that evolved out of The Robins. This LP is a compilation of rare singles by The Coasters which were all originally released on the ATCO Records label. As a bonus there are also 7 tracks that are performed by The Robins which is the band that were the forerunners to the Coasters. For those not in the know Carl Gardner and Bobby Nunn left the Robins in 1957 to form the Coasters. 14 Tracks in all with liner notes by Gary Kramer.
Fifty Foot Hose 7" Cover
Honey Badgers LP Cover
Jonesy Band Pic
Jonesy LP Silver Bundle
-Jonesy are a killer new band from Canada formed out of their mutual love for the Ramones, first wave Punk and other energizing non-musical distractions like girls, parties and fun. With the libido of the Dwarves and the guitar power of the Dead Boys, Jonesy know how to play real deal Rock n' Roll with hooks. Their debut album offers a twisted, comical take on band life and relationships accentuated by their hilariously funny lyrics that border on Mad Magazine-esque depths of lyrical absurdity. And their primo Punk infected Rock ‘n Roll just oozes with all the right influences. You name it, they got it: The Heartbreakers, The Dictators, Dead Boys, New York Dolls, the Ramones and more. It’s all here in ten bristling tracks fired off with a barrage of chunky guitar solos, simple catchy melodies and irresistibly insane lyrics that you can’t help but sing along to. They close the album by doing sleazy, sonic justice to the electrifying Crandford Nix classic ‘I’m In Love With Joan Jett’. The LP also includes a nice printed lyrics sheet insert. Recommended.

Jonesy Doe-Cit Pin
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