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January 19th, 2018 Update
New reissues in from Red Cross, Dead Boys, Punkenstein, Super Heroines, Guitar Gangsters, Stuttgart comp., Anti-Pasti and Trash along with other new arrivals from the Shambles, Poison Boys, Hippriests, Workin' Stiffs, Everyday Sinners, Reiz, Vageensas, Car Crash, Hellbuckers, Emptifish, Motormouth Mabel, Jabberwocky, Glamour Ghouls, Cynics, Mystreated, Werecats, Ratbones, Moving Sounds, Los Blankitos, Weird Omen, DT's, Boss Tweads, Griswalds, Modern Action, the Snydes and more in stock now at: .


  1. Red Cross- Smoke Seven 81 / 82 LP ~REISSUE!
  2. Emptifish- Sonic’s Got A Ray Gun 10” ~RARE PINK WAX!
Dead Boys LP cover
Dead Boys- Down In Flames (Live At The Old Waldorf 1977) LP
-Cleveland's legendary Dead Boys represented the very essence of punk rock. The music was raw, visceral, brutal and a whole lot of fun. Following the release of their appropriately titled debut album, 'Young, Loud and Snotty' in 1977, Stiv Bators and the crew embarked on a US tour which rolled into the Old Waldorf in the city by The Bay and they tore the place apart.
Emptifish 10" Cover
Emptifish- Sonic’s Got A Ray Gun 10” ~RARE PINK WAX!
-This is definitely one of the most exciting 10"’s I’ll probably hear all year. Those of you who’ve seen the Damned’s 40th Anniversary tour this year will know them as their opening band and that didn’t come by accident. Ask Captain Sensible, he’s the one that put it together and he can’t stop talking about them. I hadn’t heard of them and apparently they formed in Portsmouth, UK in 1983; they released a pair of singles and than broke up. They’ve recently gotten back together and that’s how they got on the Damned tour. Musically they’re pretty hard to peg. They incorporate elements of the Cramps, Link Wray, the Cadillac Tramps and The Undertones into a pretty unique sound. THESE ARE ON LIMITED PINK WAX and include a nice looking printed inner sleeve. Import from the UK.
Punkenstein 7" cover
Punkenstein- Oh, Du Schöne Maid! 7” ~REISSUE!
-Reissue of this super rare German punk 7” originally released in 1981 on Konnekschen. Punkenstein were active in the Hamburg punk scene in Germany in the early 80’s and this is their first and sole 7”. Punkenstein contain members who also played in notable German bands like Napalm, Noise Annoys and Screamer. This quality reissue includes original artwork plus a two sided inert detailing the complete history of the band. Import from Germany.
Punkenstein 7" Insert
Punkenstein Band Pic
Motormouth Mabel 7" cover
Super Heroines LP Cover
Hellbuckers LP Cover
Hellbuckers- Demons LP ~THE BELLRAYS!
-From the union of the Spanish Rock ‘n Rollers Cedeira and Los Eternos along with the sultry voice of Carla de Figueredo come the Hellbuckers. ‘Demons’ is their debut album and is clearly influenced by the music of the 50s and 60’s, seasoned with garage, blues and helluvalotta soul. This twelve song ripper is a blistering affair beaming with vocal heavy Rock ‘n Soul along with a few high octane ballads incorporating elements of Margie Hendrix, Ruth Brown, Freddy King and Mike Pedicin. Bellrays fans will dig. Import from Spain.
Hellbuckers Band Pic
DT's 7" Cover
Boss Tweads 7" Cover
Red Cross LP cover
Red Cross- Smoke Seven 81 / 82 LP ~REISSUE!
-The next installment of the essential Smoke 7 series, this time an LP compiling the early Smoke 7 compilation tracks from Red Cross / Redd Kross along with a powerful unreleased live set from the band as a 3 piece in Torrance CA, at Wilson Park on May 22nd in 1982. The LP also includes a hand full of vintage Red Cross show flyer reproductions. Very cool reissue. Recommended.
Guitar Gangsters LP cover
Glamour Ghouls LP Cover
Weird Omen 7" cover
Weird Omen- The Goat 7” ~EX KING KHAN & HIS SHRINES!
-For thos not in the know Weird Omen includes Fred Rollercoaster from King Khan & His Shrines.   While on the road and after two weeks of wild parties and long, thirsty nights, Weird Omen surfaced in Perpignan’s Wattsville/ Wattshouse, the legendary analog studio run by the Picard Brothers. What follows is two smoldering cuts of sultry psychedelic Garage Rock. “The Goat” is a swampy and defiantly un-danceable blues dirge about a devilish disciple the band used to commune with while out on the road. “Breakfast” is a strange and tortured psychedelic ballad in honor of the late, great Syd Barrett. If you enjoy bad trip inducing Garage Punk, you're going to love this! Lots of trashy feedback and some pretty damn cool effects happening on this beefy platter lost somewhere between The Cramps and The Kinks. Two smokin’ tracks.
Los Blankitos 7" Cover
Ratbones 7" Cover
V/A- Wie Der Punk Nach Stuttgart Kam CD Cover
V/A- Wie Der Punk Nach Stuttgart Kam CD ~REISSUE!
-This CD celebrates 40 years of punk In Stuttgart, Germany.  Yes it was really bubbling underneath the surface of Baden-Württemberg's state capital back in the day. This compilation delves into the early days of the German punk scene exploring many bands that operated between 1977 - '83 and many having never actually releasing a bonafide record back than. This retrospective includes 37 tracks in all including most from Stuttgart Bands and12 bands are from Reutlingen / Tübingen area. Outliers are NORMAHL from Winnenden and 3 projects come from the northern Black Forest and Herrenberg. Many of these songs are from demo  recordings, home recordings, practice tapes and live cassettes. 7 of these songs were released on records decades ago and the other tracks are released here for the first time. The CD isn’t a complete hit collection, but provides an insight into the, than, emerging Punk / New Wave / Experimental scene that was starting to take place in Stugggart and across the globe. All tracks on this compilation were recorded between 1980-1983.  Import from Germany.
Werecats 7" Cover
Werecats Band Pic
Moving Sounds LP cover
Moving Sounds- S/T LP ~COUNT FIVE!
-Third album from the Stockholm-based band the Moving Sounds is an impecable fusion of rock, blues, hard driving garage rock and mind bending psychedelia all delivered with a knockout punch. The lean, spidery guitar work and organ grinding power interweave with a savory, hypnotic appeal, providing a seductive backdrop for Jonas Lindholm's captivating poetic voice. A sedated, soothing combination that sounds like a combination of the Count Five, ? And The Mysterians and the Doors all captured in a vintage studio with a stellar production team care of Jorge Explosion and Mike Mariconda of the Raunch Hands. This LP smells and sounds like the 60's through 13 riveting tracks of organ permeating garage rock. Import from Germany.
Mystreated 7" cover
Cynics 7" Cover
Anti-Pasti LP cover
Anti-Pasti- The Last Call LP ~REISSUE!
-Formed in Derbyshire, in early 1978 by vocalist Martin Roper and guitarist Dugi Bell, Anti-Pasti were one of the big names of the 1980-1982 wave of UK punk; lagging only slightly behind The Exploited, GBH, and Discharge in terms of sales and leather-jacketed endorsements. This record reached No.31 in 1981 on the UK album charts where it spent 7 weeks upon it's initial release. The original pressing was released on the Rondelet label in 1981 and that classic LP is faithfully reissued here on vinyl with the addition of four bonus tracks from their first single, 1980's 'Four Sore Points'. A milestone in UK political punk! Fantastic 180 GRAM REISSUE limited to 500 copies. Import from Italy.
Trash CD Cover
Jabberwocky LP
Car Crash 7" Cover
Car Crash- Execution 7” ~TEENGENERATE!
-100% Killer raw punk rock from Japan! Car Crash are two guys and a girl that cause enough rock n’ roll chaos to make there sound work. I’m taking loud, guitars guitars belting lo-fi punk rock just the way I like it. The obvious Teengenerate and Registrators comparisons do firmly apply: sweat, swagger, tunes the whole deal. Worth it for the A-side alone that is a balls out punk rocker with big riffs and big choruses backed by two spitfire rippers on the B-side.   Fans of the above mentioned bands or newer bands like Louder and Black And White will dig.  The only thing that sucks about this record is that it’s pretty hard to find here in the states and luckily we got a small stack!  Recommended.
Vageenas/Slide And The Question Marks- Split 10”  cover
Vageenas/Slide And The Question Marks- Split 10”  Cover
Reiz LP cover
-There’s just something awesome about the rotten sounds these pukes from Mannheim are beltin’ out. Reiz are a new band from Germany made up of members of Modern Pets and Liberty Madness and this LP is a total nu-punk classic just like the first Modern Pets LP. These guys light their snot-filled firecrackers on their cigarette butts and throw them straight into yer face as they play their good old fashioned 77' styled Punk Rock! If you’re a fan of the aforementioned bands or the Briefs, Stitches, Buzzcocks or Undertones, you need it. Recommended! Imoprt from Germany.
Modern Action LP Cover
Everyday Sinners 7" Cover
Workin' Stiffs 7" cover
The Workin' Stiffs- My Ghetto 7" ~LTD 225 BEER COLORED VINYL!
-These are some of the best songs the Workin' Stiffs have ever recorded and thye’re also some of the most agressive songs they've ever written. Not their traditional Street Punk/Oi! here, this is just straight up Punk Rock played short, fast and catchy. Still one of San Francisco’s best bands!! THESE ARE LIMITED TO 225 HAND NUMBERED COPIES ON BEER COLORED VINYL!
Workin' Stiffs 7" Numbered
Poison Boys 7" Cover
Hippriests 7" Cover
Shambles 7" cover
Shambles- Innocence Becomes You 7” ~EX MANUAL SCAN!
-The Shambles were one of the best sixties flavored pop bands from the 90's and 2000's, not only in their home city of San Diego, but really all over the world. True heirs to the legendary mod revival band Manual Scan, their talented songwriting and in-depth knowledge of pop music history made their rare recordings a treasure for all pop fans. Here you will find two classic sounding Shambles tunes. “Innocence Becomes You” is an upbeat power pop hit with a melody that sticks. And the flip is sung in Spanish and is a bit moodier showing their knack for gorgeous vocal harmonies.
Shambles 7" cover
Snydes 7" Cover
Griswalds7" Cover
Griswalds- Beyond The Television Scream LP ~RAMONES!
-Man it’s hard to believe it’s been over twenty years since the Griswalds started. ‘Beyond The Television Scream’ is their second album and you probably also know some of their members who also currently play in other London area bands like the Unreleasables and the Ulcers. While The Griswalds have always struck a chord with the jaded and jobless, the glossy production and brevity of the music has always kept their upbeat pop punk anthems fun with witty lyrics that most of it’s listeners can relate to. ‘Beyond The Television Scream’ is a 14-song bubblegum blitzkrieg overflowing with 1234 pin head punk rock hits. These guys cut rock & roll down to its barest essentials and belt out over a dozen three-chord buzz poppers that are heavily influenced by the Ramones, the Dickies, Angry Samoans and Sloppy Seconds. And much like their other records their silly lyrics have always set them apart especially on tracks like the irresistibly snarky ‘I Heard The Sound Of My Brain Melting’ and ‘The Dice Man’. Change isn’t something I don’t think anyone really wanted with The Griswalds and thankfully they’ve stuck to doing what they’ve always done best, and that’s keep the songs short, fast, catchy and fun. Import from Austria.
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