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Our curated list of the best reads, videos, and podcasts to inform and transform your understanding 👇
🗞️ Reads
Regulation will be the elephant in the room ↴
Michael Jacobides provides an overview of the "sleeping giant" of regulations as it's waking up and setting new rules for platforms and ecosystems to comply with Policymaking as the next S-curve had been predicted by Ben Evans a few years ago: this vision seems to be eventually coming to life.
Shaking up the "ego-systems"? 
A truly interesting post by Ron Adner on developing the right posture for thriving in Ecosystems. Business ecosystems framing needs more rigorous frameworks to classify incentives and behaviours: we're working on it at Boundaryless under our "outcooperating the competition" framing.
Exploring the role of Governance in Ecosystems
In this interesting post, Pidun, Reeves, and Knust provide an initial framework to assess the dimensions of Ecosystem Governance: despite the approach still seems too much centered around the orchestrator, elements of whole system actualization start to pervade also the most corporate friendly of ecosystem narratives.
Note that the two blogs above are paywalled (MIT Sloan) but you can read freely if you register.
What are the implications of the metaverse?  ↴
Interesting bits: Sam Lessin (former VP of Product at Facebook) rumbles around the future of the meta-multiverse with questions around openness vs centralized platform role.
Value creation in the web3.0 economy
As we're stepping up our research efforts in the space around token design and blockchain based infrastructures and platforms (as a consequence of our work on the EMCos ecosystem weaving) we're looking for taxonomies of token design and blockchain enabled design patterns. Here's a good one we found recently.
Physical vs. Digital peer-to-peer collectible trading platforms ↴
Andrei Hagiu and Julian Wright have some remarks on real web3 decentralization: they state that the difference between eBay and Opensea is not much. But one point is key: the transaction marketplace tech, the actual inventory, and players involved are separated and Opensea doesn't control any of the transactions.
If you're new to NFT marketplaces, this introductory post on Harvard Business Review by our former podcast guest Peter Evans can help you navigate this emerging space.
Tips for Marketplace Growth from NFX ↴
"You can critically assess your opportunity from first principles and arrive at a unique growth framework for your marketplace." A classic read from Pete Flint helps the reader discern the four key macro-types (quadrants) of networks and the related bet growth tactic.
Plus also makes the point for everyone to... just figure out the specific questions around every specific case.
... see our videos and podcast suggestions below 
🎙️  Podcasts & Videos
An exciting conversation with Dark Matter Labs!
In this new episode of the Boundaryless conversations, we talk to Indy Johar and Annette Dhami from Dark Matter — a multidisciplinary design team developing new working methods for system change. During the conversation, we talk about how to build a true learning organisation, governance, accountability, make space for care and innovation,  and much, much more. Check it out
Some of upcoming guests include: 
  • Ivan Draganov, Senior Innovation Analyst at Dealroom, with whom we discuss the recent dealroom reports on marketplaces.
  • Jason Crawford, a Progress study scholar that will help us understand the organizational implications of keeping the pace of progress in a decentralizing world.
  • Gabe Luna Ostaseski, Co-Founder of Braintrust, the professionals' marketplace that is rewriting the rule of ownership.
Potential and Challenges of the Platforms Age
Enjoy this conversation between Simone and Amachree Isoboye on the Word Café podcast as they explore the challenges and potential of this age of Platformization in layman words, but touching the depth of systemic transitions and change
A great, complementary discussion on metaverse 
In this episode, Ben and James from Exponent FM are back at podcasting covering what we can expect from the metaverse. A good complement of the read from Sam Lessin mentioned above.
The journey to build a platform from a product ↴
Have you ever heard Sarah Friar talking about her vision at Nextdoor? Friar is former CFO at Square and Senior VP at Salesforce: she recounts passionately about her evolution from product to platforms in search of a mission of enablement. Wanna assess the potential of Nextdoor? Listen to this episode.
You didn't, but in case you missed it:  ↴
This widely popular podcast episode, hosted by Tim Ferriss, with  Chris Dixon, general partner at Andreessen Horowitz and Naval Ravikant, co-founder and chairman of AngelList, addresses Web 3, Crypto and NFTs, among others. Leave the cave and catch up with it!
A new podcast series on Web 3! ↴
Patrick O' Shaugnessy launches Web 3 Breakdowns, a new podcast series, after the terrific one on Business Breakdowns. This highly interesting episode deals with what Web 3  is and delves into the Bored Ape Yacht Club, one of the major NFT projects.
Great episode to those interested to discover more about the NFT world and dynamics.
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