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A Management Idea to Watch in 2020
Platform Design Toolkit makes it to Thinkers50 Radar for 2020  

There’s a pressing need to adopt new organizational models that are more able to reflect and resonate with a changing world and, apparently, many are getting it. A few weeks ago we've been mentioned in the 2020 Thinkers 50 Radar, and so we took the time to share a few thoughts on what's this management idea to watch in earnest.

It’s all about small entrepreneurial teamsradical opennesscollaborationdistributed decision making, and creative entropy: If you’re still defining your organization for what it is doing today — from the inside — you’re riding on a train to irrelevance.

As power shifts from the organization to the ecosystem, organizations need to learn how to be worth existing: the only way to be as such is to make the ecosystem achieve it’s relational and learning potential faster, sustaining scalable relationships and providing opportunities and support services for scalable learning

At the same time, despite platform-based, ecosystem centric organizational models are the forms of organizing most suited for an interconnected, zero-transaction-cost world, we also feel that just cheering up with that is not enough: Platforms are not silver bullets.

Read our blog post to explore what else is needed. Hint: it's not about cheering up.

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Our curated list of the best reads, videos, and podcasts to inform and transform your understanding 👇
🗞️ Reads
UNMISSABLE  - Li Jin on monetizing 100 true fans  ↴
As you may recall I often refer to Kevin Kelly's 100 true fans, predicting that the internet would allow large swaths of people to make a living off their creations. Well, Andreessen Horowitz's partner Li Jin, focused on early-stage consumer investments, has a new version of it: just 100 true fans.
MUST-READ Facebook's earnings report and advertising strategy ↴
Interesting comment by Ben Thompson about Facebook's latest earnings report and Facebook's opportunity to develop a better platform strategy for advertising in this article.
Organizational Models: a reasoned list between Old and New  ↴
Sergio Caredda has released a treasure trove of a post, mentioning and connecting organically tens of organizational development experiences and helping you orienteering among them, aiming at finding the right one for your orgs.
Ana Andjielic about the modern aspiration economy ↴
An interesting peek into the (re) birth or the small world of social media apps and a good chance to point you out to a new interesting newsletter from Ana Andjielic on The Sociology of Business, always plenty pf good suggestions. 
The Business of Platforms, a new analytic book from Cusumano et al ↴
This extract from 2019 book "The Business of Platforms" brings up quite a lot of already discussed trends and speculations, but at least it's full of examples of Platforms, analysis of success or failure stories, and some predictions on the future trends.
The Foundations of exponential impact by John Hagel ↴
I think John Hagel is pointing towards a key direction of research and developing platform thinking: that of independent cells connected through networks (platforms) to provide them with a sense of movement and a creation space. Hagel considers 2020 as the starting year of the Launch decade, we stay tuned.
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Have you noticed that we launched a whitepaper project? We want to explore the new foundations of platform thinking in the 21st Century. As we ramp up our efforts to engage deeply our community in the development of the White Paper content, we want to pick your brain for some initial considerations on technologies and techno-social shifts, and key case studies and people!
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All the contributors will be mentioned in a special page and most active contributors will have access to the editing process if interested.
🎙️  Podcasts
David Marquet: Leadership is Language ↴
We believe the next language switch will go deeper, hear more about it in Agile Uprising Podcast. Good steps into understanding how Tayloristic organizations where expression of a cultural stage (and language) that needs to be overcome and evolved.
📼 Videos
Shopify COO talks strong Q4 earnings, holiday sales and business investments ↴
If you ever joined one of our public events, you know how well we speak about Shopify, one of the best positive platforms that are redistributing to the ecosystem more than what they get for them. Shopify shares jumped 8% up when they announced Q4 earnings better than expected. Revenue growth is 47% YoY, $23m more than estimated.
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