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Summer must-reads in Platform and Ecosystems.
A walk-through of our research trends in Platform Design 

We are approaching a small summer break and, as a team, we'll have a retreat in nature at the end of July.

How did we get there? We've been through a very deep epiphany in our thoughts, finding a new and greater sense-making in Platform and Ecosystem Thinking, conjugating the market strategy with the awareness that we need to deal seriously with the impact of humans in the Anthropocene.

So, after the curated list of articles, videos and podcasts you're used to, you'll find a selection of the must-read posts from our blog, reflecting our learnings in the first half of 2019.

See you on August 18th.

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Working  online collaboratively with PDT: the integration with Miro
Together with the new Platform Design Toolkit 2.2, we've announced a week ago our partnership with Miro, (formerly known as RealTimeBoard), a leading online collaboration software. You can now open the PDToolkit as a virtual board on Miro and work online with your colleagues and clients. We are very proud of this partnership as it will enable a more powerful way to work remotely and digitally for everyone worldwide. 
Highlights on PDT - Miro collaboration:
👉 Our curated list of the best reads, videos and podcasts on Platforms (& more)
🗞️ .Reads
The Radical Power of Ecosystems as Processes ↴
An important reflection on how management has been retreating into the mechanistic comfort zone of technical solutions to grand challenges, while business ecosystems might have their decisive conversations  in the messy complexity.
Scaffolding for System Shifting Networks ↴
What are the key elements of scaffolding for shifting systems? The topic is important as system shifting becomes central to organizational narratives, there's a lot that organizations can learn from grassroot networks.
The Four Biggest Challenges Digital Platforms Need to Address 
A very interesting and thoughtful read about the risks for Platform companies in an ever-changing regulatory, VUCA and fast-changing technological world.  Bigger disruptions expected, especially for incumbents!
Ecosystem Journey: Getting Closer to Customers 
Philip Kotler and Christian Sarkar on the evolution of capitalism. From the surveillance approach to the collaborative one, towards the purpose economy. Will we ever get rid of consumerism? We need to go beyond the idea of customer: we're moving into architectures of meaning.
Narratives to Drive Exponential Learning 
John Hagel provides a profound read on exponential learning, triggering so many reflections: where's the limit between the organization, and the organizing? "The imperative of scalable learning is becoming increasingly urgent. If we’re smart about it, we have the potential to unleash the potential of exponential learning."
🎙️  Podcast
Clive Thompson: Lust for Scale ↴    
In this episode of Team Human, Douglas Rushkoff speaks with Clive Thompson of the "lust for scale" that drove Silicon Valley's culture and underlying ecosystem to focus on ultra scalable organizations exclusively as medium massive investment growth. What about humans, then?
📹  Video
Yolanda Martin: Human-Centered Design will kill us all ↴    
In this video, co-author of "Stealing Fire" Jamie Wheal speaks about sense-making in chaos, and how we can regain direction in a world that is unraveling faster and faster, projecting systemic crises on us as individuals and on our organizations. Future Thinkers podcast is surely a must follow!
👉 Must-reads from our blog "Stories of Platform Design Toolkit"
Releasing Platform Design Toolkit 2.2 and Miro ↴
This July we released a new user guide and improved some of PDT canvases, giving back the learnings we got by working with organizations in the past two years. We're talking about it and also our collaboration with Miro extensively in this newsletter. 
The Real Future of the Platform Economy ↴
One of the must read of this year, our vision on the future of Platforms. High value, complex relational systems, purpose economy, citizen entrepreneurship and a major market disruption coming from AI and DLT. 
Building Ecosystem-Organizations: Haier case ↴
What does it mean, for an existing organization, to become ecosystemic and boundaryless? How much will it take? Does it hurt? Reinvent the identity to pay off the debt, as Haier did.
Internet Trends 2019: Platforms, Technology and Cosmotechnics ↴
As usually we do every year, our opinionated commentary on probably the most important report of the year, Mary Meeker's Internet Trend 2019.  See why Internet is facing its adult age, the impact of 5G and IOT - or their promises - and the global risk of cyber attacks. Technology won't self regulate: we need deal with this. The call for a new Cosmotechnics.
Growth Hacking and Liquidity in Platforms ↴
An amazing post from our friend and community member Manfredi, about growth in Platforms. A walk-through of the most important aspects and metrics to be considered and nurtured when your goal is to kick-off the network effect and pruning your fast-growing forest! READ NOW
Data-Platforms, their real value ↴
Are you tired about the Data-Platform as a magic wand for every business?  Our reflections on the realistic role and value of data, the importance of context and synergic governance, to harvest real value.
Platforms for a Post-Industrial Civilization ↴
The impact of Anthropocene over the Earth is injecting a real purpose into systemic thinking. We can't ignore the Climate Crisis clash on global economy. Platforms can respond by scaling across organizations, helping them go boundaryless. READ NOW
Global Context: Impact on Platform Design and Designers ↴
In a fast-changing and unpredictable global context, we need to think of new strategies enabling a glocal hardening of the economic tissue. A rugged economy?
Where does a system start to change? Reflection on Warm Data, the role of system thinkers and why we need a new imaginary. READ NOW
From our Community: success cases from Farfetch and Makesense ↴
Farfetch is a giant platform-marketplace in luxury fashion retail and is becoming an ecosystem-centric organization. This transformation is being instigated by a brilliant PDT adopter and supporter. Read her story! READ NOW
Makesense is a global organization that has gathered a community of more than 80.000 volunteers. Their next goals is to reach 3M youths. See how they built the Transaction and the Learning engines to support this. READ NOW
From our Community: can Public institutions be Platforms? ↴
Institutions are suffering since a long time by a deep crisis of purpose. Citizens are not trusting them, in favor of FANG. Can the Platform and Ecosystem thinking be the solution to put governments back at the center of their contexts? READ NOW
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A few weeks ago we released the new Platform Design Toolkit 2.2, grown on two years of experience with startups, corporations, and institutions of all kinds. 
Highlights on this release:
  • an updated Transaction Board canvas, now more explicitly helping you to work on reducing transaction costs in interactions;
  • an updated User Guide (2.2);
  • the possibility to instantiate a virtual board for online collaboration, thanks to our partnership with Miro, a leading online collaboration software worldwide.
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