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In this post, we recount Boundaryless’ first year into the dRural project – a European Union-funded Research and Innovation project – which aims at connecting the ecosystem of potential end-users and service providers in rural areas, delivering a broad spectrum of services while boosting economic growth and improving citizens’ quality of life.
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In collaboration with The NTWK we're hosting one event on January 12th: Learn how to use the Platform Design Toolkit with Simone Cicero.

During the session Simone will lead you through each of the phases, point out the relevant documentation available online, and the objectives and outcomes of each of the four phases of platform design: EXPLORATION, STRATEGY DESIGN, VALIDATION and GROWTH.

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Our curated list of the best reads, videos, and podcasts to inform and transform your understanding 👇
🗞️ Reads
The coordination process at DIMO, a DAO ↴
Interesting developments in 3EO-style organisations: DIMO, a nascent organisation that wants to be a “digital infrastructure for moving objects” is exploring the convergence between DAOs and progressive organisational models.
Check out this article by an old friend of Boundaryless: Rob Solomon, DIMO DAO’s cofounder (you may remember Rob speaking at the September OpenTalk events where we presented the EMCos project).
Empower users to build their own solutions with No Code 
“When the person who feels the pain is also empowered to build the solution, the result is utterly unique”, says David Peterson: are we going to see a shift towards a central role for customers in building their own products?
The virtuous cycle of building stronger communities 
A few issues ago we covered Nextdoor already on the newsletter by connecting you to a podcast conversation between Sarah Friar and Patrick O’Shaugnessy on Colossus.
Here’s a great complement: Pete Flynt covers the company and Friar’s vision, thoroughly. A platform to truly follow.
The rise and impact of Automattic ↴
An incredible portrait of one of the Internet's openness strongest protagonists: learn how Mullenweg brought Automattic to being the behemoth it is now and what could this mean for the future of the open web.
How to (really) use OKRs 

OKRs have been abused in the industry as the main way to keep track of an organisation alignment with its strategy.
In this interesting read, the author offers a crucial point of view about the importance of looking at them as networks not monolithic and bureaucratic processes: “Don’t cascade OKRs, network them!”, says Chris Butler. Poignant read for ecosystemic organisations.
Can DAOs enable cooperative models? ↴
Sharing economy historic publication Shareable covers DAOs and their potential impacts in enabling more easily the adoption of cooperative models.
... see our videos and podcast suggestions below 
In case you didn't notice: we launched our new brand and website!
The old one will be deactivated soon and will be subject to redirection, so better to familiarize yourself with the new one! Check the blog post where we explain the transition: "We are Boundaryless"
Other useful direct links: our general Services page, Trainings, Consulting, Resources, Podcast and Whitepaper.
🎙️  Podcasts & Videos
 Boundaryless conversations, Ep 5:
An incredible conversation with Jason Crawford, the founder of The Roots of Progress and the creator of Progress Studies!
In this new episode of the Boundaryless conversations, we talk to Jason Crawford, a Progress study scholar that will help us understand the organizational implications of keeping the pace of progress in a decentralizing world!
With Jason we went through:
  • the impact of information technology on centralization and decentralization;
  • the emergence of a plurality of meanings of progress;
  • removing excess capacity and what it means for supply chain disruptions;
  • the potential for cryptocurrencies to automate legal and financial actions;
  • why the pace of progress is slowing down — and how to speed it up.
Subscribe, as upcoming guests include:
  • Mara Zepeda, Managing Director at Zebras Unite, a founder-led movement that promotes equal rights to imagine and create the future
  • Ethan Buchman - Chief Executive Officer - Informal Systems and inter-chain thinking extraordinaire
More great videos and podcasts below:
Unleashing te full potential of Web3  

How do you onboard normal people in Web3? According to Rainbow's CEO Mike Demarais, it's going to be through good design.
Blockchain and the process of consensus: PoW vs. PoS ↴

Did you ever dream about understanding how the two key processes of consensus on the blockchain work?
In the days when Ethereum is facing a transition from PoW to PoS, it is ever more important to understand what they arewhy and how they differ. Highly insightful
A deep dive on how markets are evolving ↴
In a fascinating and far-reaching conversation, Patrick O'Shaughnessy talks to Doug Colkitt and covers far and wide how modern markets work and the continuity with the world of digital assets.
Web3 and the "minimum viable community" 
In this episode, Greg Isenberg and Sahil Bloom explore the idea of Web3 "minimum viable communities" and talk to Alexis Ohanian, the founder of Reddit, who shares his previous experiences in the start-up world and explains his excitement behind the Web3.
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