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Welcome back! another fortnightly newsletter by Boundaryless.
As 2021 is getting to a close, we're looking back to a year of curation and research, and prepared for you our traditional Best of Platforms yearly recap!
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If you're curious to see the differences, look back to our yearly reviews from 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 (the folks at Platfirms even put together a browsable list from our best-ofs that you can check out).
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Our curated list of the best reads, videos, and podcasts to inform and transform your understanding 👇
🗞️ Reads
Benedict Evans' annual presentation on tech trends ↴

Benedict Evans released his usual annual presentation on macro and strategic trends in the tech industry.
This year, the presentation doesn't introduce massive, groundbreaking insights although Ben is always good at providing quite a roundup:
1. software eats the world (nothing new);
2. power shift from brands to users continues (web3 promises to accelerate it);
3. we're drowning in capital;
4. we don't know what type of impact these trends are going to have in the long term.
Braintrust: a Messari breakdown
Very comprehensive breakdown of Braintrust at Messari: Braintrust is our current role model when it comes to assessing how crypto-enabled design primitives can be integrated with Marketplaces
Good complementary reading as a warm-up to our new Boundaryless Conversations podcast episode that you find below!
A primer on Network Effects
Andrew Chen is out with a new book ("The cold start problem") and here's an excerpt from the book that starts from the very basics of understanding Network Effects. A must-read for anyone into it.
If everything that matters is digital... ↴
Fascinating reflection from Ben Thompson: what happens if we consider divergence vs convergence between the "real" (the local, the embodies) and the "digital"? What does it imply from the perspective of our actions and of the institutions we build?
The EU crackdown on gig-economy platforms  
A good report on where policymaking gig-economy platforms at the European level is: in summary things are changing in the direction of a stricter regulation with workers increasingly needing to be classified as employees because at the end of the day, platforms which do it "work, operate, and are profitable”.
An interesting take on "business ecosystems" ↴
Interesting and complete analysis by Sergio Caredda on the idea of "business ecosystems". We share the need for strategy, and organisational, operating, and business models to fit. However, we also think that more operationalisable definitions are needed.
Understanding Web3, Network Effects and your Startup ↴
"Software used to be the hard thing about startups. Now software is easier, and networks are hard." As always, James Currier is ahead of many others in seeing and allowing the reality of innovation - while also identifying their shortcomings and excesses. Great read.
Web2 vs. Web3 systems: the shift from the winner-take-all world ↴
This insightful piece, by Li Jin and Katie Parrott, unearths some differences between Web2 and Web3, explains the shift to the ownership economy, and targets topics such as NFTs, Patronage, and DAOs
... see our videos and podcast suggestions below 
In case you didn't notice: we launched our new brand and website!
The old one will be deactivated soon and will be subject to redirection, so better to familiarize yourself with the new one! Check the blog post where we explain the transition: "We are Boundaryless"
Other useful direct links: our general Services page, Trainings, Consulting, Resources, Podcast and Whitepaper.
🎙️  Podcasts & Videos
 Boundaryless conversations, Ep 4:
An inspiring conversation with Gabe Luna-Ostaseski, the co-founder of Braintrust!
In this new episode of the Boundaryless conversations, we talk to Gabe Luna Ostaseski, Co-Founder of Braintrust, the professionals' marketplace that is rewriting the rule of ownership!

With Gabe we covered:
  • How radically dropping for both sides of the marketplace provides incentives to stay on the platform and unlock a whole new type and scale of transactions;
  • How incentives can be used to make the network perform key value contributions such as referrals, vetting, and assessing the quality of transactions;
  • How Staking (of tokens) emerges as the new primitive of building trust in the network;
  • Using Web3 without making things overly complicated;
  • The institutional complexity of building for the Web3: one foundation, 6 service providers, and a community;
  • How SAFT bootstrapping can be used as a new way to valorize an early-stage company versus the traditional ways (discontinuous valuation steps at liquidity events).
Subscribe, as upcoming guests include:
  • Jason Crawford, a Progress study scholar that will help us understand the organizational implications of keeping the pace of progress in a decentralizing world.
  • Mara Zepeda, Managing Director at Zebras Unite, a founder-led movement that promotes equal rights to imagine and create the future
More great videos and podcasts below:
Deep-dive on network effects with two fantastic guests 
With two champions of network effects (and virality) Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, and Paul Davison, co-founder of Clubhouse, this conversation at A16z podcast can surely add more insights to your understanding of network effects. Highly recommended.
Beware of Woke Capitalism! ↴
A truly interesting episode of Capitalisn't, in which Zingales and McLean discuss the hidden dangers of Woke Capitalism with Vivek Ramaswamy, the author of the book "Woke, Inc.: Inside Corporate America's Social Justice Scam".
How many of these Crypto space predictions will come true next year? ↴
Amazing coverage of Ryan Selkis' 10 Predictions About Crypto in 2022 on Bankless. It is an all-round conversation and, among the topics discussed, there is space for regulation, institutions, China and USA, ETH, NFTs and again, Web3.
A deep-dive on Web3 with two special episodes 

Two great points of view on Web 3: the first is from the team at The Ready (with a focus on the overlaps with the world of self-managed organizations).
The second is a deep dive into the long term, systemic, transitional elements of Web 3 as a major institutional shift: a truly must listen, by Jordan Hall on Rebel Wisdom.
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