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In case you weren't able to join us live last week find a moment to catch up with the recording: James shared precious insights on the relationship between strategy and tactics, approaches to acquisition and virality, the importance of pricing in business marketplaces, and much more.

Read a comprehensive recap of the chat here
Catch up with the first three installments from our research on the new landscape of growth here.
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We just relaunched our Positive Shaper program to facilitate socially minded and impact-focused entrepreneurs and designers to join our April Platform Design Sprint to accelerate your platform thinking on a specific project that you can also bring!

Transform your Organization

Boundaryless is open-sourcing Rendanheyi into what we call the EEEO, the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Enabling Organization model, by integrating the revolutionary Chinese giant's insights on organizing in complexity with a broader set of practices and ideas that will make it applicable to any context.

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Our curated list of the best reads, videos, and podcasts to inform and transform your understanding 👇
🗞️ Reads
Welcome Enterprise Gateway Marketplaces ↴
NFX Guild maps the pattern of Enterprise Gateway Marketplaces (essentially a purchasing marketplace where BUs are connected to 3rd parties) marks a transition. We need to pay attention as it unfolds: it's coevolving with further unbundling of the corporation.
In short, EGMs seem an excellent workaround to the internal purchasing bureaucracy that holds back innovation in many large corporations today but the problem is bureaucracy, not necessarily decentralized purchasing. On the other hand, EGM signals that the process of unbundling of the corporation, going from 1:1 to 1:N contracting, towards N:N contracting  (micro-enterprises, fully unbundled organisation) is well underway.
Dark Matter Labs on Mental Wealth for Resilience ↴
An important point here made by the Dark Matter Labs team: to let people build resilience, society needs to invest in mental wealth cause... "Without developing people’s social and emotional capacity, it becomes difficult to unlock complex collaboration." Future platforms will be entangled with this.
Murmurations in Organizing ↴
Our recent podcast guest Aaron Dignan (see below) introduces Murmur, a "best practice as a service" solution that aims at helping founders adopt and share practices on how to organize work, make decisions, budgets, share profits, and more.
We believe this is a hot space - as organizations and organizing unbundled into smaller pieces - let's see if Murmur will crack the code. 
Deloitte on Tokenization ↴
This synthetic report from Deloitte on the use of tokens in platform business models makes a good first read on the macro-dynamics that you'll need to understand to grapple with the opportunity. Read our piece from 2018 to go deeper into token design patterns.
Three articles from MIT Sloan on Platforms ↴
An interesting three-article special from MIT Sloan featuring an article on Platform dependency and lock-ins (for third parties that build their strategies on top of such players), one on ecosystem's health, and one on scaling up.
All the articles provide good insights even if they seem to be a little unattentive of the recent broader pervasivity that platform-ecosystem thinking is gaining in the business context. Nevertheless, a bunch of good reads.
A couple more on Product to Platforms ↴
Check out these two more installments of the product-to-platform strategies review (iii, iii) from the folks at Platform Chronicles: despite the number 2 seems to confuse virality with network effect a bit, still, the posts are full of exemplary case studies.
... see our videos and podcast suggestions below 
A New Bootcamp with a New Format!🧑‍🎓
As an answer to the feedback of the community, we also published a new Bootcamp for June that follows a different structure:
  • planned over three weeks 
  • 4 hours sessions (on two following days per each week) - 1PM/5PM CET
If you're not interested in a certification and instead you want to invest two days into a strategy sprint for your own project check the Design Sprint below!
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🎙️  Podcasts & Videos
Did you catch up with Boundaryless Conversation Podcast Episodes published so far?
Check them out as the podcast is also available on Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle PodcastsSoundcloudStitcherCastBoxRadioPublic, and other major podcasting platforms.
If you're using an Apple device, and you want to support our podcast, please take a moment now to go here and rate our podcast 5 stars! This really helps listeners discover our conversations and join our community!
Latest Episode: Leadership and Legitimacy through Consent and Coherence ↴
This week's podcast episode features a heartful discussion by Boundaryless CEO Simone Cicero and EEEO ME Lead Emanuele Quintarelli with The Ready's founder and author of the best-selling book "Brave New Work" Aaron Dignan. In the conversation that starts from the challenges of leadership in self-organizing entrepreneurial and scalable organizations, Aaron shares a radically different approach to leadership as something that needs to be more coherent and inclusive.
Aaron also explains how, in his own company, they are using the power of consent and purpose to create legitimacy around distributed leadership, allowing teams to work dynamically and in tune with internal and external market forces.

Check this episode out!
Stay tuned for the upcoming episodes with:
  • Bill Baue and Ralph Thurm founders of r3.0 the revolutionary project that wants to change the way we account for planetary sustainability.
  • Complexity thinking legend Nora Bateson - about what is a trans-contextual organization
A short video primer on the Urgency of EEEO 

A few days ago, Boundaryless CEO Simone Cicero had the chance to present at Innov8rs conference drawing connections between the inside and the outside of organizations, with the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Enabling Organization: a shared model of unbundling and re-bundling. Check out the video

Social Media and Cultural Transformations 
In this podcast, James Currier talks to Josh Elman — who had direct experience building some of the most used Internet consumer products of the last 20 years - about the evolution of social media and its massive impact on culture. Really an important space of cultural evolution.
Ethan Buchman on all things future - and the blockchain(s) ↴
Quite an interesting chat with Ethan Buchman, discussing the internet of Blockchains, the game of standardization and interoperability plus on a whole lot of other stuff about the future with Anthony Pompliano (who else!!).
The Future of Localism ↴
At Boundaryless this week we've found this conversation between Gregory Landua and Jason Snyder on localism genuinely interesting: lots of food for thought for those trying to grapple with re-entanglement into the landscape.
Ben Horowitz on all things Culture and Entrepreneurship ↴
As a final appendix of this issue two conversations featuring Ben Horovitz. First, an amazing interview of Ali Ghodsi — a former Iranian refugee that become a computer scientist and co-founder of Databricks: a  story of change, resilience, and entrepreneurship(PS in general, don't miss The Boss Talk show if you're building a company!)
Secondly here's an interview of Horovitz in relation to the launch of his latest book on company culture: another don't miss for founders!

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Join  a cohort of learners (by doing) by bringing your project into an intense 2-day session to drive you from identifying and mapping your entities, to designing the two key engines of value creation in the platform (the transactions marketplace and the learning engine) that will compose the platform experiences you want to bring to the ecosystem.  If you don't have a project: we'll either help you join other participants and form a team or provide you with a pedagogic design context for you to maximize learning .
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Play with Platforms: Platform Design Toolkit
Enjoy Platform Design Toolkit 2.2, grown on several years of experience with startups, corporations, and institutions of all kinds. 
Highlights on this release:
  • an updated Transaction Board canvas, now more explicitly helping you to work on reducing transaction costs in interactions;
  • an updated User Guide (2.2);
  • the possibility to instantiate a virtual board for online collaboration, thanks to our partnership with Miro, a leading online collaboration software worldwide.
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