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Introducing 12 Patterns Cards for Platform Exploration

As the loyal readers know, we recently introduced a framework to help adopters of our Platform Design Toolkit to scan the horizon of the market, and spot patterns of opportunity to apply a platform strategy.

In this week's post, we present “patter cards” that one can use as easy as a card game. We think these cards help you spark essential considerations you need in the opening phase: 

  • to understand how to use the platform lens to change the rule of an existing market;
  • to imagine how an existing product can be evolved to enable and capture more value in the ecosystem;
  • to think boundaryless and embrace the outside-in perspective you really need to make the best of platform design thinking for your organization or mission;
This week's post also offers a recap on Phases and Layers of Platform Design. You definitely can't miss it!
Read this week's post:

12 Platform Design Patterns: Exploration
...and discover DIY Pattern Cards that can help you understand how to use Platform Design in your context.
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“The platform design toolkit is more than a tool , it is a mindset. It helped us explore how to connect all the players around innovation challenges”.

Genevieve Douhet - Associate Director - Innovation 
Société Générale

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In this eccelent article Matt Ward explains recurrent misunderstandings about what Network Effects are. They are the most important type of moat for customer acquisition and retention, thus are the paths towards true defensibility.
When 20th century corporations unscale ↴    
Digital is turning economies of scale inside out, by shrinking the fixed cost to reach scale . What P&G, GE and Walmart have in common with Amazon and why this is important to succeed in the economies of unscale
Should Facebook be afraid of Negative Network Effects? ↴    
James Currier tells the story of the most famous media company and explains how it grew fast exploiting 6 out of 13 network effects. Is Facebook the most defensible of business or it will be the victim of negative network effects?
Repetition no longer saves money and variations no longer cost more ↴    
Corporations transform work into fragmented short-term gigs. It's not natural. Knowledge workers, artists worked where living and eating. Meaningfulness and motivation were more important than talent. We probably need (and be prepared to) a renaissance of human-centric work.
The blockchain platforms will make us happier ↴    
A highly centralized World breaks people down. Especially youngsters, who need to explore, make discoveries and find happiness and autonomy. DLT Platforms are offering the key to a flatter and happier World.
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