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On “Gardening” Ecosystemic-Organizations
How can we design organizations that are collectively conscious?

This week we share with you a beautiful interview that Stowe Boyd of Work Futures did with Simone after they recently met at Haier's HQ in Qingdao. 

Stowe is a futurist, researcher, and writer. Work Futures is a deep exploration of critical themes around the ecology of work, and the anthropology of the future.

In this interview, Simone touches on the pivotal challenge that happens when you truly embrace platform-ecosystem thinking as a way to develop organizations: reconciling systemic thinking with accountable leadership and self-awareness.

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🗞️ .Reads
≠ Market Networks will look for ≠ Network Effects ↴
In this impressive recap, Dave Lu expands with his own personal experience and knowledge on how every type of market network has its own unique nuances and challenges, especially when it comes to triggering network effects.
Collaborating in Complexity requires a RadicalCulture  ↴
In an essential note, Esko Kilipi once again nails it by synthesizing how the need for greater coordination in complexity is changing in a radical way the operating system of work, from management to collaboration.
A New Breed of Growth Role Models
The obsession of Silicon Valley for quick hypergrowth is reaching peak nonsense as its massive shortcomings are increasingly evident. In this brilliant perspective, Tim O'Reilly shares his thoughts on how a new alternative culture is breeding. A must read.
Unholy Partnerships in Opportunity Exploration  ↴
This note reflects on the importance of securing unholy partnerships. Definitely food for thoughts when we use the Platform Opportunity Exploration with incumbents inviting them to think as an industry and not merely as one of the players.
Blockchain Down to Earth  ↴
The NYTimes reviews two excellent and recently published books by legal scholars (among which De Filippi & Wright's Blockchain and the Law) that are trying to clarify the incredible potential and risks of this socio-technical revolution cutting out the foam of utopian dreams.
📻 Podcasts
Nurturing the Infinite Game Player Within ↴    
It's a bit of an extension of the rule (as it's a video podcast) but it's great to hear from Sangeet Choudary:  this week's Business of Platforms podcast (that featured Simone a few weeks ago) discusses how digital policies can help countries stay competitive.
📼 Video
DAVOS Strategic Outlook on Consumption ↴    
In this panel at 2019 DAVOS, four CEOs speak from different leading industry perspectives, picturing the massive shift in consumption trends, and sharing many insightful perspectives. It's worth watching.
From a rapidly changing demography to value-based purchasing decisions that are demanding more transparency and accountability to producers.
In an interconnected world the traditional 'line of sight' of consumer expands calling for interesting consumption & production patterns to emerge.
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