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Dear community,
Welcome back! another fortnightly newsletter by Boundaryless.
The Early Birds for our upcoming Platform Design Bootcamp in February are gone: don't foget to use your 15% PDT-Community discount code in case you're interested: the price won't be much different!
An update from the inside...

It's that time of the year when we all try to wrap up and think about new things. On our side, it's a hectic moment. At Boundaryless we're going through our brand transition (did you check the new website yet?  Check it out at
At the same time, we're welcoming new partners as we complete our readily transition into the a Micro-enterprise based, 3EO entrepreneurial structure.

In the background, many new releases are cooking up; we're looking into releasing new pieces of research in Creative Commons very soon:
  • the 3EO Toolkit 1.0 Final release (after 2 years of testing) is almost done, and the first release of a complementary 3EO adoption guide - that will help you run all the steps you need to start the path to adopting the entrepreneurial unbundling of the organization  - based on our direct experience are both coming early in Q1;
  • a new release of the Platform Opportunity Exploration guide featuring a new "arena scanning" technique that will help you break down the ecosystem you want to scan for opportunities, is also coming early in Q1
  • a new full approach for a general "frame of reference" that is supposed to provide our adopters with some kind of unifying framework that will knit together exploration, identification of the product domain, growth, monetization, organizational structure, innovation patterns, portfolio management, and more... (does it sound exciting? we are!) will also be released in Q1.
On top of this, we're excited to work with outstanding customers: a leading pharma and diagnostics company that excites us to work on saving lives, a travel organization that wants to transform the way people travel sustainably, and many more entrepreneurial teams across the globe. In the meantime see how Platform Design Toolkit contributed to save £12Bn to the UK economy.
Above, our infinite canvas working on the new frame of reference, below a teaser from the new 3EO Toolkit guide in the making...
Join Simone speaking about the Future of Platforms at The NTWK on December 9th: a live AMA session scheduled on Dec 9th, 2021 at 6:00 PM.
NOTE THAT: this event is reserved for THE NTWK community, but if you want to join, you can ask for access to this email mentioning this newsletter! (and you'll be granted free access to the event)
And now enjoy our ...

Our curated list of the best reads, videos, and podcasts to inform and transform your understanding 👇
🗞️ Reads
The Pros and Cons of DAOs ↴
Interesting and pragmatic reading of the current state of debate about the centralized-decentralized spectrum in platforms by Andrei Hagiu, Julian Wright and Hanna Halaburda.
How financial services industry reconfigures into ecosystems 
Good points by Sangeet Paul Choudary on the need for financial players to stop being just financial: they need to move away from serving the 2nd level needs (consequential and related to their historical products such as loans or insurance) to become layered financial services stacks.
An important read on the organisational structure 
Not long ago, Roger Martin published his latest piece on "Strategy and [Re]Organization" (find previous articles here) to double down on organisational structures, what is their role and how they erect walls.
We agree to avoid re-organization theater. However, we can add that the way you design enabling constraints becomes crucial to the capability of the organization to differentiate from the competitive landscape of the market. Interesting insights.
The road to Participatory Capital ↴
This article by Gavin McDermott is a peek into Decentralised Finance Capital, in particular into Participatory Capital, whereby "SAFG teams can trust an aligned, patient, and participatory community to design, vote on, and implement value capture mechanisms best suited"..."when the time is right."
Web3- and Blockchain-enabled design patterns 
In our quest towards identifying more solid framing around the design patterns enabled by blockchain, here's an interesting and promising piece of work. Vasily Sumanov VCM/VCP framing seems promising: check out the article here and the related presentation here
We're planning a deep dive with Vasily on the research progress, we'll keep you posted!
A classic read on contracts, transaction costs and the future of the firm ↴
This week we've been captured by rediscovering the work of Oliver Williamson on transaction cost economics in relation to contracts and the future of the firm.
This seminal paper: "The Theory of the Firm as Governance Structure: From Choice to Contract" seems to resonate a lot with the work we're doing around the role of contracting on the future of the Firm: a good classic read, in retrospect
... see our videos and podcast suggestions below 
In case you didn't notice: we launched our new brand and website!
The old one will be deactivated soon and will be subject to redirection, so better to familiarize yourself with the new one! Check the blog post where we explain the transition: "We are Boundaryless"
Other useful direct links: our general Services page, Trainings, Consulting, Resources, Podcast and Whitepaper.
🎙️  Podcasts & Videos
 Boundaryless conversations, Ep 3:
An all-round, engaging conversation with Dealroom's Ivan Draganov, the key man beyond the amazing reports!
In this new episode of the Boundaryless conversations, we talk to Ivan Draganov, Lead Online Marketplaces Analyst at Dealroom, with whom we discuss the recent Dealroom reports on marketplaces.
With Ivan we covered:
  • The role of financial services in reducing friction in marketplaces.
  • Future prospects and research, especially in the B2B space.
  • Changing consumer expectations influenced by issues like climate change, circular economy and Covid-19.
  • The evolving definition of a “marketplace” considering the trends discussed.
Subscribe, as upcoming guests include: 
  • Gabe Luna Ostaseski, Co-Founder of Braintrust, the professionals' marketplace that is rewriting the rule of ownership.
  • Jason Crawford, a Progress study scholar that will help us understand the organizational implications of keeping the pace of progress in a decentralizing world.
  • Mara Zepeda Managing Director at Zebras Unite a founder-led movement that promotes equal rights to imagine and create the future
More great videos and podcasts below:
Is there an alternative to Unicorns? 
Outstanding episodeBrave New Work featured Mara Zepeda, the founder of Zebras United, a cooperative that focuses on alternatives to Unicorns, supporting companies that unite profits to purpose: Zebras. This direction points out directly to the economy of fundamentals.
The internet of blockchains: focus on Cosmos 
In this episode of The Blockchain Socialist Ethan Buchman, the CEO of Informal Systems, a worker-owned cooperative, explains what is behind the curtains of Cosmos Network, the blockchain that aims to interconnect other blockchains, and how political views helped shape Cosmos
Jurgen Appelo wants you to unfix your org ↴
Interesting to see how Agile legend Jurgen Appelo is promoting the transcendance of Management 3.0, SAFe, the Spotify Model, into what he calls a "versatile organization". Some resonance with our work on the 3EO model and Rendanheyi.
Humanising vs. protocolising: the approach at Buurtzorg ↴
Listen to this fantastic conversation in the Leadermorphosis podcast to feel the differences between decentralised, more humane management approaches and top-down, "protocolisational" ones, with Jos de Blok, founder of Buurtzorg.
A key takeaway emerging from the conversation is that bureaucratic industrialism is creating a lot of damage in people.
Becoming a 3EO: why and when, with our Emanuele Quintarelli ↴
Mike Leber recently interviewed our Emanuele, whereby he explained what leads a company to apply the Rendanheyi management model and transform itself into an Ecosystem Enabling Entrepreneurial Organisation. Great insights!
A second part is coming up on December 15th to go more in-depth on the "how" of the 3EO model. Stay tuned!
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