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Where does a System start to change?
Confessions of a recovering platforms-ecosystems thinker

In the last two weeks, the team has been through two special encounters:  first, we spent a few days exploring with Nora Bateson her Warm Data Labs, a deep evocative practice of learning together, reconnecting with the interdependence of various contexts.

We then moved to Barcelona for our three days of community gathering, where we met the most active part of our practitioner's community. A remarkable experience where, together, we were able to connect the dots of an otherwise overwhelming, widening conversation.

Inspired by the conversations held, in this week's post, Simone tries to reconcile our recent explorations in complexity and systems thinking with our practice of Platform Design.  Simone recounts his own process of transition towards ecosystems catalyzing, with the intent to provide a lens to others transitioning towards a more deeply aware practice of Platform Design in a rapidly changing and chaotic world.

Read it here.
👉 Our curated list of the best reads, videos and podcasts on Platforms (& more)
🗞️ .Reads
Why do most Platforms fail in less than 3 years?  ↴
In this HBR short read, the authors highlight some reasons why most platforms fail to sustain their growth. To our understanding, the lack of a learning engine to truly support partners and peers to evolve, and thus getting their trust is certainly among these reasons.
NHSx Plans for a thriving Ecosystem of Digital Services 
The new CEO of NHSX Matthew Gould, shares his plan on the development of the NHS ecosystem of digital services, covering  principles and approaches his team will follow to nurture collaborations and innovation on top of their platform.
Venture Capital goes Coop  
In this article from Boston Globe the author interview Greg Brodsky the founder of, an inspiring 10 weeks program to support entrepreneurs to launch, scale and nurture cooperative-owned business. A very interesting signal that comes from the VC world.
Management in the Ecosystem era 
As the Drucker Forum 2019 is approaching, HBR takes the chance to add once again its voice to the ongoing conversation on what management means within the Copernican revolution that the business world is facing: the ecosystem perspective.
Amazon’s way of tackling emergent chaos  ↴
Here we can peek into Amazon's way of tackling the organizational mess of un-managing hundreds of teams at once: building a culture of shared services that allows a team to change other team's stack, accepting the cost of dealing with imperfection.
📼  Video
Fritjof Capra: the untapped opportunities of seeing SDGs as whole↴    
In this videoFritjof Capra frames how to use a much more integrated way to see the Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations. A systemic approach allowing us to see the historical moment we’re living in, not as full of problems but ripe for massive systemic opportunities.
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