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with this #1 issue we're starting our regular Platform Design Toolkit newsletter. On a fortnightly basis, this newsletter will pick five key reads you don't want to miss and will bring you the latest news on the Platform Design Toolkit events, workshops and community building.
On June the 15th we're going to host the first full day public workshop to learn how to use the Platform Design Toolkit! It will be held - IN ITALIAN - as a side event of the Better Software conference in the amazing Florence.
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In May, the Platform Design Toolkit is going to be showcased at:
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Our list of Must-Read works on Platforms, curated For You
John Hagel nailed it again: read his latest post explaining our transition to an open, value driven, outcome based economy and how this will impact your business model. Hint: platforms are related.
Marina Gorbis from Institute For The Future speaks about Positive Platforms: "that not only maximize profits for owners but provide dignified and sustainable livelihoods for workers and enrich society".
Harvard Business Review came out with a special issue on Platforms sponsored by Accenture: the big boys are eventually moving towards Platform Design & Thinking.
Sangeet Paul Choudary, Marshall W. Van Alstyne and Geoffrey G. Parker just released the Platform Revolution book: here's an interesting analysis by Vivek Wadhwa that you may want to read.
In case you lost it, in January, the Center for the Global Enterprise released an interesting white paper "The Rise of the Platform Enterprise: A Global Survey" - you should have a look!
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