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Dear community,
the recent Covid-19 outbreak and the related containment measures certainly create challenges for our organizations. But how can we welcome the change, and find an opportunity to evolve? Change is going to be a constant part of our future lives, better be prepared.

Boundaryless has extended experience in providing training and facilitation remotely, but so far we mainly did this with our private customers: now due to the Covid-19 situation unfolding we decided to push on the gas and anticipate some of our decisions.  

As the first step, we're converting our next Masterclass, planned in Milan for March 24th and 25th, to an online-live eventThis brings up an amazing opportunity for all those that usually can't travel or prefer not to do so. We're aware that the CET timezone won't be a good fit for everyone but, stretching a bit the agenda we believe that people from most parts of the world could find a way to join.

With “Online-live” we mean an experience based on:
  • The same day structure as the live event
  • A synchronous online experience with two (or more, depending on final numbers) trainers available live (this is not a MOOC, there will be no pre-recorded video, all will be live)
  • Accessing Platform Design Toolkit templates through (our preferred platform for remote collaboration);
  • Using and Breakout rooms for Coaching with Platform Design Toolkit Trainers;
  • Using Breakout Breakout rooms for participant-to-participant feedback and interactions on the project contexts;
  • No additional technology or support will be requested to the participants, we’ll provide all the technology.
Grab your ticket for the first Online 2-Day Platform Design Toolkit Masterclass!
Also, let us stress the point that all our coaching and facilitation programs for organizations and teams are already always available both in presence or remote and that our roadmap of releases will also bring you an alternative, online-based intense training equivalent to our 3-Day Bootcamp for certified facilitators,hopefully during the second quarter. coming back to the conversation about change:
is the Next Paradigm Shift not going to be Technological?

Reckoning with the role of a technology that pervades society  

In the last few weeks we witnessed a number of extremely interesting reflections on how the future of technology, the internet and marketplaces could play out, in a turbulent, hyperconnected and transformed society.

In this issue of our blog updates, Simone looks into the recent work of Ben Evans and correlates that with analysis from Ben Thompson and with the recent Andreessen Horowitz Marketplace 100: check that out to make sense of what's happening. 

Our curated list of the best reads, videos, and podcasts to inform and transform your understanding 👇
🗞️ Reads
UNMISSABLE  - Andreessen Horowitz' Marketplace 100 ↴
A couple of weeks ago, Andreessen Horowitz released its Marketplace 100: a data-driven research on the evolution of marketplaces. Some interesting insights like the power-law shape of the market and the struggle to penetrate key incumbent sectors. The research comes with additional reads and some weak points to factor in. We've found Manfredi Sassoli's review quite interesting and informative.
MUST-READ How do you “Design” a Business Ecosystem? 
We see an interesting article from BCG Henderson institute, offering an overview of Business Ecosystems. The post (especially the first part) recaps a few important aspects to factor in such as inclusion, governance, vision when designing a strategy to weave business ecosystems. Unfortunately, the second part is full of a bit of everything but still makes a very good overview.
Why Airbnb is suddenly struggling to make money?  ↴
This post made rounds on Simone's Linkedin profile page earlier this week: lots of interesting comments. The big question is: what happens when marketplaces and platforms scale so big that they don't target anymore the fringes of the market but, instead, acquire an almost institutional positioning and reckon with their responsibilities? How does the monetization perspective change? 
Understand better the dynamics behind Holochain ↴
We recently devoted time to understand better the dynamics behind Holochain. This set of 3 reads “Unenclosable Carriers and the Future of Communication” and “The Holocene Explosion" 2.1 and 2.2 are a good start to familiarize yourself with. We are trying to get Arthur on an interview for the upcoming podcast series (stay tuned) we will launch together with our Whitepaper
The illusory promises of Data for Platform Thinkers ↴
A sobering James Currier on the promises of "Data" . In a few words: it's easy to think that data provide an advantage but, depending on the nature of the network, this may actually be an illusion. We previously shared a couple of thoughts on the self-fulfilling delusion of data here and here.
...and talking about Data: how to think about regulating them  ↴
Our dear friend Sangeet Paul Choudary just started a weekly newsletter: given the always interesting work of Sangeet, you may want to keep an eye on it. We've found his latest reflection in Data Regulation worth checking.
Are you looking for a certification process to learn the full stack of tools and approaches and become part of our community? 
If you want to know better if the Masterclass or the Bootcamp is your best option check out our website training section 
Have you noticed that we launched a whitepaper project? We want to explore the new foundations of platform thinking in the 21st Century. As we ramp up our efforts to engage deeply our community in the development of the White Paper content, we want to pick your brain for some initial considerations on technologies and techno-social shifts, and key case studies and people!
>> Send your thoughts here!<<

All the contributors will be mentioned in a special page and most active contributors will have access to the editing process if interested.
🎙️  Podcasts
Changing the business model of the Internet ↴
Changing the Business Model of the Internet  : Aperture Hub Ben Robinson interviews Andy Yen — Founder and CEO of ProtonMail - Interesting to see how current internet businesses need to frame themselves into geopolitics, systemic failures, threats to freedom of speech and so on, and how we can resist to GAFAs.
Tobi Lütke (Founder&CEO of Shopify) knows the secret to massive scale. ↴
A nice conversation with Tobi Lütke, founder of Shopify: Hoffman goes to explore the personal story of Lütke, and what it takes to pursue Hoffman's mantra: "BE A PLATFORM!"
Metrics and Mindsets for Retention & Engagement. ↴
Metrics and Mindsets for Retention & Engagement, a very interesting conversation with Andrew Chen and Jeff Jordan. It boils down to 1) understand what type of network are you dealing with 2) measure DAU/MAU!
📼 Videos
What's next for tech in 2020 ↴
Technology analyst Benedict Evans sat down with Protocol Editor-at-Large David Pierce in Davos to discuss major trends and predictions coming for the tech industry in 2020. Related to the presentation that we featured in our blog above. Must listen.
See our contribution at the Peter Drucker Forum 2019 ↴
Have you read our blog post on Simone's roundtable at the last Global Peter Drucker Forum 2019, on why Ecosystems won't solve a management crisis of the XXI century? Here is the live video of our speech and the whole panel. 
📢 Community News
Campus Co-Evolve program launch 2020 ↴
Our friend George Por's Campus-CoEvolve semester is starting, check the interesting program. Campus CoEvolve is a virtual teaching/learning community catalyzing deep change at all scales, operating in the gift economy.
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