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Dear community,
Welcome back! another fortnightly newsletter by Boundaryless.
In case you didn't notice, this week we launched our new brand and website: ...after 8 years from the creation of the first elements of Platform Design Toolkit and after almost fours years of working as Boundaryless, we now have our new brand and our new home. This blog post ("We are Boundaryless") will give our community a peek into the story of how we got here and where we are going now that, finally: we are Boundaryless.

Check the blogpost >> We are Boundaryless
Here's our new Logo for Boundaryless: we hope you like it!
In the coming weeks we're going to release another blog post that will explain more of our design system so stay tuned!
In this issue of the newsletter we also present the first episode of the Series 3 of the Boundaryless Conversations podcast: check out below the first episode with Jack Du Rose and Aron Fischer from Colony, where we debate DAOs and self-executing organizations!
Check it out by clicking here!
Last week added 5 more Early Birds to our upcoming Platform Design Bootcamp in February and only 2 are still left! In any case, if you use your 15% PDT-Community discount code, the price won't be much different!
And now enjoy our ...

Our curated list of the best reads, videos, and podcasts to inform and transform your understanding 👇
🗞️ Reads
As more workers go solo, the Software Stack is the new firm ↴
A great account of the shift between marketplaces and "enablement" platforms as we move away from horizontal markets into vertical ones by Alex Rampell (a great complement to the podcast we suggest below), D'Arcy Coolican and Seema Amble - a blog post to keep handy and return to. Fantastic breakdown.
Zillow's meltdown and the misuse of AI and data 
Well-known platform Zillow is shutting down its embedded finance-enabled home buying business that provided to reduce frictions in the transaction between sellers and buyers of homes, due to difficulties in selling the houses it bought at profit. Read more here.
A dire reminder of the problems that may arise as marketplaces structure and manage more of the transaction. As a complement, see how geekwire rubs in it in with a commentary on the misuse of Machine Learning and data. 
DAOs: Turing-complete governance ↴
If you're interested in composability and the blockchain, check out this truly interesting primer on the idea of modular, Turing-complete governance ("composable, arbitrarily programmable governance") enabled by blockchains.
Zhang Ruimin steps down from CEO: what's next? ↴
Boundaryless' friend and partner Bill Fischer takes a minute to wrap up the news of Haier's CEO Zhang Ruimin retirement. His heritage in management is significant and speaks about "leaderful", "outside-in" organizations where everybody is her own CEO.
The implications of information asymmetries for platform users ↴
For those of you that are more interested in research, former podcast guests Marshall Van Alystine and Geoffrey Parker (together with two more co-authors) wrote a paper on "efficient information sharing in network markets".
In it, they explore how - instead of focusing on "competition implications of network effects [...] mostly by considering ownership structure" regulators should address "information asymmetry between platforms and their users and between competing platforms" if they really want to create a lively innovation setting.
... see our videos and podcast suggestions below 
🎙️  Podcasts & Videos
Boundaryless Conversations Season 3 is out with Ep.1!
In this first episode of Season 3, we talk to Jack du Rose and Aron Fischer from — an infrastructure for internet native companies and a key player in the evolution of Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs). During the conversation, we talk about the future of technology-enabled, decentralized organizing and the work they are doing with Colony to support this paradigm shift. Check it out!
Some of upcoming guests include: 
  • Indy Johar and Annette Dhami from Dark Matter Labs, with whom we discuss DML's adventures in organizing beyond the rules (check their portal here).
  • Ivan Draganov, Senior Innovation Analyst at Dealroom, with whom we discuss the recent dealroom reports on marketplaces.
  • Gabe Luna Ostaseski, Co-Founder of Braintrust, the professionals' marketplace that is rewriting the rule of ownership.
An insightful conversation over investments and fintech 
In this conversation, Alex Rampell talks about "Investing in Operating Systems": a truly super dense talk around online businesses and enablement. And you'll discover Alex Rampell, if you don't know him already (from a16z).
A deep dive on Web3 with Chris Dixon ↴
Check out also Chris Dixon on Bankless podcast with another almost 2-hour gem of insights on "5 Mental Models for Web3".
An evergreen take from NFX on society and platform economy ↴
In case you lost it in July, here's the audio version of the extremely deep and important reflection that James Currier shared earlier this year on the impacts of the platform economy on society at large.
Always inspiring to dig deep into NFX's impact thesis and Currier's capacity to entertain the complexity of social challenges that network effect-powered business models entail.
The dark side of platforms: the Amazon case ↴
For those of you more interested in a critical review, we offer the link to an interview with Alessandro Delfanti, author of a recent book called "The Warehouse: Workers and Robots at Amazon".
The podcast and book of course carry a well recognizable political critique of the Amazon strategy, they are useful to reflect on the often unconsidered infrastructural implications of today's most successful technologies. Listen to it if you want to consider how the best customer UX can translate into so many shades of grey.
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