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Best of Platforms & Ecosystems 2019
All you had to read, listen and watch this year

Dear community,
this has been a year full of new questions - more than answers - and this alone makes the case for a year that, in hindsight, has been a great year of learning. This week's blog post, closes the year by giving you an overview of 2019's most discussed issues about platforms and ecosystems, with links to key reads.

You'll find a relevant sample of the key trends of conversation dealing with market shifts, technological developments, and rising social implications.

We hope that these frames will help you develop your personal vision and understand better the role you can play in a transforming world.

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Our curated list of the best reads, videos, and podcasts to inform and transform your understanding 👇
🗞️ Reads
The New Moat in Financial Services ↴
In this rich note, Ben Robinson gives us a good overview of how platform dynamics are going to play out in fintech. We particularly share the point that banking is going to be severely unbundled, modularized and connected to other products and industry dynamics.
Digital Platforms: Time to Skyrocket Climate Impact through Technology ↴
In this heartfelt reflection, Glovo's Sustainability Manager Sébastien Pellion starts to articulate what are the specifics of Platform Orgs in achieving climate-positive impact first and facilitate exponential green transformation objectives.
Crypto Theses 2020 by Messari + Foundations of Cryptosystems ↴
If you're not on top of crypto news every week: an unmissable update by one of the most respected analysts around, Ryan Selkis and his Messari. "Foundations of Cryptoeconomic Systems" will help you close the year with some deeper understanding of this transformative space.
When Co-ops Meet DAOs: An Interview with Nathan Schneider ↴
“[...] just because we’re dealing with crypto ledgers doesn’t mean we don’t need to have institutions.”

In this nice interview, Nathan Schneider covers coops, digital and crypto.
Future-Proof Organizational Models Beyond Hierarchy And Bureaucracy ↴
There are many talented people in the world shedding light on how we organize, and Joost Minnaar is one of them. In this piece, he breaks down middle-manager-less-organizations (MMLOs) into four distinct approaches all minimizing hierarchy and bureaucracy.
Secrets of Marketplaces ↴
Don't forget to catch up with Lenny's newsletter! He churned out three more posts since the last newsletter we sent! - Now he's diving into "Phase 2: Scaling your marketplace". Start from part 1 (understand if you're supply or demand constrained)
The Lesson to Unlearn ↴
We suspect that this Paul Graham's post is going to become another classic. It's powerful and liberating to see how the demise of bureaucratic authorities and gatekeepers is going to give us an opportunity to rethink education thoroughly. It's the time to grow a new generation of (platform) founders understanding that learning engines need to be pervasive.
🎙️  Podcasts
This episode of ExponentFm Podcast - More Ergonomic - is arguably one of the most interesting ever. It explores:
1) monopolies
2) integration vs modularization
3) functional vs divisional organizations
4) ... weaving everything together.
5) #orgdesign #apple

and here's where the conversation started.
📼 Videos
Daniel Schmachtenberger: War on Sensemaking II episode ↴
In this second installment of his Rebel Wisdom interviews about the "War on Sensemaking", Daniel Schmachtenberger helps us move forward with more clarity about understanding deeply how not only our infosphere is toxic, but how much any idea can be weaponized to serve partial interests. 
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