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New Business Models for a New World of Business
Join our next Community Webinar 

In our next Webinar,

— Platform design: new business models for a new world of business —

we will cross the topics of platform-ecosystem design and inclusive economies, digging into the emerging context of enterprising, human development and the definition of value in business models that promote human and planetary regeneration.

We will do this together with the co-founders of Pitchworthy — David Munir Nabti and Bilal Ghalib — who run online and hybrid entrepreneurship programs to make high-quality pre-accelerator, accelerator, and mentorship programs available to everyone, everywhere.

Their platform is disrupting geography to allow for people in conflict or post-conflict areas to access high-quality training and mentoring to shape the next generation, social entrepreneurs.

Questions to be explored through Q&A:
  • What are the emerging contexts, conditions and risks in which new business models are shaped?
  • How can platform design help to develop regenerative and equitable business models?
  • What is the definition of value in an inclusive economy and how can it be measured
 That was a blast! Learn with us 🤓
Our second Bootcamp - last week in Paris - just ended and we miss our second class of certified facilitators already : we are going to see them soon in our monthly calls reserved to certified facilitators. We wanted to quickly announce another date: the next Bootcamp will be in Milan for May, in the same city that will also host our Masterclass in March. Milan provides us a central hub for Europe and it's easily reachable by train in a few hours from most of the European capitals. Later on this year we'll probably head to Berlin and Wien so stay tuned!
The 2-Day Masterclass
Perfect if:
  • you have e PROJECT you want to work on alone of with your team - or join someone who has one!
  • you are interested in the CORE of the method: DESIGN & VALIDATION
The 3-Day Bootcamp
Perfect if:
  • you want to become a facilitator and apply platform thinking independently;
  • you are interested in the full PRACTICE and THINKING.
Want to know better if the Masterclass or the Bootcamp should be your training ?
Many go through both programs to fully grasp our practice: understand the differences by checking out our website training section 
Our curated list of the best reads, videos, and podcasts to inform and transform your understanding 👇
🗞️ Reads
UNMISSABLE  - Ben Evans' Tech in 2020 Strategic Trends ↴
Every year, Ben Evans publishes an in-depth presentation digging into macro and strategic trends in the tech industry. This year, 'Standing on the shoulders of giants' looks at how 'connecting everyone' means 'connecting all the problems' in a landscape where the coupling between regulation and tech is becoming ever more complicated.
MUST-READ Idle Resources and their Role in Marketplace Dynamics ↴
In this article, Raam Dev dissects the notion of Underutilized Fixed Assets (UFA) and their role in several marketplace contexts. You'll find a set of interesting considerations on why it's important to professionalize the supply side to reach market liquidity.
A Market that is Free of Value Extraction  ↴
In a very brief but important note, Roel Wieringa gives some pointers to the fundamental questions that any platform designer will discover while scratching the surface of ecosystem thinking. When you identify with the whole you cannot avoid the question of rent-seeking value extraction.
Albert Shum: Time to Redesign Design↴
In this note, the CVP of Design at Microsoft recalls the often forgotten legacy of the Bauhaus movement envisioning what meta-design principles design could serve humanity in the next hundred years. From the unintended consequences of design to the urgency of decolonizing design discourse.
Josh Breinlinger: Opportunities in Platformizing B2B processes↴
In this interview for Sharetribe Marketplace Academy, expert Josh Breinlinger explains why investors are so drawn to invest in B2B marketplaces providing some consolidated tips on how to spot the numerous opportunities still existing in platforming B2B processes.
Have you noticed that we launched a whitepaper project? We want to explore the new foundations of platform thinking in the 21st Century.
Our great friend Cristian Sarkar interviewed Simone on the Marketing Journal: a quick Q&A on the "rules of Platform Design".
Can't miss it.
🎙️  Podcasts
Cory Doctorow and Joe Betts-Lacroix: Adversarial Interoperability ↴
Cory Doctorow chats with VIUM's CTO Joe Betts-Lacroix on the history, risks and strategic opportunities of building interoperable systems. A conversation on the many tradeoffs involving the decisions of cooperating with existing standards or building new ones from scratch.
Jim Rutt and Hanzi Freinacht on Metamoderninsm ↴
With a great dose of pragmatism, Jim Rutt interviews political philosopher Hanzi Freinacht who explains the rise of metamodernism as a prominent philosophical current and its relationship with the human condition. Catch up on a deep emerging with ramifications in many aspects of contemporary life.
📼 Videos
WEF: Shaping an Inclusive Platform Economy ↴
In this panel at DAVOS, Daniel Zhang, Julie Sweet and Derek O'Halloran wonder if and how platforms could start leveraging big data and network effects to create a more inclusive economy in what many calls the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
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  • the possibility to instantiate a virtual board for online collaboration, thanks to our partnership with Miro, a leading online collaboration software worldwide.
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