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Ecosystems won’t solve the Management Crisis of the 21st Century
Confessions from the Global Peter Drucker Forum 2019

Dear community,

two weeks ago, Simone joined the Global Peter Drucker Forum in Vienna presenting two real case studies of ecosystem development: one from Haier group — the undisputed protagonists of this edition of the forum (read an account by Forbes)— and one from Copenhagen Capacity a clever and successful initiative from the city of Copenhagen born to support strategic ecosystems, that helped the city become a hub in eSports and Fintech.

Bill Fischer’s remarks are a good reminder of the monumental changes happenning:

  • Ecosystems are potential hiding in plain sight: transformed organizations can provide the support needed to sustain the spontaneity of the ecosystem potential to organize;
  • in doing so, organizations that become weaver need to let go control, be open to distribute large chunks of the value, and not just aim at capturing it;
  • organizational brand value can be seriously disrupted in the process.

In this week's issue, Simone adds that a new narrative is emerging that is increasingly less about market domination and more about whole system actualization for the exploration of new possible use cases and experiences.

There’s no doubt that this transition is extremely stressful for the foundations of the traditional organization, especially to its entrenched power structures, and to the identities often at the basis of it. 

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Our curated list of the best reads, videos, and podcasts to inform and transform your understanding 👇
🗞️ Reads
How to Kickstart and Scale a Marketplace Business – Part 4  ↴
This fourth post by Lenny Rachitsky closes the series on cracking the Chicken Egg problem on how to kickstart and scale a marketplace business: an insightful set of reads on rare insights from today's biggest marketplaces, including Airbnb, DoorDash, Thumbtack, Etsy, Uber etc.
The 14th Network Effect: Expertise ↴
This week, James Currier released an essay introducing what he calls the Expertise Network Effects, explaining how platforms can capitalize on the accruing of capabilities in the labor market around a certain product. Another reminder to focus on building great Learning Engines!
MIT Platform Summit: finally catching up with some societal complexity? ↴
A report from MIT Platform Summit highlights some interesting insights platform nexus but overall no breakthroughs. We witness—however—a rising awareness on the importance of non-reductionist thinking: "Cultural and societal problems are beyond what any one firm can tackle alone"
Can Startups be converted into Cooperatives? ↴
On the 11th of December, The Internet of Owners will host a webinar exploring the notion of 'Exiting to Community' with Nathan Schneider: a debate is taking shape around coop platforms.  Read this interesting post from the folks at Amlped.
How the Cloud is still changing the rules of the game↴
In an exclusive one-on-one conversation, Amazon’s cloud chief reveals how he views the future of the cloud, the competition, market shifts, customer demands, and controversies. A peek into the infrastructural enablers of the platform-ecosystem transformation.
The end of the world as we know it ↴
An absolute must-read depicting how the transformative power of information has changed in the past decades and how today it represents–we may say–the uranium of the XXIst century: incredibly powerful, equally dangerous, surely opening the expression of a new epistemology to frame ecosystem thinking.
🎙️  Podcasts
This week we wanted to point out two podcasts that may seem slightly different than usual, as they incite a profound reflection on technology:
The first one was recorded at EPFL Lausanne, exploring the ethics of computer science and broader technological change. Ben Robinson is joined by Jim LARUS (Professor and Dean of Computer and Communications Sciences at EPFL); Philippe GONZALEZ (Senior Lecturer in Sociology at University of Lausanne) and David Galbraith (Partner at Anthemis VC).
The other one, we believe, is set to become a classic: Iconic intellectual Eric Weinstein is joined by Peter Thiel in the inaugural episode of his Portal podcast (dating back to this last summer). They are talking broadly about secular stagnation, societal transformation and the role of the internet society, silicon valley, and tech in it. Controversial opinions are always worth listening.
📼 Videos
Eli Pariser: Designing Social Media as Healthy Public Spaces ↴
In this talk, Eli Pariser explores the parallelisms between urbanism and the design of social media platforms and how they could potentially inform each other to create Healthy Public Spaces. A TED talk, interesting nonetheless. Comments below are hilariously pointing at the elephant in the room: whose "greater good" are we talking about?
Conversations on Ecosystems at the Global Peter Drucker Forum  ↴
If you want to peek into some of the conversations that Simone recently had at the Global Peter Drucker Forum this video is a good opportunity to catch up with some very interesting minds: Prof. Bill Fischer from IMD Business School, Marie Ringler from Ashoka, Joost Minnaar from Corporate Rebels and Prof. Michael Jacobides from London Business School.
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