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Dear Reader, 
today we share with you a special newsletter to present you the latest research from the Platform Design Toolkit Team at Boundaryless.

We are so proud to announce the launch of a new page on our website dedicated to all the information around our key research project for 2020.

As many of you will certainly know, Platform Design Toolkit was born in 2013 . After three years, in October 2016, we published the Platform Design Toolkit 2.0 and the corresponding seminal White Paper, titled: “From business modelling to platform design” (still available here). 

In the last 4 years, the scope and context of platform-ecosystem thinking have clearly changed and grown widely: we’ve been researching and consulting with an impressive range of stakeholders - from Fortune 500s, to startups, from organizational transformation pioneers such as the Chinese Haier, to the United Nations - and such experience not only puts this community among the leaders of Platform-Ecosystem thinking worldwide but also clearly pointed out that New Foundations for Platform-Ecosystem thinking are now needed to approach the 21st Century organising.

Take a look at our new page to know more, here’s a highlight of the most important announcements.

1. Support the research by joining  our community-sale

We prepared some packages for you to take advantage of the full potential of this New Foundations research:
  • The Explorer Package,  ideal for organizations, is based on one ad-hoc remote ½ day sense-making session focused on integrating the impacts of the research findings on the long term strategy of your organization;
  • The Community Package, ideal for individuals, is a way to receive early access to the research and a special mention in and an excellent way for those that always wanted to say thanks for our radically open-source approach, to finally contribute: we count on you.

Both these perks will allow you to get:

  • fine-printed copies of the White Paper:
  • interactively join our 1-Day Ecosystem sense-making conference we’re planning for the 30th of June (date is TBC).

Both also include the possibility to contextually buy discounted tickets for our online and live events (25% for the Community package, 50% for the Explorer Package) and a lifetime 20%  discount for all our next events.
Note that at the moment we've both online Masterclasses and online and live Bootcamps planned: check it out here

Reach out for customized offers for you company.  

2. Listen to our new podcast series: Boundaryless Conversations Podcast

As we approach key thought leaders in the field we wanted to share those conversations with you in our brand new Boundaryless Conversation Podcast. In the first release batch, you already have some very interesting conversations lined up with Arthur Brock, founder of Holochain, James Currier founder of NFX and a key Network effects expert, Tomas Diez and his profound knowledge of the maker space and John Robb, an intersection between war, technology and politics, and more coming soon.

Listen to the podcasts and check our research update  that threads them all together: “The Paradoxes of Organising in a fast-changing world: Markets & Networks”,  tracking some of the key insights emerging from the first round of interviews. Check out the Medium posts to access transcripts

3. Get Involved 

Join Intesa Sanpaolo as a sponsor of the research: after realizing that organizational structures face enormous challenges, they wanted to take an active role in the research, closer to the powerful insights this will bring to their long term strategy.

If you think alike and you wanna become a sponsor don’t hesitate to contact us by replying to this email.

If you're interested in tasting the insights, remember that we’ll meet again for a lively, sense-making discussion in our next community sense-making call on April 17th, add the session to your calendar here, Check the latest one here on youtube: if you're interested in giving a contribution, don't hesitate to reach out.

We truly hope you will appreciate the new space of exploration we are hosting.
Our objective, as always, is to make it as much as possible open, interactive and participative to bring key insights to the world that is imagining the future of organising.

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The Boundaryless team

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