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Recognizing the false promise of “Data-Platform” Strategies
From aggregating data to aggregating contexts

It happened often lately, especially when working within the frames of ambitious transformation programs, in large organizations, to hear excitement around data platforms”. Teams often end up imagining a great promise of value coming from the capability to aggregate data, at a certain moment in the future. 
"Data will make everyone smarter!" everybody cheers, imagining armies of data consumers and data flow producers. Data is everything! They tend to say.

This week we share with you our reflection on why one needs to focus on understanding and integrating the business context, before even thinking about data.

The Post in Brief

  • data is not a magic wand to solve a team’s little understanding of the context that the team is targeting with a platform strategy;
  • especially in industrial contexts finding ways to de-fragment and break silos, and competition patterns is key to make strategies that can generate network effects;
  • designing shared governance and shared investing programs are two very much needed practices to master platforms in industrial contexts.

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👉 Our curated list of the best reads, videos and podcasts on Platforms (& more)
🗞️ .Reads
Understanding Networks as Status as a Service (StaaS) businesses ↴
This epic read by Eugene Wei collects his thoughts on why the accumulation of social capital is a powerful yet inherently volatile factor in the dynamics of networks. This long read will certainly unfold many conversations in the time to come.
When Shared Advantages is your Key Strategy
In this account, DIGIDAY recaps on how Shopify strategy generates +$ 800 million (growing) ecosystem revenues. A true story that can help platform thinkers to deal with setting a new type of ecosystemic KPIs to measure success.
Platforms and Systems for Societal Collapse
If you follow us you know we constantly have been covering the initial tinkering of the WEF Global Future Council on Platforms and Systems. In this note, Hagel frames once more how a certain kind of platform could help humanity tackle our ongoing societal collapse.
Ten Myths on Business Ecosystems  ↴
In an attempt to clarify the generalized semantic overstretch around the word ‘ecosystems’, MITSloan published an interesting list of 10 myths on business ecosystems. Key media joining the conversation with a worthy perspective.
Designing for the Open-Ended Nature of Platforms  ↴
In this small and delightful noteDennis Hambeukers frames how designing for the goalless-ness nature of platforms is fundamentally different than crafting "an app". When you need to make space for expression you gotta go beyond linear paths.
📻 Podcasts
This week we couldn't find a nice video to share but... we got three outstanding podcasts for you. Enjoy! 🎧
Awakening Interdependence and Evolving Systems with Warm Data ↴    
A rather awesome podcast by Emerge featuring Nora Bateson. Nora is always challenging our approach: where we draw a map, she reminds us that drawing maps can be a false start and a dangerous way to renounce understanding the complexity. There's surely work to do.
Breaking the Unicorn Myth ↴    
On a more Platform-relatable note, we want to share with you the podcast that Douglas Rushkoff recorded with Sharetribe's Juho Makkonen. It's hugely interesting to reflect on Juho's vision of a distributed and abundant niche-platform explosion. It really reminds of our recent post on the Future of the Platform economy that you can read here.
Why Growth Hacking Is Broken ↴    
"Everyone today knows what a growth hacker is, but not enough know about Steve Blank. And that is a disaster”

 NFXGuild it's out again with a super important topic: market fit generated pull.

That's why we often tell founders that lacking growth may not be a problem of growth tactics but most of the time, a design and validation issue.
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