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Platforms for a Post-Industrial Civilization
Boundaryless organizing in an increasingly complex world.

In this week's post, Simone frames the events that are currently raising global attention towards the societal collapse inherent to the rapidly unfolding effects of climate change, what does it mean for business, platforms and our civilization at large.

Simone explores how platform boundaryless thinking can provide a pragmatic way to remove the artificial separations that are hindering our possibility to continuously organize around our ecosystemic needs.

This week's issue in brief:

  • Our current understanding of platforms is still heavily rooted in the industrial age mindset, while the global context is changing fast due to climate-environment related disruptions and other complex issues.
  • post-industrial platforms might look really different, and do different things: more context, more complex processes (here’s a peek).
  • we need to learn how to create strategies that “scale across” not just scale up.
  • a key enabler to help organizations in the transitions might be the adoption of “boundaryless” organizational structures.
Read it here.
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🗞️ .Reads
How to Gauge the Real Value of Design  ↴
Inherently ambiguous and hard to measure, the value of design is usually often struggling to emerge in contrast to traditional metrics. In this note, Andrea Mignolo tries to unpack an often difficult topic for every business.
It Takes Two to Know One 
In this very lucid note, Stelio Verzera introduces a very interesting framework, the Ecosight with the attempt to resolve the many intricacies in the double-bind of our age: the dynamics between the self and the ecosystem.
Uber IPO and the Unknowns of Personal Mobility
In this in-depth article, Ben Thompson attempts the difficult task of measure the long term financial value of personal mobility building his reflections upon the problematic Uber’s private valuation during its recent IPO.
Stepping up Marketplaces VP with Money as a Tool  ↴
This short essay of NFX witness an interesting evolution in fintech-enabled marketplaces. An interesting thread to follow to truly understand that money is merely a tool in the design of economic spaces that leverage shared incentives.
Understanding the Present through Cosmotechnics ↴
This brief interview captures a glimpse of Yuk Hui’s vast research in reconciling our understanding of technology’s role in contemporary societies by exploring the relationship between the European and Chinese philosophical traditions.
📼  Videos
Wahl: Systems Pragmatics and Dancing in Uncertainty↴    
In this webinar, Daniel Christian Wahl presents his work of translating systems science into the pragmatics and long term implications of design complex adaptive systems. A primer that connects with some of the most profound aspects of this issue’s editorial and of our week's blog post. 
Rapisarda: How to Perform and Thrive in the Age of Ecosystems↴    
Emanuele Rapisarda’s talk at #AgileIndia2019 presents the Ecosight briefly introduced in the article above by Stelio Verzera and that Cocoon Projects is currently developing. An ecoistic approach to perform and thrive in the new era of ecosystems. Truly inspiring and worth watching.
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