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The Best Reads on Platforms from 2018
The Emperor has no Clothes: the shift to the Age of Networks can’t be ignored anymore. 

This week's post gives you an overview of 2018’s key conversations about platforms and ecosystems and links you to 50+ key reads. On this post you’ll find:

  • resources about how the market is shifting;
  • key strategic advice on building platform businesses and achieving network effects and defensibility;
  • assessing impacts on existing private and public institutions;
  • how the next wave looks like (spoiler: it's decentralized).

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👉 Our curated list of the best reads, videos and podcasts on Platforms (& more)
🗞️ .Reads
The Breadth and Depth of Job-To-Be-Done ↴
In this article, Ben Thompson explains why painstakingly segmenting the customer base upon the deep understanding of what consumers are trying to accomplish will define—both—opportunities and limits of an aggregator's strategy (+ podcast below)
A16z take on Network Effects: two great reads ↴
In this article, brilliantly shows that several factors contribute to network effects trends. The diversity of value propositions and inventory, the quality of users, and the nature of your competition are all key to predict network growth or stagnation.
This additional piece lays down sixteen different approaches to measure network effects with KPIs, divided into multiple dimensions according to which context or perspective you're looking from. Nice extension to the read above.
2018 MIT Platform Summit Report ↴

The annual report of 2018 MIT Platform Strategy Summit is finally out: this year on how incumbents are adopting platform strategies while dealing with the threats and opportunities of blockchain, AI and data regulation.

2019 Fjord Trends in Biz, Design & Tech   ↴
A special mention goes to the Fjord Trends 2019, beautifully paginated in a delightful navigable experience, as it touches upon some pressing yet under the radar conversations around business, design and technology.
Africa's Informal Economy in the Platform Era   ↴
Micheal Kimani takes an outlook on Africa's informal economy, its historical origins, how it evolved during mobile adoption and how platforms are now shaping an entire generation of African entrepreneurs.
👀 Long Read
The Kafkian, Growing and Unstoppable Jurisdiction of Amazon ↴
When the swift, dumb and highly automated bureaucracy at Amazon decides to turn off some Sellers Accounts condemning twenty-people businesses to bankruptcy, it seems that the only way to appeal to these kinds of unilateral decisions is to plead guilty (even when you've done nothing wrong).
Is really compliance "the foundation of growth”?  This disturbing dossier by VERGE explores what's going on with Amazon's moderation system, its Sellers Accounts and the unexpected spawning of pseudo law firms specialized in Amazon Terms of Service.  One of the best reads of 2018.
📻 Podcasts
Clumping and Clustering ↴    
If you enjoyed Ben Thompson articles that we often post like the one above, where he explains the relation between Aggregation Theory and the Jobs-To-Be-Done framework, you will certainly enjoy his recently returned podcast that periodically rocks on featuring HBR's James Allworth and him exploring several topics on Aggregators, Tech and Business.
In this episode, they're talking about how consumer and enterprise markets are so fundamentally different, especially in the way they grow.
Wanna play the Platform game?
A few weeks ago we released Platform Design Toolkit 2.1: it builds on two years of experience with startups, corporations and institutions of all kinds. 
Highlights on this release
  • a renewed 36 page User Guide 
  • consolidated set of canvases, now also in SVG
  • new attributions
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