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Growth Hacking Platform Liquidity
An extension and integration of  our 2018 post

A few days ago, our community member Manfredi from London released a great recap post on techniques to hack growth, with a focus on launching and on the liquidity achieving phase

Manfredi is a digital strategy professional with 14 years experience across marketing and product, with a varied background in industry verticals and company stages, from pre-launch to established multinationals. He recently launched, a platform for exchanging second-hand kids' clothes and got some first-hand experience in launching a platform. Out of this experience and research, he wrote this post, that nicely complements the other post on growth that we wrote in early 2018.
We are aiming soon to release a recap, visual, library of growth hacking and launching approaches, integrating all this and the crazy amount of stuff that was released lately on network effects, launch tactics and growth, etc...


Growth Hacking & Liquidity in Platforms

A collection of design pillars, approaches, and techniques.

Read it here.
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🗞️ .Reads
On Identity and Distributed Leadership in Organizations ↴
A true gem dating back to 1996, where legendary Margaret J. Wheatley and Myron Kellner-Rogers already recognized the tension of our times: "that we want our organizations to behave as living systems, but we only know how to treat them as machines”.
What You Learn after 7 Years at Airbnb 
In a very practical account, Lenny Rachitsky recapitulates his 7 years at Airbnb. From its strong cultural elements to ambitious work practices Rachitsky tries to distill the secret sauce of the working principles that made this company a success.
The Death of Strategy in an Ecosystem Driven World
Greg Satell recap with extreme simplicity some of the most fundamental aspects of an ecosystem driven world. It’s all about having an outside-in perspective to strategy, something often quite challenging for traditional management thinking.
A Platforms & Ecosystems Primer by WEF  ↴
Some of the most influential academics in the field authored a briefing paper for the WEF with an overview of how the new logic of digital markets is transforming our linear industrial world into a more complex and unpredictable one.
The Rise of Bioplatforms, an overview by NFX  ↴
In this small note, James Currier shares how NFX is looking at Digital Biology, likely one of the next fundamental infrastructures of the future that already begins to consolidate its first results while stepping into the world of platforms.
📻 Podcast
Joe Norman: understanding complexity to design complex systems ↴    
In this rich podcast, Joe Norman who studies risks in large-scale systems, pattern formations in biological and social systems, policy design, and evolution, shares his view on how uncertainty impact our day-to-day lives and how little space is left for planning and prediction in the intervening in complex systems.
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A few weeks ago we released Platform Design Toolkit 2.1: it builds on two years of experience with startups, corporations and institutions of all kinds. 
Highlights on this release
  • a renewed 36 page User Guide 
  • consolidated set of canvases, now also in SVG
  • new attributions
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