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How to Build a Platform to Shape our Society?
The story of makesense-as-a-platform

In this week's Stories of Platform Design issue, Guglielmo tells us the story of makesense, a community platform that has gathered 80'000 volunteers around the world over 9 years.

Guglielmo interviewed Solene Aymon, Community Developer at makesense, who shared with him the platform design approach they're rolling out to mobilize 3 millions of youths to take action for social change during the next 11 years.

This week's issue in brief:

  • a map of makesense ecosystem, as the authors see it before to interview Solene;
  • the galvanizing message (the goal for 2030) makesense will leverage on to shape our society and how they’re working on it;
  • what “sensing a community” means and why it’s important;
  • a speculative strategy on enabling the ecosystem (and not the organization) to be the platform shaper;
  • some takeaways we learnt during the process.
Read it here.
👉 Our curated list of the best reads, videos and podcasts on Platforms (& more)
🗞️ .Reads
All Models Are Wrong, but Some Are Useful  ↴
Stowe Boyd examines a modeling approach called V2, to capture the value producing structures of a specific open source software ecosystem. Stowe highlights some of its features and shortcomings in relation to the Platform Design Toolkit.
Control as Liability
In this note, Vitalik Buterin captures the shift in the regulatory landscape marking an important shift with huge implications for systems shapers: control over users’ data, digital possessions and activity is rapidly moving from an asset to a liability.
Sensemaking with Ecosystems  
Whether as teams, communities or network, in a brilliant account, Harold Jarche explores the practice of sensemaking in chaos or complexity, and what are some of the implications for the future of work.
Why Canon Australia ventured into the sharing economy 
In this issue of Sharetribe's Marketplace Academy, Simone Cicero and other experts reflect on the recent move of Canon Australia into exploring new forms of value creation starting by allowing gear owners to rent their own equipment.
The Institute for the Cooperative Digital Economy (ICDE) is born  ↴
The New School has launched a multi-disciplinary approach to research digital platforms with a special focus on ownership and governance. An interesting initiative to support and enable the growing Platform Coop movement.
🎙️  Podcast
Margaret Wheatley on what is possible to change and what not↴    
In this podcast, Margaret Wheatley provides an interesting take on how we can rethink leadership beyond the sensationalism of large-scale change interventions. Understanding what is possible to change and what not allow for the creation of “islands of sanity” where safe experimentation can happen.
📼  Video
Jordan Greenhall: Collective Identities emerging from Chaos↴    
In this interview, Jordan Greenhall recaps some of the most important bits of his viral "Situational Assessment" a now yearly updated series where he sketched out a framework for understanding the nature of the deep cultural shifts taking place at the intersection of identity, politics, and media.
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