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Your Assumption on Ecosystem's Potential
A Refreshed Cheatsheet on How to Test them

Often time, when devising platforms strategies, is easy to get trapped in fantasizing about network effects and phenomenal business models. On the other hand, it's easy to forget that an ecosystem that doesn't exist - or doesn't show a latent potential to express - is no fit for a platform strategy. We should always remind us that checking our assumptions before it's too late represents a non-negligible part of designing any strategy.

This week we took the chance to refine some final bits before our first Platform Design Bootcamp in Milan and we updated a support tool we created mothers ago to contextualize Blank's Customer Development praxis for the age of Ecosystems. Check out this blogpost, from two years ago, where we introduced out Cheatsheet for discovery interviews: a little update on the guidelines and the tool itself was due to incorporate key feedback. 

🤓⚡️ New: Masterclass and Bootcamp online!
Whether you're aiming to get a full and deep understanding of our framework to facilitate platform design experience over the world or you just want to learn the PDT and applying it to your project(s) we got you covered!

Check out our public training experiences page and get the last Early Bird Tickets remained for this upcoming round of trainings. 
👉 Our curated list of the best reads, videos and podcasts on Platforms (& more)
🗞️ .Reads
Recipe for Disaster: the Case of Meal-kit Startups ↴
A commentary on the rise and fall of meal-kit startups that brilliantly depicts how capital-intensive can be to create artificial demand for consumer-centric ecosystems of value that barely exist.
8 Things to Consider When Building Managed Marketplaces ↴
This must read post explores the legacy of licensing dependent services: a context ripe of juicy opportunities for disruption. Managed marketplaces that tackle these contexts need to consider a number of important factors. An excellent post from a16z.
The Long-tail of Household products ↴
The diverging nature of preferences among households seems to drive an explosive long-tail demand that is perilously incompatible with the historical trend of large retail conglomerates to concentrate and standardize it.
How Farfetch strives to reduce systemic waste 
Did you remember our interview to Yolanda about Farfetch's Platform Evolution? In this interview on Savant Talks, she explores where the luxury fashion industry is heading to and what overcoming a user-centric approach means to Farfetch.
Digital Scotland playing with Ecosystemic Entrepreneurial Organization 
In this piece, Nick McEvoy plays with Simone's work on Haier's Ecosystemic Entrepreneurial Organization concept and how it would make sense to sustain the Digital Scotland program and its entrepreneurial ecosystem.
How Amazon Survived the Dotcom Bubble 
An interesting analysis on HackerNoon on how Amazon managed to survive the dotcom bubble by adopting third-party seller support services and a platform business model way ahead of anyone in the retail industry.
🎙️  Podcast
The Dangers of Mechanicistic Design in Human Activities  ↴
In this podcast, Joe Norman and Jim Rutt talk about applied complexity science under the lenses of numerous patterns existing in natural and human systems and how mechanistic design in human activities is dangerously simplifying the assumptions behind much more complex, often unpredictable, phenomena.
📹  Video
Towards Life Centered Design ↴    
In this talk, at Helsinki Design Week's "Data-Driven Design Day" Samim Winiger explores the McLuhanian topics of "Augmentation, Amputation, Dehumanisation" and how we can steer our way of building systems and product towards a more Life Centered Design.
Where to Meet us
We are exploring the deep and ecosystemic meaning that any choice in business has. It will inspire and challenge a new understanding of the world of work.

We’ll meet in Madrid, the 18th and 19th of October.
On November 22nd meet Simone in Vienna at the 11th Global Drucker Forum where he'll speak about Ecosystems dynamics with management innovation legend Bill Fischer.
On November 21st meet Eugenio in Lisbon for the Productized conference to try out the latest updates of the Platform Design Toolkit with one of the most interesting communities of Product Design experts in Europe. Get your tickets and use the code EUGENIOVIP15  😂🤣to enjoy a 15% discount
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A few weeks ago we released the new Platform Design Toolkit 2.2, grown on two years of experience with startups, corporations, and institutions of all kinds. 
Highlights on this release:
  • an updated Transaction Board canvas, now more explicitly helping you to work on reducing transaction costs in interactions;
  • an updated User Guide (2.2);
  • the possibility to instantiate a virtual board for online collaboration, thanks to our partnership with Miro, a leading online collaboration software worldwide.
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