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Crafting your Platform Story
The Real Experience of Farfetch

Making sense of a transition towards a platform-ecosystem identity is no small feat.
Understanding how to integrate this bold vision in the whole company in order to guide the transformation, engage everybody and succeed is a tremendous challenge.

Earlier on in 2018, we started to collaborate with Farfetch, the biggest platform-marketplace in luxury fashion retail, accompany on a clear path to becoming an ecosystem-centric organization.

This week we share with you a wonderful and authentic interview, by ING platform champion and long term Platform Design Toolkit supporter Ron Kersic, to Yolanda Martin Olivas (Farfetch's Director of Design, Service & Platform) 
on the struggles, failures, and success of engaging an entire organization throughout a platform transformation journey

It goes without saying that it's pure gold for those that are currently working to scale a transformative message inside an organization — big or small — and generally thoroughly interesting for anyone involved in creating platform narratives that mobilize positive outcomes.

Some of the Interview's key topics:

  • how a diverse and large organization can understand platform-ecosystem thinking in clear terms and with a clear vision;
  • how to scale a platform narrative building inside complex organizations;
  • where the core of resistance is going to show up in your organization for radical ecosystem-centric change;

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Aware of the need to THINK BIG in impact-driven enterprise and organizing, the last week we decided to launch a Positive Shapers Program to allow socially minded shapers around the globe to apply for easier access to our platform design masterclasses. This is an open-ongoing application for our future masterclasses.
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👉 Our curated list of the best reads, videos and podcasts on Platforms (& more)
🗞️ .Reads
Organizing around Systems Learning and Meaning ↴
This brilliant piece captures the rise of OrgTech in the frame of how networked firms essentially differ from networked markets in their unmatched ability to organize communities of meaning around shared purpose and learning.
Triggering & Sustaining NFX in CryptoCooperatives 
This delightful piece draws some parallelisms between cryptonetworks and cooperatives while picturing where the combination of the two can be powerful and where it might still comes short in triggering and sustaining strong network effects.
For Lasting Platform-Peer Relationships you need a Learning Engine
In an essential article, Paul Millerd pictures the decline of freelancing talent platforms . A classic example of how poor understanding of the ecosystem’s context, misaligned incentives and lack of a learning engine lead to a total failure.
The Evolutionary Nature of Human Coordination  ↴
In this key long read, Pearson explores how human coordination evolved from the Stone Age to date under the lenses of efficiency, motivation, scalability, and trust. Another brilliant perspective on the dynamics between the evolutionary natures of firms and markets.
What Sen. Warren is Missing on the Nature of Markets & Tech  ↴
US Pres. Candidate Sen. Warren recently raised appreciable issues on the current dynamics between public and private systems but as Thompson noticed, solutions to these issues cannot disregard the history and nature of technological evolution.
📻 Podcasts
The Governance riddle in Cryptonetworks Scalability  ↴    
To accompany the piece by Jesse Walden, in this podcast the voices from Placeholder VC and a16z Crypto go deep into the nuances and mechanisms of cryptonetworks, tokens, and decentralized applications at every layer of the “stack” touching what they agree to be the next though level to be nailed: effective governance.
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