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Evolving towards continuous learning

This week we took an exceptional pause from writing on our Medium publication: Stories of Platform Design. We're just back from our six-monthly strategic summit: we reflected on our evolution, and the way we sustain continuous learning in our Ecosystem.
The week that just ended has been a very important moment for us.

We've been busy with our six-monthly strategic summit where we held a space to nurture meaningful conversations about our evolution. We ate our own food by using once again our methodology (in the woods), and also through other incredible tools such as LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, an approach to co-creation that we're working to integrate with our Platform Design Toolkit.

It's always surprising to realize how many powerful insights could emerge if you design the right context. We can't wait to update you on the horizons we see for the Platform Design Toolkit team and its ecosystem.

This year started full throttle, and we hope the months ahead will be full of learning.  We will keep you posted as 'we walk the talk' of our evolution as a platform organization: we look forward to understand who we are, through the relationship with our ecosystems.

One key highlight: 
  • we are preparing the first edition of a Train The Trainers, 3 day certification Bootcamp for the fall! Pre opt-in for a discounted ticket via this form. 
Stay tuned!
As we don't have a new post on our Blog this week ...we thought it would have been useful to point out a couple of SUPER IMPORTANT posts you may have lost:
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Our list of Must-Reads on Platforms, curated For You
Four questions you should raise before building a platform business ↴    
From the experience of companies that built platforms on the top of their existing pipeline businesses, Erich Joachimsthaler shares 4 key interesting questions for a platform design process.
The ....1 Side Network Effect! ↴    
Based on his work with Socky platform, Alex Pavtoulov proposes a new type of Network Effect to add to the ones previously resumed on the ‘NFX Manual’. He will add more case studies to validate this new category.
Sharetribe enters a new era with FLEX ↴    
FLEX is finally out: an impressive API-first framework that allows marketplace entrepreneur not only to develop Minimum Viable Platforms but to scale with flexibility. A great achievemente for Sharetribe, a valuable resource.
How Online Marketplaces are getting decentralized  ↴    
This piece explains why decentralized marketplaces like OpenBazaar and ModulTradewill will take the power from centralized marketplaces like AliExpress and eBay: one word, Freedom.
Transforming Organizations by Integrating Ecosystems in Business Design ↴    
Nenad Rava explains the need of shifting from pipeline business models to platform models in order to explore the emerging value creation of the ecosystem. Find here his excellent research report. [DOWNLOAD]
Just another post aboout our preferred Platform Organization ↴    
Take a moment to read the incredible story of Heier: from a near-bankrupt manufacturer of poor quality refrigerators to the world's largest white goods producer, now boldly entering the platform stage. From the always excellent Corporate Rebels
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