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Hear about three experiences on the field
From the adopters that joined our second community webinar 

Dear community,

On November 13th, we had the great pleasure to host a deep conversation — the second Platform Design Toolkit Community Adopters webinar — about their adventures in design, prototyping and organizational transformation with Platform Design. This great conversation brought up some key insights that will help others in our community, and beyond, in applying ecosystem strategies.

We acknowledge the value that real experiences bring on a topic that it’s still relatively new and that often generates challenges in design, culture shift and embracement. Those challenges are common to organizations building new business models and those wanting to innovate an established one, along with the organizational structure that comes with it.

Because of that, we want to thank again our guests for bringing some light to this, sometimes, a thrilling journey. Don't miss their insights!

👉Watch the webinar, read the highlights or even listen on Soundcloud!

Simone is just back from the Global Peter Drucker Forum in Wien!
Simone was at the Global Peter Drucker Forum last week, and he's been working on a recap and some thoughts for our community. A massive event, with a good dose of lost opportunities. Stay Tuned!
Our curated list of the best reads, videos, and podcasts to inform and transform your understanding 👇
Seriously, this week we had to add a special mention for Lenny Rachitsky. Lenny - former PM at Airbnb - has been churning out some incredible stuff: here's 3 out of a total of 4 pieces (the other is coming) on the science of scaling marketplace business.
The guy condenses his personal journey with the expertise of dozens of others who built some of the most successful marketplaces in the world: read the first pieces and stay tuned for the rest!

How to Kickstart and Scale a Marketplace Business: Crack the Chicken-and-Egg Problem: Part 1/4Part 2/4 and Part 3/4 (part four is coming).

If that wasn't enough, Below the Line podcast also has a special with the man: monumental.
Listen: #DeepDive — Marketplaces — Lenny Rachitsky.

🗞️ More Reads
Why it is important to design for ecosystems, and not just for users ↴
An interesting reflection by an Italian designer living in China on the always-too-late-to-happen transition towards Ecosystem Centricity (as an overcoming of user-centricity).
Wrap up: Reshaping Work 2019 in Amsterdam  ↴
A superb recap of Amsterdam's Reshaping work conference, on the evolution of the platform worker story by the always informed Martijn Arets. How platforms will influence the organization of work in the future.
Worker-Owned Apps Are Trying to Fix the Gig Economy's Exploitation↴
“We don’t want to create a poor copy of extractive platforms": a great review of the latest development of platform coops in North America. Remaining on topic, a few days ago launched (eventually): here's the news on The Guardian.
Gig Workers on Rev-olt↴
Want to dip yourself in platform politics a little bit? Nathaniel Popper on Ney York Times has a post on "How a Gig Worker Revolt Begins" covering the latest providers revolts at Rev, a platform for transcription services.
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We Sold out our MC in Amersfoort.
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🎙️  Podcast(s)
Marco Zappacosta and NFX:  building an iconic marketplace ↴
A few days ago, Nfx published a long podcast with Marco Zappacosta CEO of Thumbtack. Besides sharing our Italian roots, Marco has such an extensive experience with such an iconic marketplace, that makes listening this podcast a no brainer.
John Hagel: Learning at the Edge ↴
A great opportunity to listen to John Hagel on a podcast: Learning at the Edge is a truly good 101 entry to John's work if you're not familiar with it. As he often says, John is a short-term pessimistic and a long term optimistic. We loved it.
Jim Rutt and Jordan Hall: discovering Game B↴
A seriously deep podcast, that you'll likely listen to a couple of times if you're interested to understand more of GameB - the evolution of the world's socio-economic structures towards a longer-term, sustainable system.
The Jim Rutt's show doesn't disappoint, and Jordan Hall is an eminent thinker, you don't want to overlook.
🎙️  Videos
Yolanda Martin: Why User-Centered Design doesn't work (anymore)  ↴
Our good friend Yolanda shares her vision of overcoming UX at a UX conference. Besides catching up with the great cultural shift work she's doing at Farfetch (read our case study here) it's extremely interesting how the designers are reacting in the comments.
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