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Can public institutions be platforms?
A public policy reader of platform design 

In the first week of June, we held our gathering in Barcelona where we brought together our community of practice to exchange ideas and set the pace and tone for the evolution of the Platform Design Toolkit.

In this issue, we host the first part of an insider's deep reflection on how policymakers and public institutions at large can evolve into platforms.  Stina Heikkilä is an experienced policy analyst and worked extensively in some of the major world institutions, in the international cooperation and development sector, often at the intersection of multilateral organizations and the private sector. An exquisite point of view that we are glad to host on Stories of Platform Design.

The Post in Brief

  • Governments are no longer at the center of ecosystems. They will need to change their attitude towards a deep listening, to move the policy-making into ecosystems again;
  • Moving policy-making into the ecosystem requires drastically and boldly re-thinking the role of governments and public institutions, letting go of control and aging protocols and tools. Probably, we’ll need to re-invent institutions;
  • Institutions need to understand that reductionism doesn’t work. Every decision taken should consider all the liabilities and externalities. As an example, each SDG is not reachable as a single objective. But considering them together leads to a transformative change;
  • The state of the world shows us that we need to think differently to act differently, and to think differently we need new languages and cues.
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👉 Our curated list of the best reads, videos and podcasts on Platforms (& more)
🗞️ .Reads
Are DAOs the return of the Commons? ↴
This article from the Aragon Black team is a great way to peek into the wild ferment of decentralized organization design. The field has been developing quite fast in the last year few months and we're seeing more mature conversations coming along.
Is Human-Centered Design finally over ? ↴
In this brilliant note, Jussi Pasanen captures how an almost half-a-century paradigm is now (finally) hitting a wave of mass disillusionment. Misquoting Yolanda Martin: Human-Centered Design is dangerous and will kill us all.
Legitimacities:  a Network of Regulatory Experimentation 
In this piece, Indy Johar and colleagues present the first release of Legitimacities, an important action research project to identify and synergize upon potential transition paths to legitimize emergent city experimentations across context.
A Systems Perspective on Markets 
This interesting academic paper (in open-access) does a good job in synthesizing how economic thinking is finally beginning to adopt a more systemic approach towards the way markets are theorized and modeled.
Information Intermediaries in the Age of Noise & Pressure 
In this note, Hagel revamps an interesting reflection on the role of Infomediaries: an increasingly key player in an age of mounting pressure, noise and trust-mediated economies. Al Madani builds upon this with his Network Chain.
🎙️  Podcast
Bonnitta Roy: Open Participatory Organizations ↴    
Bonnitta Roy and Colin Morris have a wonderful conversation on how the organizations of the future cannot avoid being open and participatory, basing their inner force onto few principles that allow the deliberate participation of each individual in value creation.
📹  Video
Yolanda Martin: Human-Centered Design will kill us all ↴    
In this vibrant talk at EDS 2019, Director of Design, Service & Platform at Farfetch, Yolanda Martin shares her journey in embracing in everything they do the principle of Design for Interconnectedness and ditching the obsolete, and dangerous paradigm of Human-Centered Design.
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