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From the Information Age to Sense-Making Organisations
Research update #4 from 'New Foundations of Platform-Ecosystem Thinking

This week we share with you the fourth in a series of bi-weekly research updates to keep everyone updated on our latest progress on the research plan for our 2020 White Paper.  In this fourth update, Stina Heikilla recaps some of the latest conversations we had, exploring the need  to lead our organisations into an age of collaborative sense-making.

Learning how to leverage on collective intelligence at the level of our organisations - and between them - is key if we look in the broader picture of a society that is trying to move from the velocity of the information age to the reflectiveness of an age of sense-making. 

This transition is needed to overcome the failure of our traditional governance models in the face of rising complexity due to widespread technological adoption and destabilization of life support systems.

👉 Read this week's research update and explore the main insights we captured by this amazing journey we've started. 
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Organizing in Nested Systems: Re-regionalisation, Landscape and Global Solidarity

with Daniel Christian Wahl: this episode delves into questions around global-local interplay, the relationship between technology and landscape, the re-regionalisation of production and consumption and much more.
Our curated list of the best reads, videos, and podcasts to inform and transform your understanding 👇
🗞️ Reads
COVID19 and the Decentralization of Money
Albert Wenger of Union Square depicts the "decentralization of money" and a rise of community currencies as essential to overcome the debt and liquidity crisis of covid19 touting a key role for crypto technologies.
Abstracted to Entangled Organisation ↴
"We need to develop a new conception for a social contract between business, society and non-humans rooted in a shared set of values and aspirations that are appropriate for the 21st century". This insightful piece is part of a broader framework from Dark Matter Labs on long termism (see here
How Virus-Hit China Manages Its Sprawling Gig Economy  ↴
Interesting bits from China around the gig-economy platforms and their rapid pivoting (and growth): “Alibaba’s fresh-produce retail network Freshippo launched a “Blue Ocean” worker-sharing platform that sought to recruit furloughed workers from other sectors. Before the week was over, Freshippo had hired over 1,800 workers."
The Rise Of The B2B Marketplace: the case of Material Banks ↴
Nice peek into Bain Capital's investment thesis: "We believe the next ten years will be characterized by the rise of B2B commerce and platforms that support it. It will look different this time: verticalized online marketplaces will emerge, and the landscape is unlikely to be dominated by one behemoth like Amazon."
Shopify’s Almost-Marketplace Called Shop ↴
Interesting: Shopify doesn't delude in terms of execution. Its almost-Marketplace app Shop is strategic, provides a text-book example of single-player mode (aggregating customers providing package tracking) and leverages on the investments in fulfillment.
Interested in organisational development?
We're on the way to sell-out our first and unique certified Rendanheyi course co-organized together Haier Model Institute designed for a limited cohort of maximum 40 participants
It will be ONLINE on June 16th to 18th over three half-days; we'll learn how Haier and other pioneering organisations are reinventing the organisational model for better resilience, innovation and employee entrepreneurship:
🎙️  Podcasts & Videos
Don't forget to listen to our brand new podcast first!  But also find some time to explore the following content.  
Seeing Around Corners ↴
We truly loved the latest episode of aperture's podcast with Rita Gunther McGrath as she speaks of the inflection point we're in.

We've found this podcast borderline post-modern, and refreshingly frank.
All things Marketplaces ↴
This conversation of Venture Stories is incredibly dense. It covers everything from growth and launch-related topics to broad considerations on the future of marketplaces: where's the space for innovation and the challenges of expanding horizontally and vertically this new paradigm.
Nurturing Our Humanity↴
A tremendous conversation podcast with social scientist and human development legend Riane Eisler on transcending the domination pattern in our organizing - by acknowledging their roots. A much needed conversation to imagine the future of organising. 
The Great Reset: the Path Ahead for Founders by NFX Guild↴
In this chat, Linkedin Founder Reid Hoffman & NFX's James Currier discusses the impact of COVID and how to drive companies through tough choices related to the crisis. Always great to hear from such champions of marketplace thinking.

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